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The Big Bang Theory - The Tenant Disassociation - Review: "We The Tenants"

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Happy Saturday, y'all! I hope you're having a great weekend - and those of you, like me, who haven't eaten bread in a week due to Passover... we're about to cross the finish line! Which is a great segway into this week's episode, as the gang argues over the origins of sandwiches.

See, Penny walks in with a pastrami sandwich on Chinese food night. Uh oh. Sheldon feels betrayed. Amy points out that the sandwich was originated by the Chinese, as they've put meat between two pieces of bread going all the way back to the days of the Tang Dynasty.

Sheldon can't see how that's so, given John Montagu was the Earl of Sandwich. Therefore, point disproven.

Annnnnnd the food truck she bought the sandwich off of was called Pearl of Sandwich. It's all coming together now. Howard and Bernadette scurry off to get their own sandwiches, and Amy and Sheldon continue arguing. Pretty soon, Leonard, Raj and Penny head outside themselves. Finally, Amy asks Sheldon how his Moo shu is.

Hm. Sheldon admits that Amy could've been right all along.

Good thing all of their pals were there to witness this revelation!

... Does anyone else really want a sandwich now? Or just anything involving bread. Anything at all. It's been a long week, friends.

Amy and Sheldon are back in their apartment, when the heavenly aroma of deli meat is wafting in through their window. Sheldon is trying as hard as he can to avoid physically going downstairs and getting a sandwich, as he doesn't want to give into all of his urges. He's still salty about giving into his urge to make a rigid daily schedule... almost as salty as that pastrami.

Amy says she'll go downstairs and get the truck to move, but brings along a wad of cash. She could get hungry en route, with the only cure for her starvation being a sandwich! Just a thought. More like an educated guess. Or foreshadowing. Definitely foreshadowing.

Back at the Wolowitz residence, Howard and Raj are taking a soak in the hot tub. Raj thanks Howard again for allowing him to borrow his swim trunks.

No givesies backsies! Raj points out that jacuzzi water isn't the cleanest, given it's a small tub with the same water swirling around every inch and crevice. Now i'm reminded why I haven't sat in a hot tub in years. Howard jumps out of the water and puts on his robe. Raj notices something in the bushes!

A Drone! Which i'd be surprised they don't already have, but man, those things ain't cheap. They cost an arm and a leg. And a trip to the hospital if it hits you. Howard says he can fix it up, but wonders out loud whether they should try and locate the owner.

Looks like none of the wildlife in the yard is claiming it as theirs, so finders keepers! I can only imagine what they'll use a drone for.

Later, Penny walks into the apartment enraged that the pastrami truck is gone, because the tenants association informed the owner that the truck couldn't park there. Leonard's confused about who would complain about something everyone loves. Hm. I wonder, I wonder.

Oh yeah... their best friend, is who. The two confront Sheldon, asking if it was him who dun it. He confesses. Penny says she's going to complain to the tenants association about him. She writes a strongly worded message, and presses send. Sheldon's phone pings.

Yup. Sheldon's the entire association. Party of one.

And he doesn't feel an ounce of guilt towards Penny's misery over her loss of pastrami sandwiches. What a cruel, cruel man. Who is about to face the wrath of Penny. Lord have mercy.

Meanwhile, Howard has finished setting up the drone! Raj compares him to the Grey's Anatomy of drones. Yeah, I see the resemblance between Howard and Patrick Dempsey. If you turn your head to the side, close one eye and then the other eye. Twins!

It's ALIVE! Raj puts a bowl on his head and tells Howard to try and knock it off. He's close before Bernie walks outside, in complete amazement.

Howard lands the drone and shares that him and Raj found it in the yard. Bernie wants them to locate its owner. They say they tried, to no avail. Yeah. They really went to the extremes of whispering in the yard if it belonged to anyone. Nevertheless, Howard mentions that the drone has a built in camera - Bernadette is then concerned that a peeping tom could be watching them. She suggests looking through the video footage to see where the drone initially took off from. The guys begrudgingly agree.

Back at what's become the People's Court, Leonard and Penny wonder how Sheldon became president of the tenants association. Well, nobody else was in the running, so he won. And apparently gave a heartwarming speech. None of this surprises me. Amy gets home, and is too confused as she didn't know her fiancé was the president. Penny and Leonard want to vote Sheldon out of office. After a back and forth on when the next tenants meeting is, an emergency meeting is called. Amy is summoned to read last meeting's minutes.

Well, the meeting lasted two minutes because President Cooper got shampoo in his eyes. Yes, the meeting was in the shower. Penny and Leonard vote for Sheldon to be removed from his role, but Sheldon points out that there's one more tenant in the room who has a voice.

Oh no. He pulls the fiancé card. Penny interjects that Amy's her best friend. Leonard points out that he once lent her a battery. Amy's as distraught as ever.

... Until Sheldon offers for her to attend his next shower meeting. Vote overturned!

