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12 Monkeys - The End & Ouroboros & RPM - Review

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12 Monkeys returned for its 4th – and sadly final – season, and it did it with a bang – and the galloping pace we’ve come to expect of the show. One thing is very clear – they aren’t slowing down as we wind our way backwards and forwards in time toward the final episode. Because of the frantic pace of the release of the episodes (at least in the US), my reviews will sadly (I’m sad!) not be as in depth as I’d like them to be – but more of a whirlwind, so buckle up – here’s my down and dirty look at the first three episodes! I’ll be looking at them in order, so if you’re in Canada, you can stop reading after the first episode, bookmark this review and come back…

“The End” was written by Sean Tretta and directed by David Grossman. The season begins where it ended – with a serpent and a demon. I’m loving all the Game of Thrones alum that we’re getting! This episode starts in medieval times with Knights attacking and killing a group of Primaries lead by Donald Sumpter. Pretty sure we’re going to see them all again. We do see the Ouroboros being passed on. It’s the key – along with the name James Cole! Just a quick word on the symbolism of the Ouroboros. It actually represents wholeness or infinity. As the snake eats its own tail in symbolizes the cyclic nature of the universe – life out of death. And doesn’t that just fit right in to the cycles of the Witness!

It’s impossible to pick out just one outstanding performance in this episode. Kudos to Barbara Sukowa (Jones), Amanda Schull (Cassie), Aaron Stanford (Cole), Emily Hampshire (Jennifer), and Todd Stashwick (Deacon). This episode has a high body count, and I was shocked to once again lose Laskey (Murray Furrow). Laskey goes so quickly, we don’t really get a chance to say goodbye to him. We also lose Demore Barnes as Whitley – and we do get a bit more time with him. I never felt like we got nearly enough time with Whitley and that’s a testament to how much life Barnes infused into the character. His dying scene with Jones – and his sacrifice for Jones – are fabulous from both of them.

Cassie almost doesn’t save Jones because of Jones shooting Athan, but Hannah (Brooke Williams) convinces her to do the right thing. Cassie is the most pessimistic at this point. She feels they’ve lost because Athan is dead and that she’s losing her own soul. She wants to split up the entire team and simply run from Titan for as long as possible. Cole tries to convince her that they didn’t fail – they saved Athan in the end because he wasn’t the Witness.

Before they can splinter, Titan arrives right on their doorstep and overheats the river that cools the core. We quickly see that Malick (Faran Tahir) wasn’t killed in the paradox in the season three finale, but he looks a lot like Frankenstein’s monster with his head bolted back together with metal plates! Olivia (Alisen Down) is happy to give the order to kill them all.

Laskey works to get the machine online until he’s killed, at which point Jones gives herself a shot and goes to cool the core manually herself. Unfortunately, she doesn’t bother with the radiation suit and takes a lethal dose of radiation – it won’t kill her today, but we’re going to start seeing the effects of it soon. Read to the end to see the clever way I’m going to save my favorite character!

As Jones sacrifices herself, we get a fantastic fight scene with Cole and Cassie in the machine room. We get to see Stanford do at least one flying kick himself! Deacon get to be the hero by setting explosives around the huge smoke stack at the facility and then blowing it with a gleeful “Timber!” It lands on one of the arrays at Titan, hopefully preventing them from splintering after the facility. And we learn that Jones and the team have modelled an escape plan after Titan, rigging up a relay system of their own to splinter the entire facility. Naturally, it’s ironic when Deacon expresses his approval that the beams from the array will vaporize any Titans who try to hitch a ride… and then he finds himself on the wrong side of the beam.

This was another great scene. Cole calls everyone inside the parameter as they set off the sequence to splinter. Olivia has turned her own arrays onto the facility in order to splinter it apart from the inside. Deacon tells them not to leave without him, and Cassie runs to meet him. She does still care about him! As a friend, people, as a friend! The two end up on either side of a beam as Deacon arrives just seconds too late. Stashwick is brilliant here as you can see the shock and hurt on his face. Is this his reward for being the hero? Are these his friends who are leaving him behind? Cole arrives and has to drag Cassie away. As the facility splinters, what’s left behind crumbles….

