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Empire - Had It From My Father - Review

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Last week episode ended on an insane moment: Bella and the gun. Almost every character has been shot once, so I was bracing myself for an upcoming tragedy, but Hakeem was able to bring Bella back to peace. The aftermath changed all the characters' mindsets: Lucious and Cookie reconcile, but still the financial security is in Cookie's mind as it is a priority for Lyon family in the first LFM showcase.

Jamal and Kai are still arguing: while researching, Kai uncovers some dirty activities of Empire and this causes problems with Jamal. Another definitive breakup for Jamal is coming? Will they get back together?

Meanwhile, Hakeem and Tiana finally have a civil conversation, he apologizes and they decide how to deal with their relationship. Hakeem overcomes his problems with Blake and Andre gets closer to Quincy's mother when Quincy is released from prison. They share a tender moment on the beach, but he is worried about the possible consequences of this new love-affaire. Let's face it: he is not the luckiest man alive. He is also struggling because of Kingsley's deal with Giselle that put Lucious' reputation on the line.

The Lyon patriarch finds out about his paternity and he visits Kingsley's mother Tracy in the hospital. This causes the final explosive moment: Kinglsey reveals that Lucious is his father to the entire Lyon family at the LFM showcase. This creates a rift between Lucious and his family members who are shocked and disappointed and leave the LFM showcase. The episode ends with a flashforward scene: Andre is dying in an operating room!

I enjoyed this fall finale: as usual, it was full of twists, and they were all delivered with the proper rhythm. This first part of the season was quite strong, and the set-up for the second part is well developed. Will Andre die? Will Lucious and Cookie break up again? How the writers will deal with the annoying Kingsley?

Let's see what happens when the show will come back. What do you think of "Had It From My Father"?

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