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Good Girls - You Have Reached The Voicemail of Leslie Peterson - Review: 'Trash Day'

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Oh my, this one was dark! This episode most definitely transitioned the women into a whole new level of crime. Let's discuss.

Fresh Meat

There are many layers to Leslie's death that need to be addressed. Firstly, I do not feel too broken up that the deed is finally done and how it happened was poetic justice. It is up for interpretation as to what really went down when he cornered Mary Pat in her bedroom, but with him it is fair to assume the absolute worse. So when it was her who finally took care of Leslie via her mini-van, let's just say it was sweet justice. Now the wildcard is Mary Pat because the last place that I expected her to show up was at Turner's office. Is she trying to make a sweetheart deal because she knows what he is really after? Quite possibly so and that makes for a whole heap of new problems. The girls are implicated no matter how you slice it and while I felt for her at several points during the hour, Mary Pat is out for herself and her boys and will not hesitate to back the metaphorical bus over Beth, Ruby and Annie... Or literally now that she is versed in the way of vehicular manslaughter.

Girls' Night
Another aspect of this episode was that it brought back what the foundation is, the women working together through better or worse. The thing that has really stuck out during these first three episodes is that tonally it continues to get darker as they immerse themselves in this world. Annie stepping up after Beth just could not pull a trigger added a new layer to her character, a darker one. There is no doubt that she would have killed Leslie had he been in that room. Which leads me to a thought I just cannot get out of my head.... What about Beth and Annie's parents? They both are prone to danger and darkness, where is this coming from? I hope the show explores that in the future.

Next we have Ruby who is the polar opposite, the danger repulses and scares her, yet she cannot get out. Is she stuck in a cycle of loyalty to the girls? Or the fear that if she stops trying to cover things up she will be caught? This is also something that could be interesting to explore. But for now their task is done, Leslie is dead. What awaits them now? We are only three eps in, so the next thing on their plate should be interesting. I will say it is great that the show did not wrap up this storyline in the first two episodes, it was put in a pressure cooker and slowly let the audience feel the weight along with our girls. This did not cheapen the impact, it made it more intense and rich. Kudos to the writers for giving a murder plot the heaviness that it deserves.

Odds And Ends:

* The show finally revealed Rio's source! She's some kind of Lawyer and their meeting place is quite peculiar. Has Rio made an informant deal? Are they in some kind of partnership; She keeps him clean while he does her bidding? This is something that could be extremely juicy.

* What is in the storage locker Rio gave Beth? A place where she can separate things? Perhaps.

*Nancy was a lot calmer than Annie deserved. I am so glad her love for Sadie is so strong. This may be very important should Annie ever have to go away.

* Great, Ruby told Stan about the loan! Now if only she could muster up the courage to tell him about the body dump.

* There were not any other remote dumpsters they could've found?

* Kenny ate a cake meant for teachers? Of all the ways he could have acted out, this is pretty tame.

* Am I the only one who doesn't feel an ounce of sympathy for Dean? Sorry not Sorry!

That is it for this week! A lot happened, what are your thoughts?

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