We get a terrific voice over here from Jones as she muses that all living things can travel through time – it’s what we do. We are temporal creatures. She also muses on what you ask yourself at the end of your life – you’ll have hoped and let go of hope. You’ll have tried and failed. You will have been shaped by time until you aren’t what you meant or wished to be. You’ll be left with someone and all the horrible things that you’ve done to them – until finally, you lose yourself.

I loved that the facility reappears in the Emerson Hotel! Beautiful way to bring everything full circle! In fact, Cassie is still pessimistic, asserting that they are just going in circles – not getting anywhere. They don’t have enough power to restart the machine. They’ve clearly been there a while and Adler (Andrew Gillies) has recovered from his wounds, but Jones seems sunk in a deep depression.

Cassie retreats to their old apartment, and Cole finds Jennifer’s drawing of the Ouroborus and remembers his father reading him the story. He takes the drawing to Jones and Hannah remarks that Jennifer drew it often. Cole remembers the scene from last season where future him visited him – “The secret to the universe is chock full of nuts.” Jennifer is the key. Cole is determined not to give up and plans to go back to the facility and get the part they need to jump start the machine to go back and get Jennifer. Cole refuses to let Laskey, Whitley, Deacon, and Athan’s deaths mean nothing – they died for them. Cassie continues to insist that there is no mission, and Jones thinks that it’s hopeless. The spare core will be buried in the rubble and inaccessible.

We finally get back to Jennifer in 2018, and it looks like she has a whole new look and confidence! We see her Mission Impossible – or at least Thomas Crown – her way into the Prague Museum which is having an exhibit on the Ouroboros. The guards have been remarking that the plague has kept the American tourists away… and then Jennifer arrives. Guard 1 (Michael Pitthan) seems to encounter kickass Jennifer after she has used a high-tech tool to retrieve the Ouroborus we saw in the first scene. There seems to be a kickass fight….

Cut to Guard 2 (Lukas Bech) who is laughing himself silly watching what’s really happening on the monitor. Rather than gracefully and gymnastically approaching the display case, Jennifer is rolling around clumsily on the floor! It’s hilarious! The fight with Guard 1 is Jennifer simply kicking him in the crotch. However, Guard 2 finally does sober up and try to get involved. Did a taser stand-off actually happen? Who knows – regardless, Guard 2 doesn’t think it’s worth it to stop her what with the end of the world and all…

Jennifer’s current alter ego seems to be a bit of a “dick” but now she has the Ouroborus, she’s sure that it is the key to everything. They just have to find the door – and that door is James!

Back in the future, James is on his way back to what’s left of the facility. Hannah has been following him – she wants to walk with him so that he doesn’t walk alone. They – and we!!! – are in for a big surprise. They hear voices and assume scavengers. They’re right – but it’s Cole and RAMSE (Kirk Acevedo)!! And the facility is right where they left it. They clearly splintered through time and space. Cole knows exactly when they are – 2043 – because of the conversation past Cole is having with Ramse. They’ve gone right back to the beginning! And this dovetails in true Ouroborus fashion with Olivia declaring their cycle ended when the facility splintered in 2046. The title refers to the end of that cycle – and they begin again at the beginning!

“Ouroboros” was written and directed by showrunner Terry Matalas. This episode goes back to the beginning. It was terrific having Kirk Acevedo back for this episode. We follow Cole and Ramse on their mission to get Cassie’s watch. It was a nice reminder of Cole and Ramse’s relationship before everything else came crashing down on them. It’s also a good reminder of what Cole was like when we first met him.

Jones, Cassie, and Cole have returned. Cassie and Cole see this as a chance to continue their mission, but Jones cautions that the facility is a minefield of paradoxes and causalities for them. Jones warns them they’d like only have one chance, and it would be one way. But Cassie has her own mission now. Revenge against Olivia. The only information they’ve been able to find about her, when she wasn’t heavily guarded was an arrest in 1971. Jones agrees to one last splinter – before the first.

Katerina muses on how many times she’s said “kill the witness.” Cassie tells her that the least they can do is not let the Witness win – all their friends have already lost to her. Jones cautions Cassie that she was blinded by her hope for an ending – Cassie shouldn’t let revenge blind her. Cassie tells her that it’s always only ever been about revenge.

Jones, Cole, and Cassie watch from the catwalk as their friends – and it was bittersweet to see Laskey and Whitley again – work about getting the machine ready for Cole’s first splinter. This might be Stanford’s best scene to date. The camera slowly zooms in on his face as he watches himself and Ramse on the floor below. He laughs at their antics, but the longing for his brother is clear on his face as he’s almost overwhelmed by emotion.

