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The Big Bang Theory - The Tam Turbulence - Review

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Weren’t you all honored to meet yet another person from Sheldon’s long, annotated, and now digitalized list of enemies? It wasn’t so much a first meeting as it was a reunion. We have encountered Tam quite a few times already in Young Sheldon. He is baby Sheldon’s best and only friend. Almost thirty years later he shows up at Caltech to give his son a tour of the university. Sheldon refuses to meet up with him. He is still insulted by what Tam did to him all these years ago. Neither Amy nor Leonard or anyone else of the gang has even the faintest idea what it was that made Sheldon despise his former best friend. Not even the explanation on Sheldon’s enemy list gives anything away. When Leonard, Howard and Raj meet Tam they decide to just go ahead and ask him what he did to offend Sheldon. Turns out that Tam was not even aware of the fact that Sheldon has banished him to his enemy list.

Sheldon finally confides in Amy about the horrible, unforgivable thing Tam did to him: When Sheldon moved to California Tam was supposed to come along but spontaneously decided to stay behind in Texas. They had always talked about moving West together but when it was time to pack up all their belongings Tam decided to stay with his girlfriend. So, Sheldon had to move all by himself convinced he would never make a new friend again. After talking to his wife, Sheldon decides to forgive Tam and expresses his sympathy of how sorry he is that things in life did not work out for him: Tam has chosen not to dedicate his entire being to science and instead focuses his energy on his children and wife. He is happy and content. Sheldon, however, is convinced that it is all just an act and secretly Tam is frustrated by his sorry life.

The second big storyline in the episode is once more about Anu. Penny is worried about the fact that Raj is marrying a woman he barely knows. However, what she is even more concerned with is that SHE does not know Anu at all! Bernadette is just as curious as Penny so, obviously, the women go and ambush Anu at her workplace. Surprisingly, their meeting goes rather well and they all end up going to dinner together. Anu manages to get them a table in a very exclusive restaurant which scores her several points with the ladies. When asked why she wants an arranged marriage Anu says that she tried it the “normal” way but just ended up being disappointed. So, she looked at her parents who had an arranged marriage and noticed that they are very happy. Therefore, she wants to give this old, patriarchal tradition a try.

After they all had a few glasses of wine Anu starts asking questions about her future husband. Penny and Bernadette have a difficult time to say something non-embarrassing about their friend. Raj calls the two ladies the next day to complain about all the horrible stories they have shared with Anu. He asks them to stay away from his wife-to-be. Obviously, Penny and Bernadette plan on going to see her again to do some damage control.

What did you think about the episode? Did you like the Tam storyline? Will Raj really end up marrying Anu?

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