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Imposters - That's Enough. Off You Go. - Review

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Previously on Imposters, the Bumblers arrived back in North America and split up on their respective missions, Maddie goes back home to Pennsylvania (and takes a trip down memory lane) but as she leaves the FBI agents are hot on her trail, and Ezra's father seemingly dies in the care of Sally and Max.

The episode opens with Richie, Poppy and Jules at the Langmore cabin in New York, where it doesn't take long for the tension between the former two to turn physical, something we've all been expecting since they met. For some reason, Jules keeps put, even when she can clearly overhear what the two of them are doing together, but soon after Ezra gives her a call to update her on his family situation. It seems like Arthur really is dead, though I'm not sure I'm 100% buying it just yet.

We catch up with Maddie at a racecourse, where she gets another text from the mystery number asking if she's safe and to get in touch. She very clearly hopes that it's Ezra, and almost allows herself to ask whether it is him texting her, but wisely chooses not to at the last second. I can imagine that the person on the other side of the phone isn't as friendly as they're making themself out to be. Maddie however has something to focus on, and that's finding one Cyril 'Cy' Roberts, who she tries to claim is her father. Her get-up as a lawyer, although unbelievable to the people she's asking for information, is actually quite clever in that it then helps them believe that she really is the daughter of Cy. It's good to see that Maddie is as calculating as ever and hasn't lost her game, but maybe that isn't a good thing for her. The trio at the racecourse are willing to help Maddy find Cy and then presumably she's on her way.

Back at the 'cabin', Richie and Poppy work on securing a possible buyer for the ring in Arizona who won't try and shoot them, whilst Jules struggles with the news that Ezra has told her. Richie and Poppy seem somewhat oblivious to her struggles, and Poppy even goes as far as belittling them, but once Jules tells them what the situation actually is, Richie kind of understands she isn't really overreacting at all. Poppy however doesn't think it's a big deal, and with Richie head over heels for her, he really doesn't want to be in the middle or on the opposite side to Poppy. It puts Jules in an awkward position as she storms out of the room and walks away from the cabin.

Her walk takes her to a nearby tavern, and with her looking somewhat fatigued and still angry, she decides to stop in for a drink, where she meets one Lenny Cohen. Oh Lenny, how I've missed you. Of course, Jules does not know that this is Lenny, but the audience does and I bet everyone is currently scared for the cabin trio right now. It didn't take Lenny long to find them at all, but I suppose that's what makes her so good at her job. As Jules and Lenny 'bond' over drinks and tales of childhood, it's clear that Lenny is just disarming Jules until she strikes, and she really isn't someone to be trifled with.

Back with Maddie, the FBI are still very much following Maddie in hopes that she will lead them to the Doctor, but seem disappointed when all she seems to do is commit more crimes in the name of something else. Agent Cook insists that they have to keep following her and staying back though, so that's what they do.

At the tavern, Jules and Lenny now occupy a table and seem to be getting a little bit closer. Jules asks Lenny what it is that she does, and whilst she answers, it's definitely a little bit vague to Jules (but not to the audience). In turn, Lenny gets a bit of information out of Jules, but again it's something that she probably already knows seeing as she's there. I get the feeling that Jules is flirting and thinks that this is something it is completely different to what it actually is. She's going to be sorely disappointed and scared when the truth comes out.

We finally catch up with Ezra, who's wearing an awful hat (please someone take it off him) and trying to get in contact with Sofia who may be ignoring him. After ending the call and telling her he misses her, he goes and pays his final respects to his father who is actually very very not alive. His death in the last episode did seem a bit abrupt but hopefully it will be allowed to pay off in some way. As Ezra is looking at the coffin however, Ava pays him a visit, which is a very surprising development. He's placing the blame for this on Maddie, because without her he'd never have met Max and Sally and therefore his dad would have never died, but Maddie/Ava rejects that and says that it's all on Ezra, and she may have a point. No one made Ezra steal the ring in season one, and no one made him become a fully fledged con artist. He did that all by himself. Clearly his subconscious can't decide where to place the guilt and blame but before we can delve deeper into Ezra warring with himself, his brother shows up.