Maybe they can tell Sheldon which hotel Bill Gates is staying at... in Tasmania.

Penny and Leonard are back in their apartment fuming over the meeting gone wrong. Amy walks in, saying she had no choice but to side with Sheldon. Penny asks how she can agree with him when he's being crazy.

Amy's yet to see a time where this hasn't been the case. Touché. She proposes a solution - if Leonard can get one other tenant in the building to vote for him, Sheldon would be booted out. They're intrigued. Amy reaffirms that they can't tell Sheldon she had anything to do with this, and raids their refrigerator so that it looks like she went to the market.

Life with Sheldon sure keeps her on her toes! Literally.

At the Wolowitz house, Bernie, Howard and Raj are looking through the seconds of footage on the drone.

Daaaaang! Not gonna lie, I thought the drone belonged to some spoiled kid.

Any doubts Raj had are put to rest. He likes that she has money, and is willing to spend it foolishly. Perhaps he's found his soulmate. They look closer, and discover that the mystery lady is wearing a pin from the comic book store. Move aside, Sherlock Holmes. There's new sleuths in town.

Penny and Leonard have begun their search for a prospective tenant to side with them. First stop: the tenant who's angry they didn't show up at his housewarming party.

We're off to a great start!

Stop #2: A real hopeful! Until, that is, he reveals that Sheldon has a restraining order against him so he therefore won't be able to attend the meeting. Turns out he locked him on the roof.

Thrice. What we don't see is Penny later giving him a high five and asking for an autograph. I guess they were tight on time this episode.

The final stop on Leonard's campaign trail is to someone who speaks minimal english.

Long story short, she's voting for Sheldon out of lack of understanding. If only Wil Wheaton lived in the building.

Howard and Raj make it to the comic book store and Stuart pinpoints the mystery lady - her name's Cynthia! Apparently she stopped coming 'round a while back.

And that's why. Raj wants to personally deliver the drone to her, and Stuart says she is in fact single. This is going to end great.

Amy gets home, and Sheldon's doing arts and crafts.

Well, making posters to try and sabotage Leonard. Including one that indicates he's too short to use the washing machine. Gotta admit, I laughed at that one. Amy calls Sheldon a raving lunatic, and Sheldon questions what kind of world we'd live in if people stepped aside when they didn't have consent to govern.

I ask myself that question daily, but that's a conversation for another day. DEMOCRACY! Sheldon won't stand for it, and returns to work.

This next scene is going to blow your mind. Raj returns the drone to Cynthia...

Who's very appreciative, and wants to reward Raj for his efforts. He asks for her number... And she gives it to him! Holy cow! This is a breakthrough if i've ever seen one! He walks away, and moments later Cynthia's phone rings. This is going to hell in a hand basket.

Oh, alright! She's still charmed! Progress people, progress! I'm totally #TeamCynthia!

Sheldon and Amy are sitting down to a meal with Leonard and Penny barge in. Amy has no idea why they're there. Well, they've somehow discovered that the lease is under Amy's name, so Sheldon's technically not a tenant. I guess Amy's become their last resort, and she's taking one for the team.

How ever did they get that information? Sheldon's saddened, and Amy says she has no choice but to vote for Leonard. Sheldon rebuts their argument with a California law that states that if someone lives in a dwelling for more than 30 days, they're considered a tenant. Just when we think all hope is lost, Amy stands by her change in vote.

She admits that this was a difficult decision, trying her best to quote Spider Man and console her fiancé's ego. Leonard compares this situation to Ant Man. Sheldon's suddenly okay. He then realizes he can now become the opposition against the president and nag him for the rest of his days.


Moral of the story? Sometimes it takes a fictional superhero to open the mind of a fictional character who doesn't want to give up his fictional presidency. Wow. Inception to the MAX.

Finally, Raj is telling Howard about how he really hit things off with Cynthia, and that this all started with the two of them in a hot tub.

Howard is trying so hard to erase that from his memory. Raj is really confident that she could be the one!

Oh dear. Cynthia is watching Raj and Howard's drone footage. Raj declares that he can't wait to... make babies... with her.

In the next episode, we'll see Cynthia throwing her cell phone into a lake. Then she'll seek therapy.

To be honest, given Sheldon's controlling personality i'm surprised the writers waited until now to make an episode about who's in charge of decision making in the building. I think the concept is genius. It's fun to watch a make believe election take place where the stakes aren't as high as they are in real life. Also, I wish we would've seen more of Raj and Cynthia together before she discovered that footage, but sadly that ended faster than it started. I still have hope that his happily ever after is out there, I just pray he doesn't have to wait to meet her until baby adult Halley's wedding.

Down below, let me know who out of the friend group you'd vote for as the president of your tenants association, if you enjoyed meeting some of the other tenants in the building (I thought it was so cool!), and if you've flown a drone before. They look awesome, but i'm slightly terrified of them. You know, because it could hit me in the head and all.

Catch The Big Bang Theory Thursday Nights on CBS.

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