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Pitch Your Show - Part C

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In the first 2 days, we have covered pitches from #-G. Today, we cover H-L. Thanks again to everyone who made their pitch. I am truly sorry if your nomination is not in here. Know that I appreciate your time and pitches. Making the choice of what went into the article was difficult.   After all sections are posted, I will include a link to the original spreadsheet so you can read them all in their entirety.

To keep the articles short and readable, all pitches were edited for length (less than 200 words), clarity, and grammar. I have also limited nominations to 2 per show with a couple popular shows having 3. I hope that every reader finds at least one show they are interested in trying. If you do, please comment in the section below. I know those who nominated would love to hear from you. Also, if you would like to add something to a show's nomination, please add your thoughts in the comments. Thanks again to everyone who created pitches. They have been a fun read and I have been busy adding things to my to-watch list already. Without further ado, here are the pitches for TV shows H-L.

Shameless plug - If you haven't nominated your favorites for our Character Cup, nominations close this weekend.

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The Handmaid’s Tale:
2 seasons, 21 episodes

Hulu’s breakout hit “The Handmaid’s Tale” is based on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel of the same name. You may be tired of hearing how incredible Elisabeth Moss is or how timely the show feels. Believe me, I was as well. Then I watched the first season and was absolutely floored by the incredible acting (especially by Elisabeth Moss and Ann Dowd), by the beautiful cinematography, the ambitious world-building, and the linear and interconnected structure of this show. The show creates an entirely believable yet grim world that should be a warning to everyone. It teaches you to stay alert and pay attention to what is happening in your country and in your government. The acting is flawless, the music is beautifully haunting, and the production design is marvelous. It is a unique viewing experience. The sophomore season has not ended its run yet but so far I can say that it has absolutely avoided the infamous sophomore slump. So, if you love dark television with many layers and very complex and complicated characters, then this is absolutely the show for you. A heads up though, when I say it is dark, I mean incredibly dark. (Missions)

1 season, 8 episodes

This is not your grandmother’s show about prostitutes. Do not come to this show for a Pretty Woman scenario. If anything, you will better appreciate why convents were seen as an appealing option. Unexpectedly endearing characters navigate a dangerous world (a secret society does some ritual killings). Like Hulu’s other addictive show, The Handmaid’s Tale, 1700’s England is not a great place to be a woman. Even if gorgeous satin gowns stand in for blood red frocks, society has still enslaved these characters and there’s a war brewing. Rival brothel madams Margaret Wells (Oscar nominee Samantha Morton) and Lydia Quigley (Oscar nominee Lesley Manville) seek to cater to the rich and powerful, thus advancing their own status. Their own history fuels a bitter feud, in which their employees and relatives become collateral damage. Margaret has two daughters. Her goal is to find them wealthy men to be their “keepers”, and the show objectively explores all the moral and emotional dilemmas this causes Margaret. Also not to be missed: Jessica Brown Findlay and Holli Dempsey’s performances. Entirely written and directed by women, this unique show undercuts its dark subject matter with wry humor. (Ellys Cartin)

Hawaii 5-0:
8 seasons, 193 episodes
Netflix, CBS All Access

You hear about this hot, exciting show, but it’s 8 seasons in, and you’re not sure you want to binge watch all the past seasons before the new one starts. However, you feel a pang every time someone shares how awesome it was. Even with eight seasons, there are so many fun reasons to go back and watch the rest of the show. If you don’t have the time but want to sample it, start with season eight. It’s a shifting season. New characters, Tani, Junior, and Eddie, join the show, making it the perfect moment to jump in. They get to know the old crew and past plot points along with you. Plus the extremely gorgeous setting of Hawaii allows for cases that involve being stranded at sea, ambushed in the jungle, or falling from a trillion story hotel. There’s just so much variety! The heart of the show is the wonderful bond between leads McGarrett and Danno. Whether one is bleeding out or wrangling opening a restaurant, they are there for each other. (Ellys Cartin)

Hawaii 5-0 is another extremely long-running show that I binged in its entirety last summer. Yes, it has a lot of episodes, but it is a fun, easy-to-watch show that doesn’t demand your full attention so you can do other things too. Along with the great bromance and team-as-family feel, one of the first things that caught my attention was its fantastic humor combined with action. This is my TV sweet spot. I nearly pulled my stitches from laughing when Steve goes off chasing a bad guy in the parking lot, while Danny calmly strolls to the car and stops him. The camaraderie between the two makes the show, but the secondary characters are awesome too. Catherine and Kono are in my Kick Butt Women Hall of Fame. Chin is fantastic and the most family-oriented. Even Grover, who I didn’t like in the beginning, rapidly grew on me. If you don’t have time to watch the whole series, check out a few reruns on TNT. It doesn’t take long to catch up on the storyline in any episode and it’s totally worth the time. (Dahne)