Ezra goes to hug him, but that's quickly rejected as Josh does not back down on getting answers about what happened to their dad. It turns out Ezra somewhat covered for Sally and Max, and the police haven't been called, but now his father's death is shrouded in mystery and Ezra's family want to know why. Ezra isn't backing down though, and he makes it clear he isn't going to give Josh the real answer. Josh is overcome with grief and breaks down, and it's interesting to see the contrast between how Ezra and Josh are taking their father's death.

Now, we're treated to a little Jules backstory, as we cut between both Jules and Poppy divulging Jules' biggest secret to Lenny and Richie respectively. When Jules was at college, her roommate died and she ended up stealing some of her roommate's work and submitting it as one of her final pieces and then having her sister cover up the theft. It's pretty bad, but not as bad as I was thinking, which is almost exactly what Lenny says. It's obvious that one of the reasons Lenny says that is so that Jules will like and trust her even more, which totally works, but I don't think she's wrong about it. Richie seems to be on the same page as well, and thinks that Poppy was somewhat in the wrong for intervening. Poppy doesn't want to hear it though, and texts instead of paying attention to Richie. As Richie takes her phone to try and make her pay attention, he discovers she's been texting her husband the whole time they've been together, and that their time together was just a fling. He's been projecting his feelings for Alice onto her this whole time, which isn't overly healthy, but it isn't nice for him that she chooses that minute to leave and go back to her husband. On her way out, she bumps into Jules who has just been dropped off at the cabin by Lenny (a bad move on her part, but not that she was to know), and as Poppy closes the door, Jules looks up the stairs and simply says 'poor Richie'.

We catch up with Maddie as she enters a care home with the dog she 'borrowed' earlier. She's there to meet Cy Roberts, who it turns out is another con artist who may be even better than her, seeing as he's pretending to be sick and somewhat senile but is still as sharp as a whip. It turns out the Doctor is keeping Cy in the care home as he tried to take down the Doctor years ago. The Doctor is blackmailing him into staying, and if Maddie tries to take him down, the Doctor will likely use something against her too to keep her in place. Maddie asks for help in finding the Doctor and taking him down any way, and all Cy can give her is that he's a real doctor operating out of Buffalo. As Maddie leaves, Agent Cook investigates why she was there in the first place, and the con is on with Cy. It seems like Agent Cook buys it, and as she leaves the room, a nurse mistakes her for one of the residents.

At Maddie's motel, the FBI agents are sitting tight on her, but as Agent Cook leaves the car, Patrick plants a tracking device in Maddie's truck and then decides to ring her up. He questions her on her commitment to the con, and whether she actually did feel something when she kissed Ezra or whether it was all for show. She counters whether he felt anything when he kissed her or told her he loved her, and he says it was all a job to him but something tells me that's not the truth. He seems way too close to this and could end up being more of a threat to Maddie than the Doctor is.

At Arthur's funeral, we see Josh read out Ezra's speech, which is overwatched by Ezra from behind a tree. He clearly doesn't feel welcome at the funeral, but if he didn't keep so many secrets then maybe things would be different. Whilst reading Ezra's speech, Josh spots him, and his surprise quickly gives way to a shared sorrow. He carries on reading, but does so almost directly to Ezra. Ezra walks off emotional, and we see that Sally and Max are close by in a car waiting for him. As Ezra enters the car and tells them that they have to hurry, he's shushed as Max makes a phone call. It's obvious who it's going to be, but Ezra is stilled and shocked as he hears the Doctor's voice greeting him on the other end. The Doctor reveals that he knows where Jules and Richie are (because of course he does), and that now the Bumblers work for him until further notice. He makes it clear that if they do not comply with what he's requesting, they will meet the same fate as Arthur.

We see Maddie return the dog and get another mysterious text. She finally texts back, and the person on the other side confirms her thoughts that it's Ezra and for her to go to the Langmore cabin, but somehow I think it isn't Ezra at all and is instead Lenny, or even the Doctor himself. She fully believes it is Ezra though, and as the show has essentially confirmed that Maddie does actually have feelings for Ezra, she seems pleased that he is worried about her. This is definitely a trap.

The episode ends on the Bumblers reuniting in the Langmore cabin, as Ezra breaks down in Jules' and Richies' arms.

In one of the highlights of the season so far, we finally get a better paced episode with developments on the big bads of the season. Do you think Maddie will succeed in taking down the Doctor? What do you think about the Bumblers having to work for him? Let me know in the comments.

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