Jones tells them that the room won’t be empty before the splinter. They’re going to need a distraction to clear the room. They decide on a containment breach because that would have everyone confined to their rooms. Jones then has a similar reaction as Cole’s to Ramse when she sees Whitley. We also get the first indication that Jones isn’t well as we see her hand shaking uncontrollably. I wanted to simply brush it off as emotion…

Jones of 2043 gives the troops a pep talk. The target is Leland Goines and he’s nothing more than a number – 1 for 7 billion. Cole and Jones of 2046 look at each other – knowing it was never that simple. Ramse interrupts her – he wants to know about the tether. He’s concerned about Cole’s safety. Cole of 2046 remarks that “that was awkward” having to watch it.

Cassie trips the alarm, and everyone retreats to their rooms. Cole tells Jones to wipe the machine once he and Cassie are gone and then get back to the Emerson. But Jones isn’t convinced. She tells him, first Leland, then Athan, then each other, now Olivia – how many bodies must pile up. It’s the same loop over and over. It’s the snake. Jones believes that Jennifer is the only one who can see.

And then we get one of my favorite scenes ever. I’ve made it no secret that I just adore Barbara Sukowa, and getting to see 2043 Jones meet 2046 Jones was amazing! 2043 Jones is puzzled by 2046 Jones’ warning. She reminds herself that Elliot used to say that the common core of all great achievements was failure. 2046 Jones tells 2043 Jones that she trusted the wrong person. The ones she should have trusted didn’t trust her because all she ever gave them was missions. 20146 Jones says she gave it all up for hope. 2043 Jones insists that hope and trust is all these people have. She insists she’s not doing it for herself – but she forgets that she’s talking to herself and Jones calls her out on it – who else knows what she’s capable of doing in Hannah’s name?

2043 Jones immediately notices the palsied hands on her older counterpart and wants to know what’s wrong. 2046 Jones tells her that she’s dying – but it’s not the cigarettes! 2046 Jones says that she could tell her everything – to Hell with causality, but 2043 says it could be worse if they change the wrong thing. She tells her future self to borrow some of her hope. 2046 Jones suddenly has an epiphany. 2043 says she’ll be curious one day to know what it was – but for now she will ensure that she remembers nothing with a mixture of pills and alcohol. 2043 tells 2046 to get on with it – but to tell her how to get the tethers working first – which she does! Jones then warns her that she’s about to make her life very difficult, and 2043 sighs and says she always has! HA! Knowing you are your own worst enemy…

Back in 2018, Conleth Hill (Varys on Game of Thrones – looking almost unrecognizable with a full head of hair!) joins the cast as Bonhom of Interpol – sent to investigate the robbery of the Ourboros. I loved that his name essentially means “good man” in French. He joins Detective Doleval (Lukas Juza) on the case, who thinks Bonhom must have better things to do than chase an old artefact – given the state of the world. Bonhom tells him, “when the future is uncertain, the past never matters more.” He also calls Jennifer mad – and Bonhom wants to know what kind of mad…

Jennifer may have the artefact but she can’t solve the riddle. The voices and visions have abandoned her. I loved Jennifer watching 2018 Cassie on television talk about pandemics and their importance in history – while in 2043, Cassie is seeing herself deliver the same interview as Cole (2043) prepares for his mission to find her – before she’s even delivered this interview! Cassie tells the interviewer that the disease reminds us to feel, and create and aspire. We fight we learn, we learn, we live – not just longer but better. “A circle? A loop? Is just a second chance.” It certainly seems like she’s really leaving a message.

Jennifer’s alter ego/doppleganger also has advice for her. It’s time to get out of town. But Jennifer is going to have to go alone. The alter ego “has taken a bullet.” But Jennifer is terrified not to have the voices. Her alter ego tells her she doesn’t need them. And even though she tells Jennifer not to forget her passport… she does forget it.

Cole tries to convince Cassie that they need to move forward – not circle back to more killing. Cassie turns to Jones, but Jones tells her that she has faith – in them. Cole wants to investigate the future and Cassie wants to attack the past – but they can do both. There isn’t just the one mission now. It’s whatever they decide on together. And here’s a new them – strength in numbers. Although it’s not totally new given the success of the Jennifer and her Daughters.

