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Barry - Chapter Six: Listen With Your Ears, React With Your Face - Review

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Previously on Barry, Barry and Taylor pulled off the Bolivian stash house job, the detectives made further progress with Ryan's murder case, and Barry ignored Fuches' orders and didn't kill Taylor, instead possibly bringing him into the assassin fold.

The episode opens with Barry, Fuches and Taylor waiting to take out the Bolivian leader, but Fuches is decidedly not as on board with Taylor's addition to the group as Barry wants/needs him to be. After increasingly ridiculous suggestions on what they should do, Fuches tells Barry that he needs to kill Taylor sooner rather than later, otherwise Barry's life may be in jeopardy. Fuches once again tells Barry that after this life, there is no possible way he can go off an be an actor. There is no escape from being a hitman and he just needs to accept that this is how it's going to be. With a second season on the way, I just can't see how Barry will end up listening to that advice. He definitely hasn't so far any way.

Inside the stash house, Hank and Goran inspect their new digs and make plans on what they can do to make it their own. They're jubilant at taking down their enemies (or more like Barry/Fuches doing such a good job of it) but their happiness is cut short when Vacha confesses that he's been following Barry and taking pictures of him regularly.

Why would you do this?
He killed my brother.
Okay you need to let that go.
He asks to kill Barry in order to avenge his brother's death, but Goran says Barry is not to be touched, and the photos need to stop as well. It's so dark that in order to stop him from killing Barry, Goran suggests that he chops up all the dead Bolivians in the stash house and disposes of them. Given the ominous music and look at the picture of Sally, he may be following orders but it doesn't mean he won't still be screwing with Barry.

Barry meanwhile has a bit of downtime with Taylor, which Taylor is using to watch porn, right in front of Barry. Barry wants to do a bit of recon on the mission but it seems like Taylor isn't overly interested. Instead, with moaning in the background from the TV, Barry suggests something which isn't a total surprise; Taylor takes over from him as Fuches' main hitman and Barry can retire. Taylor point blank says no though, because he just doesn't like Fuches. Taylor asks him why Barry wants to leave if Fuches is so great (seeing as Barry is trying to hype him up to get Taylor on board), and as Barry fumbles through an explanation, Taylor suggests he just straight up kills Fuches and frees himself. This is clearly something Barry hasn't considered, and he allows himself a moment to do so before he discards the idea. Fuches is family and he just won't do it. Taylor however gives him half the money from the stash house job and once again says that he should take the money, kill Fuches and live his dreams. This leads Barry to have yet another one of his day dreams, wherein his teenage son finds a picture of him and Fuches, and he says he doesn't remember who Fuches is. Barry looks disturbed by his thoughts, but whilst he's in the bathroom, Taylor takes it upon himself to put the stash house money in Barry's bag, taking out Gene's book and his materials for theatre class in the process.

And it turns out that Barry doesn't have his Macbeth script on him, which he quickly realises when he opens his bag and finds a bunch of dirty money in his place. He goes to the bathroom to hide it, but that doesn't help with the fact that he's probably not off book for the scene and will have to fumble his way through it. He manages to remember his first line, just, but Gene is once again not impressed with his performance and tries to get Barry to actually act with Sally instead of just saying his lines. What follows is an incredibly awkward scene where he tells Sally over and over that he loves her. Sally isn't into it, but Gene tries to teach Barry that he has to listen to how she speaks and then change how he speaks in return, and so he keeps repeating 'I love you' in different tones. Gene may think they're just acting, but Barry seems to finally get the message that pursuing Sally is fruitless because she's just not really into him, and it hits him hard.

As he's leaving theatre class, Barry checks his voice messages and once again, Taylor is being less than subtle on them. Barry has had enough, and clearly rings Taylor ready to chew him out, but changes his mind at the last second. He lets Taylor know that whilst they were great on the stash house job, he wants to work solo on the plane job. Taylor's probably too high and out of it to realise what's going on and might not know what he's agreeing to, but Barry certainly doesn't know that.

Back at the theatre, Sally asks Gene if she can be given a different role; that of Macbeth himself. Gene tells her it's too reckless and doesn't understand why she would want to do that, but when she confesses that her agent has dropped her, he seems to be more understanding. Meanwhile, as they're discussing this in the office, Vacha has found his way inside and on the stage. It was obvious he wasn't suddenly going to drop his revenge campaign, but there must just be something about that stage, as once he steps foot on it, he can't help but sing. Gene tries to deter Sally from changing roles again, but Sally argues that she's the best actor in the class by a long mile and this is something that she needs and wants. Gene gives in to her, but only on the condition that Barry is still her scene partner. She agrees to his terms and goes to leave, but as she does she's closely followed by Vacha. Vacha who then runs straight into Detective Moss, where he is clearly startled. It's somewhat frustrating how close she is to the truth if she'd just open her eyes and see it (especially seeing as she no longer thinks the killer goes to the acting class). Vacha follows Sally out of the building and to her car, but is stopped by Detective Moss who questions why he's there to begin with. She questions his accent, and reaches as if to go for her gun. Vacha, knowing he's been made, runs for it. She follows him to his car where he proceeds to open fire on her. As he runs out of bullets, Moss shoots back and takes out the windows of his car and also lands a shot on him. She approaches him with caution, and it appears he's been shot in the stomach. Before he can do much of anything though, she puts a few more bullets in him that makes it pretty obvious he won't be going anywhere but the morgue any time soon. So much for revenge.

Back at the theatre, Moss and Loach find the money that Barry stashed in the toilet earlier that episode. With a dead Chechen and dirty money on their hands, Moss berates herself for giving up on the connection that she knew in her gut existed. Loach figures out the connection between Moss and Gene when Gene shows up at the theatre with food and heart eyes for Moss. She tearily apologises and lets him know it's over, and tells him that they should get to work.

At Barry's hotel, Taylor shows up ready for the job. Barry tries to get him to leave but when he walks him out the door he definitely gets a surprise; Taylor has told people about what they're going to do and now instead of Barry doing this solo, he's doing it with three other people. Taylor sure is a loose cannon, and Fuches was absolutely right about him being a threat to Barry. One of the guys shows off his gun, and in the process manages to pull the trigger. Barry, feeling like he has no other choice, goes with them and tries to get them away from the public immediately. Taylor however has read Gene's book and has been completely inspired by the idea of 'making the unsafe choice' so much so that he goes completely off book with the plan Barry devised and instead storms straight towards the Bolivians and their plane. It turns out to be a costly mistake as he's shot dead before he can even get close to them.

How do you think Barry will manage to take down the Bolivians and keep himself safe? Do you think Barry will ever be able to stop being a hitman? Let me know in the comments.

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