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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - A Midwinter`s Tale - Advance Preview: "Happy Solstice"

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After an excellent season 1 run, CAOS returns for wonderful Xmas special. The 55-minute long outing written by series creator Roberto Aguirre Sacasa and stuff writer Donna Thorland picks up a bit after the events of the season 1 finale as we watch the celebration of Solstice and Christmas collide.

Christmas episodes are always special they carry a special kind of spirit and energy and despite some devious happenings throughout the hour it still is an eventful outing that carries a lot of hope.

At the Spellmann house business, as usual, Zelda cherishes the old ways, Hilda tries to preserve the family piece, Ambrose is dark, moody and wise while Sabrina is doing stuff behind her family's back. As we are used to it Sabrina`s actions carry major emotional weight and put the whole family into find mode. I do have to say this time it isn`t solely Sabrina`s fault, some satanic fingers meddle into the events.

The newest addition to the Spellman family father Blackwood`s hidden/abducted daughter, Letizia gets quite a bit of focus. I really enjoyed the spirit Letizia brought out of Zelda. Her interaction and devotion to Letizia were surprisingly heartwarming and the resolution to the story was quite surprising.

Meanwhile, Sabrina`s interaction with her mortal friends was filled with tension. It really hurt me to see how estranged the relationship between Sabrina and Harvey was. The tension during their scenes and the stiffness the actors transferred to the screen really got to me. Sabrina does try her best to fix all the damage she has done to Harvey`s life but doing it through magic probably isn`t the best idea.

Roz and Susie get their fair share of screen time as well and are tightly connected to the plot of the episode. The well known Human token part, yet it all serves as a good introduction of the girls into Sabrina`s real world.

That`s a wrap on my side guys. Hope you`ve enjoyed my little preview. A Midwinter`s Tale premieres in less than 48 hours on Netflix. So get your wine and snacks ready but in the meantime sound of in the comment section down below about your expectations ahead of this special.

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