Cassie tells them that she can’t chase visions. She’s going to 1971 and killing Olivia. Jones warns her that there’s no tether. Cassie repeats Cole’s words – it was always a one way trip. She tells Cole that she needs to do it and asks him one more time to come with her – he tells her not this time. Her last word is “please” before she’s splintered. Jones asks Cole if he’s sure and he tells her that they started it together and they’ll finish it together. Jones wipes the data logs.

Ramse and Whitley realize that there’s someone in the facility and begin a search. Jones takes Cole to her own rooms – the one place no one will dare to search. Cole is freaked out to find 2043 Jones there asleep. Jones assures him that she’s totally sauced and won’t wake up. Jones has the “craziest” plan. I loved Jones reminding Cole of the problems they had with the machine and Cole saying it was a real “piece of shit” – and Jones being the protective mother saying that she wished everyone would stop saying that! At the time Jones had thought the malfunctions were a problem with the core – but Cole realizes it was really them! They’re going to steal from themselves – which explains why the core was so drained back then!

They’re going to take a cell from the core that they can use to power up their own machine. Jones insists that Cole wait until the core is offline. He agrees and doesn’t read between the lines that Jones hadn’t waited… Jones warns him to watch out for Whitley and Ramse, but Cole reminds her that they are looking for scavs – not them! And they both smile…

I adored Jones’ pep talk to herself: “Just remember. You are a real bitch.” Because she isn’t anymore! I loved how much Jones enjoyed dismissing the guards!

Cole does run into Ramse, and Ramse notices that something is wrong with Cole. He asks him if he wants to make a change – and we get a flashback to Cole killing Ramse – and that is one thing that Cole would change in a heartbeat if he could. Ramse offers to leave right then – but Cole says no, it’s messy either way. Ramse tells him they’ll just do it as many times as necessary to save Cole’s soul. And that makes Cole catch his breath – another great performance here. Cole asks what if it’s never over. Ramse says there’s no right or wrong, good or bad – you just have to do what matters in the moment. Cole tells him he’s trying hard to forgive himself, but Ramse tells him only the dead can forgive him and he has to give them a reason to.

Jones powers down the machine, and Cole gets the cell. Whitley comes upon Jones and tells her that she should be in her room. He wonders if they should postpone the mission, but Jones insists it’s a go. She suggests that Whitley get some rest, but he insists that he’s fine and it’s his job to look after her. Jones tells him that she tells him she’s grateful for everything he’s done and will do. Barnes is terrific in this scene. He’s touched by her words but really doesn’t know what to do with them.

2043 Jones wakes up hungover with a “what the fuck?” She’s pretty pleased to see that she’s solved the tether problem – even though she has no earthly idea how. Cole is ready to leave, but 2046 Jones wants to see the first splinter.

We hear Jones’ instructions to Cole – Cassie (SHE) is not your mission. And we see Cassie hanging a picture of Jennifer. Is Olivia also not the mission? And Jones 2043 gets to the part where she tells Cole that everyone he will see is already dead – and this is underscored by the fact that they are looking down on some many of their “dead.” And Cole notices Jones’ hand shaking and asks her what’s wrong with her. Jones doesn’t have to say it, but she asks Cole to promise that they’ll see it through until the end.

Bonhom is at the train station waiting for Jennifer. He has her passport. He’s looked at her psychiatric file. He’s seen her drawings, and he wants to know where James Cole is. She notices the time and does something gutsy… she throws herself in front of the train.

“RPM” was written by Sean Tretta and directed by Christopher Byrne, who moves up from Assistant director on the show and whose other directing credits includes American Gods and Star Trek: Discovery. This episode follows Cassie’s quest to kill Olivia, and we get some of Olivia’s backstory filled in. We also see a sea-change happen in Titan – and the return of Deacon (Todd Stashwick)! Julian Richings joins the cast as Olivia’s new Advisor. Richings – like Stashwick – is a Supernatural alum, and I’m really looking forward to what we see from him. It was also nice to see Scottie Thompson back in this episode as Vivian – Olivia’s mother.

The episode begins in 1971 with young Olivia (Holly Deveaux) getting booked and Cassie getting ready to kill her – all set to some great 70’s music – “So Happy Together.” Nicely ironic and “well-played!”

