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Deadly Class - Noise, Noise, Noise - Advance Preview

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Previously on Deadly Class, homeless teen Marcus was plucked from the streets and handpicked for the mysterious and seemingly prestigious private school 'King's Dominion', which of course is no ordinary school. Faced with the choice of going back to living on the streets or training to be an assassin, he decides to choose the latter, but it isn't easy fitting in, or escaping his past.

In this week's episode, Marcus is still struggling with both his decision to kill Rory (who, let's be honest, probably deserved something bad, but maybe not that bad) and with trying to fit in with his fellow classmates. A training exercise courtesy of Master Lin may put the core group through their paces and bring some of them closer, but it also may prove who is the toughest of the pack.

Fans of the comic will be treated to more of the recurring characters throughout the series, so keep an eye out for that.

Elsewhere in the episode, a party that most of the characters attend leads to one character opening up with the use of an animated flashback (nice stylistic choice there) with the night not ending as expected, though that seems to be the theme for most of these kids.

Things go from bad to worse for Marcus as well, as the end of the episode brings another possible adversary for him who doesn't seem to be messing around, and definitely isn't the kind of person you want to get on the wrong side of. Fingers crossed that going forward the action is taken up a notch.

If the pacing of last week's episode put you off, then this is still a problem here. It's likely going to be a probably for at least the next few episodes so if you're invested in the characters then great, if not, then give tonight's episode a go and see what you think. Personally I had high hopes for this show and it's currently not delivering on those.

Deadly Class airs tonight at 10pm on Syfy. Who's your favourite character so far? Do you think people will find out that Marcus killed Rory? Let me know in the comments.

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