How to Get Away with Murder:
4 seasons, 60 episodes

The trailer for HTGAWM did not do it for me at all. It looked like a cheesy legal soap with annoying, one-dimensional characters. Nevertheless, I watched the pilot and was instantly hooked. This show has a very unique style that you get to witness within the first minute of the pilot, but not knowing it beforehand was the charm. The lead of the show, the oh so talented and brilliant Viola Davis, is the glue that keeps this show together. She is a force to reckon with but the diverse supporting cast does an immaculate job acting alongside Davis, something that has elevated this show very much. HTGAWM is addicting, fun, nerve-wracking, twisty and dark, and once you start, you will not be able to stop. The characters are deeply layered and very complex, and you will find a quite raw portrayal that you will not find on any other network show. Yes, the show is melodramatic but it has taken many risks and has succeeded. One thing I can say is that this is not your typical legal drama. I employ you to join in on this crazy ride. (Missions)

It's one of the juiciest quality pleasures on TV. You will get to witness the dynamic Viola Davis deliver a knockout performance each week. (Demetrius)

Viola Davis. She’s the reason to watch this show. I have never seen such a dynamic, layered, and emotional portrayal of a character I cannot stand. In fact, this is the one show where I don’t like any of the characters and yet I still want to keep watching. The acting is that good. Normally I am not a fan of the antihero genre that is taking over TV, but for this show I make an exception. It is also has one of the most twisty plots around and the format of the show takes every advantage of it. The seasons are uneven, with season two focusing far too much of the characters’ sex lives, and the amount of murder they’ve been getting away is beyond ludicrous, but this series is so addictive and the acting so amazing that it is worth your time. (Dahne)

Howard’s End:
1 season, 4 episodes
Starz app

It's only four episodes, but I thoroughly loved and enjoyed this beautiful and heartwarming tale. It has terrific writing, delightful cinematography, and brilliant performances. Hayley Atwell, previously on Agent Carter, is wonderful to watch. (Chris)

Killing Eve:
1 season, 8 episodes

Be prepared. After you start this show, you will grab onto it with both hands, like a rat seizing a can of Coca-Cola. Fiona Shaw, a simply superb spymaster, recruits Eve Polastri (the incredible Sandra Oh) to help a hush hush task force identify a dangerous assassin. It’s an assignment Eve relishes, since she has the tiniest obsession with the mystery hit woman. Jodie Comer plays to perfection the glamorous killer Villanelle, who begins to unravel around the time her path crosses with Eve’s. Other things happen in this series, all very interesting, but the show focuses on the chase involving Eve and Villanelle, and what a treat it is to come along for the ride. Both women develop an image of the other that isn’t quite true but is a bit self-reflective. Deliciously wicked in its humor….there’s nothing else like it on TV. (Ellys Cartin)

The brilliant cast makes for a great spy vs. spy story. (Kitty Betham)

4 seasons, 30 episodes

If you love a relationship between a trio of friends, then this is your show. If you also love surrogate families, this is your perfect show. In particular the relationship between John J’aqobis and Dutch is amazing. The mythology is also very intriguing as well, but most of all the relationships between the characters is what makes the show and will keep you engaged. (Ivan)

Killjoys is a fun, fast-paced, interplanetary dystopian adventure story. The three main characters are killjoys - think, intergalactic bounty hunters. They are hired by corporations or governments to find and/or kill people that have a warrant out on them. While it sounds like a sci-fi case of the week, there is actually a very strong serialized component in season 1 that deals primarily with Dutch’s mysterious background. Other serialized elements come later as the trio try to protect ordinary citizens from the worst of government and corporation corruption. Like Ivan said though, the real draw is the character interaction along with the humor and action. (Dahne)

Legends of Tomorrow:
3 seasons, 51 episodes
Netflix, CW app

Time master Rip Hunter assembles a team of ragtag misfits and outcasts to help protect the timeline from villains who seek to alter history for their own purposes. Such members include Sara Lance and Ray Palmer (Arrow), metahuman hero Firestorm, and criminal duo Captain Cold and Heatwave (The Flash). With action-packed drama, different time periods to travel through, and well-known characters from other shows, this show has something for everyone. (The North Remembers)

The Librarians:
4 seasons, 42 episodes

The Librarians is a fun, family-friendly show the entire family can watch. It makes you think that with a little magic anything is possible. (Kathy Ares)

It’s a great, entertaining, family friendly show with action, humor and a little drama. (J Sype)

There’s nothing else like it on TV. Magical and fun, with great characters, it is so much fun to watch. Christian Kane is fantastic as Jacob Stone. (Leslie Peterson)

3 seasons, 57 episodes

Recently saved by Netflix after being cancelled by Fox, Lucifer centers around the aforementioned fallen angel who leaves his post in Hell to run a nightclub in the bustling glitz of LA. There he meets Detective Chloe Decker. After helping solve a murder investigation, he is offered the job of police consultant. Using his swagger and supernatural powers, he helps solve LA’s worst crimes and punishes the truly sinful, all while dogging his brother and fellow angel Amenadiel and dealing with the violent antics of his demon associate Maze. (The North Remembers)

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