In 2046, Olivia’s assuming the role of Witness is being questioned by some of her followers who are impatient for Olivia to bring the Red Forest to pass. Olivia is as cranky as ever and deals with the doubters swiftly. But she’s also having some doubts of her own. Even Malick is getting impatient for Olivia to actually do something. Her new Advisor steps in to tell her not to fear doubt. Olivia confides in him that she’s struggling with one order – one that was given to her.

In 1971, we see that young Olivia is living in an abandoned building with a friend – Sharon (Taveeta Szymanowicz). She’s supporting herself through prostitution (and robbing the Johns) – and she’s pregnant! They talk about getting out of there together.

When Vivian comes for her, Olivia runs and is caught by the police. Vivian is seen with a dead Sharon. Cassie is staked out waiting for Olivia to come out of the jail. When someone starts shooting at her, Cassie ends up arrested when she returns fire. She ends up in the cell next to Olivia and wakes to her being sick – she’s clearly pregnant.

There are some great scenes between Schull and Deveaux. Cassie asks if she knows who she is and Olivia says no. Cassie talks about her own pregnancy. I really loved how the episode kept us believing one thing, while quite another was unfolding. Olivia tells Cassie that Vivian believes in something that she doesn’t and wants something for her baby that she doesn’t want. Cassie doesn’t believe Olivia, however – she knows her after all – and asks Olivia to prove to her that she doesn’t know her. She wants Olivia to convince her that she isn’t evil yet.

We get a flashback to Olivia’s branding. Neither Olivia nor Vivian seem to enjoy it. We see Olivia’s first journey to the Red Forest. The Witness tells her “You have a purpose. You will have a child. For me.” When she asks why, she’s told “Sacrifice.” Olivia wants to know why, and it seems that when Vivian can’t answer the question, she runs away. Cassie tells her that they can change things.

In 2046, Olivia still doesn’t understand why she gave that order. There was no need for sacrifice. The Advisor tells her that the Word of the Witness, made up of endless, unbreakable circles with no beginning or end is called the Great Jinn. Jones mentions that a causality loop is called a Jinn in season one’s episode “The Red Forest.” Of course, Cassie showing up in 1971 twigs Olivia to the fact that she’s alive when she should be dead. She finds Deacon alive in the rubble and remarks, “Your fortune is remarkable.” Deacon clarifies that he’s not lucky. He got left behind – and he seems like he’s pretty pissed about it.

Back in 2018, Jennifer’s actual leap of faith works. Bonham tells her that she’s alone, but she trusts that she isn’t, and Cole is there in a timevest to save her. Bonham gets the key, however. Jennifer recognizes Athan’s vest on Cole and tries to comfort him by telling him that Athan always knew it was a one way trip (and how many times have we heard that!), but all he wanted to do was save Cole. Cole tells her that he’s the last Cole he’ll ever be – his friends are calling him future asshole! He tells Jennifer to find the other Cole – he’s tracked her there. I have another assignment for Future Asshole that I’ll share at the end of this review…

Jennifer meets Cole at the bridge with a cheeseburger as Future Asshole tells her to. I love the look on Jennifer’s face when he tells her that he didn’t go with Cassie because he had to find her. She tells him about the Ouroboros. Bonham is pleased when Cole calls and tells them to meet him at the beginning.

When Olivia tells Malick to find the Splinter team, Malick finally digs his heels in and challengers her. If she’s the Witness, she should tell him how. She runs – clearly scared – to drink the tea. Down is really fantastic in this scene. She begs herself to know what to do. Only Primaries can see the puzzle from above. Olivia wasn’t born a Primary, but she can become one. Titan’s purpose is to make her a Primary. The Advisor tells her that opening her mind to the time stream has never been done before and could prove fatal. And at this point, I thought this is why Jennifer can no longer hear the voices! It’s to protect her from Olivia!

The Advisor suddenly felt like Qyburn from Game of Thrones to me! He modifies the mask to provide the necessary life support that Olivia will need. She also looked a lot like the Borg when she was hooked in to Titan. Olivia witnesses the end of the great cycle – we also get some flashes from upcoming episodes – so keep your eyes open for them!

Back in 1971, Cassie unwittingly steels Olivia’s resolve to follow through on the Witness’s order to have a child when she tells her that Olivia’s child can have a purpose.

