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Riverdale - The Man in Black/Outbreak - Review

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The first part of the third season is coming to an end. So much has happened, and these final episodes created a whole new level of craziness. Let's summarize what happened and let's discuss what could be in store for the second part of the third season.

In "The Man in Black", Archie and Jughead continue their journey and they want to take a break at a farm, where they meet two locals: Laurie and Gracie. Clearly, hell breaks loose. Laurie kisses Archie, and he kisses her back but at some point, he stops because he starts thinking about Veronica. Jughead sees children playing Griffins and Gargoyles and he finds the common symbol regarding the Gargoyle King appearing. He also discovers that Hiram owns the entire town and Laurie is working with him. They run away just in time.

Veronica finally decides to move out and opens a Casino. I really liked this moment of the episode and how her character has finally made a bold decision. While Betty is still trapped at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, she finds Ethel. She also discovers the sisters feeding the patients with Fizzle Rocks. She tries to escape, but she is stopped. She is forced to take Fizzle Rocks and while being interrogated, apparently she meets the Gargoyle King. I enjoyed this storyline, but I still don't understand in which direction they are going.

In "Outbreak", the fall finale, Riverdale ends the first part of the season in a breathtaking, nonsense and crazy episode. As in the previous episode, we are still following Jughead and Archie in their journey and we finally meet Gladys Jones and Jellybean. Jug's mother has a garage and still, Hiram's control extends to that area. I loved how they depicted Jug's sister as a totally kick-ass, and I enjoyed this family reunion.

I also loved the interaction between Fred and Archie: aware that Archie wants to cross the border and leave the US, she calls his father. They have a lovely moment, and it was an emotional goodbye when the father gave to his son Vegas.

Back in Riverdale, unexpectedly Betty and Ethel team up in order to save the people trapped at the Sister of Quiet Mercy. It was great to see this alliance and this possible friendship. Betty confirms herself as the strongest character. But still, there is no hope to save Riverdale: Hermione calls to get the town quarantined. F.P. and Jug are left out, while everyone else is trapped in. The episode ends with Hiram who makes a toast with the Gargoyle King. What will happen in the second part of the season? It's really difficult to predict.

And you? What do you think of "The Man in Black" and "Outbreak"?

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