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Ray Donovan - Ellis Island - Advanced Preview

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Like ships passing in the night, Ray Donovan's fifth season six episode is full of fleeting family reunions, as Conner comes to town for less than a day before departing to his official marine posting in Germany, and where one multi-faceted con allows for some things to feel like they could settle, while another in the making leaves those involved feeling like they are on shifting sands.

The episode starts off with Ray taking Jacob back to Bridget's after dealing with the drug dealer Chalky, but the car scene with Jacob reminiscing to Ray about his father taking him to see the Statue of Liberty when he was six is a strong narrative opener that connects the episode together in a beautiful deeper way, as Ray contemplates going to see Lady Liberty in person and maybe, taking Conner with him, later tying into one of my favorite scenes in Ray Donovan history, coming off like an Irish myth.

In the meantime Ray, like always, finds his plate is rather full, as Sam Winslow tries to make a deal that doesn't work, leaving Ray to try and pick up Anita Novek's numbers with wondrous stunt in New York City's iconic Central Park that involves other Donovan associates AND potentially helps Daryl get his job back.

Passing through Long Island, Bunchy finds himself getting sick of Mick's garbage, whose already thinking of another con so they can get the money they need to try and get out of country. Terry finds himself a central hub for his two brothers.

The episode is pretty busy filled with lots of little scenes that feels like a good amount of layering for the remainder of the season, most of which are these interesting one on one reflection scenes. Also be on the look out for a character that hasn't been seen in a long while and someone else randomly (or maybe not so randomly) spouting Yeats poetry.

Ellis Island is one of the best of Ray Donovan's episodes, not because it's full of mystery or even a great plot twist, but rather this episode just captures the soul of what the series really is, finding some way to be incredibly moving and profound, even amidst all of the corruption and dirt.

Catch Ray Donovan's next episode Sunday November, 25 at 9PM (EST) only on Showtime.

Dialogue Teasers:
"Hey, you look like your dog just died."
"That one earring can get us to Canada."
"Ya, because he's afraid of you, always has been."
"Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative..."
"I should of made him stay."
"What happened to your face?"
"Get off my set!"
"I don't want to be associated with you."

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