In 2018, Cole and Jennifer meet with Bonham – Hill is terrific in this scene. And he’s on their side! Really, I just love the sound of his voice. He tells Cole that he knows him because of a story handed down through the generations. Seers who saw the end of the world and the man who can save it. Jennifer recognizes that he’s not Primary. He hadn’t believed in the prophecy until the plague began. He gives Cole the ouroboros and tells him that the fate of the world rests on him solving the puzzle.

Cassie gets out of prison and is a one-woman killing machine as she goes after Olivia. Vivian is reading Olivia the riot act, telling her that she will obey her. Vivian and Cassie fight, and we finally get the truth of what’s going on. Vivian isn’t trying to take the child from her – Vivian told her to defy the Witness. Vivian doubts the Witness. She’s obeyed and still no Red Forest. Her only salvation has been her children. She won’t let her sacrifice her child. But Olivia decided to obey and have the child for the Witness. We get another fantastic time loop. Olivia killed Sharon – not Vivian. I love how this show plays with our expectations!

Meanwhile, future Olivia – now truly the Witness as she’s “witnessed” everything – has taken over her younger self. She picks up a gun and interrupts Vivian and Cassie. Cassie immediately recognizes that she’s the witness. She shoots and kills Vivian (though not outright, it is a fatal shot).

In 2018, Cole solves the puzzle by using the story and finds a clue inside. Once again, we loop back to Cole being read the story by his father. It’s a nice bit of closure to the first three episode cycle. As Cole works through the story, Olivia proves that they are in the last cycle and that it will end with Olivia and Cassie. There’s one bullet left in the gun she tosses between Vivian and Cassie. She tells Cassie to kill her. And tells her that she will pull the trigger even though she wants to defy her. She tells her that there’s nothing stronger than fate – and then goads Cassie into shooting by confirming Athan’s death and sacrifice.

As Cole fits the final puzzle piece – the only one who could wield the weapon was the demon itself, Cassie fires. But the real weapon here, is Olivia’s ability to manipulate. And the real strength here – and the sacrifice – is a mother’s love for their child. Cassie shoots because of her love for Athan, and Vivian takes the bullet to protect her child. This season really is about the strength of family – and that’s the real, unbreakable circle, isn’t it? So prescient a theme given the current horrors in the US.

Olivia tells Cassie she remembered that day – but she blacked out. Cassie tells Olivia that she’s coming for her, and Olivia tells her that she’s counting on it.

Jennifer wants to know how he knew the story, and Cole doesn’t answer. Bonham says it’s because he’s James Cole – rather a cyclical answer! Bonham also brings up the Jinn – and tells them that he believes that they are on their way to breaking the great cycle. Cole finds the note – Blackleaf, May 11, 1852. And I wondered if originally, they’d hoped that’s when this episode would air… Jennifer recognizes a new mission.

Back at Titan, Olivia remarks that Deacon is hard to kill. He tells her that it’s his gift and curse. She’d heard of his exploits as the leader of the VII. Deacon tells her that he got soft – but he wouldn’t tell her where or when they were if he knew because he’s going to hunt them himself. In a surprise move, Olivia kills Malick and puts Deacon in charge of her army.

We get another repeat scene as we see Vivian give the Tall man his orders to lead the Army of the 12 Monkeys. We finally get the final sentence of Olivia’s first message – she was promised that she would lead the army. We see that Olivia’s men shot at Cassie. We see her ensure her own creation by sending the Advisor. We see her send herself to find Cassie and prepare her. The baby is left in the forest and future Olivia takes it. Future Olivia burns the Word.

Cole is waiting at the Emerson for Cassie. She’s sure that they are stuck in an endless loop, but Cole assures her that they’re going to break it.

So… we still don’t know who Cole’s mother was. Was it Jennifer??? She would have been about 24 when he was born – unless it was a future her. Olivia’s baby would have been 37 in 2009. So she is also a possibility. What do you think?

And finally, here’s my way to save Jones. All they need to do is send dying Jones back to get the core turned off. Cole could grab healthy Jones before she goes in! Dying Jones receives enough radiation to just die there. And healthy Jones, goes with Future Asshole Cole – who seems to be running around saving everyone!

As always, this show is just the perfect mix of timey-wimey goodness, careful plotting that pays off satisfyingly, great dialogue, and terrific acting from the entire cast. Are you enjoying it so far? It’s like candy, and I’m always torn by wanting to eat it all at once and wanting to savor it slowly… Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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