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The Good Place - The Snowplow - Advance Preview: "Holy Smokes"

Oh Michael and your love for Team Cockroach. As seen at the end of 'The Brainy Bunch', all of our main characters are now on Earth, with seemingly all bridges burnt both in The Good Place and The Bad Place. Michael's devotion to the core four may be charming for us as an audience, but it doesn't come without consequences, which is something that will probably figure in heavily in both his and Janet's arcs for the season. In order for the both of them to track the progress that Team Cockroach are making, and their eventual natural ascension to The Good Place through becoming more ethical, they may be forced to go to some unethical lengths themselves. It seems as though they're not fully aware of what they're doing, but fingers crossed that this is not going to backfire later down the line.

With Trevor now gone, the study at the University progresses smoothly, so much so that a somewhat considerable amount of time has passed again. New characters are introduced, relationships change, perceptions of others could even alter at the end of the day. Watching The Good Place this season, I honestly have no idea where they're going to take it next, and in that respect it is equal parts exciting and terrifying. Even with the reboots, these characters will always be strong as a group (with Eleanor at the center) and emotionally tied to each other, and this is played upon once again in 'The Snowplow'. As we've seen a lot of their bonding and development before, the show doesn't want to cover old ground and that will probably divide some fans. You will however be offered something new this episode and this season, as has happened every season so far, and the directions in which they could go at the end of this episode couldn't be more removed from each other.

The Good Place airs tomorrow night at 8.30 on NBC. Do you think Michael will ever be able to stop meddling? How are you feeling about this season so far? Let me know in the comments.

And until you watch the episode, here are a few of some of the funny lines in 'The Snowplow':
- "I'm sad to inform you that I am too ugly and stupid to be in the study and I am going home to my mommy."
- "I try to avoid pointless group activities like office Christmas parties and jury duty."
- "Do you know what you look like?"


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