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Timeless - The General - Advance Preview

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Timeless “The General” was written by Matt Whitney and directed by John Showalter. The episode features Harriet Tubman (Christine Horn) – another wonderful woman in American history. Horn is terrific. The action takes place in Beaufort County, South Carolina on June 1, 1863.

There’s lots of tension in the bunker as Wyatt (Matt Lanter) tells most of the rest of the team about Jessica’s (Tonya Glanz) pregnancy. Reactions to the news are… varied. Jiya (Claudia Doumit) looks for a new way to help save Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) and enlists Connor’s (Paterson Joseph) help.

Emma (Annie Wersching) brings the sleeper two things. Carol (Susanna) Thompson makes good use of her time to talk to Keynes (Michael Rady). The team has to split up. Look for lots of fun movie references in this one! The episode ends with someone new taking a trip in the Lifeboat… And just a heads up - some of the photos that are supposed to be from this episode are actually from the finale...

Look for my Preview of the finale coming soon – very soon. So far, no news yet about renewal – at least at the time of my writing and posting this… there may be more news with my next preview… but then TPTB may be waiting to see the ratings on this final blockbuster evening. This first hour was terrific – and I’ll tell you how great the next episode is… shortly! But remember to watch – and get your friends and family to watch too! – tomorrow night at 10/9c on NBC!

Here are some dialogue teases...

When have things ever gone that well for us?
The forbidden colors.
Hey. David Duke! Looking for this?
I quit by the way.
Why did you bring me here?
You’re just a tiny, little thing, ain’t ya?
And now I’m back in Junior High.
I haven’t been hiding anything.
The man’s as mad as a hatter!
Would you rather he’d have died?
This Jessica could be different.
Less JR from Dallas and more Leo from Django Unchained.
C’mon. When’s the last time you had a cheeseburger?
You’re a soldier, and you need to think of the mission.
Rhett. Butler. Visiting from my plantation in Georgia.
There’s two things that I’ve got a right to: And those are death and liberty.
I’d like some extray-crispy chicken fingers, Colonel Sanders!
You know we’re friends. Bro-code and all that.
We’re going back to the Civil War again, yeah…
It is kinda weird.
Help me die easy.
Get in my way? I shoot you my damn self.
Now are you going to answer my question?
You are truly awful. You are.

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