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Shadowhunters - Thy Soul Instructed - Advance Preview: "I Will Destroy You"

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Previously on Shadowhunters, following more attacks on mundanes, Jace, Clary and Izzy investigated further and surveilled the newest threat which lead to a showdown with the Owl who was revealed to be someone very close to them - Jace himself, Magnus and Alec hosted a dinner for Maryse at Magnus' apartment, and Simon and Maia tried to find out more information about the mysterious mark on Simon's forehead.

'Thy Soul Instructed' explores the relationship between Jace and Lilith further, and shows the power that she has over him. Clary quickly becomes more and more concerned about his behaviour, but Jace doesn't seem to have an explanation for his lost time. Seeing how out of it he seems, Clary lets Jace get some sleep, tries to deflect the concerns of others, and takes on Jace's workload.

With growing suspicions from Alec about what happened at Lake Lyn, and increasing amounts of gaps in his memory, Jace truly starts to wonder whether the mental health issues in the Herondale family are hereditary, and turns to the only person he can think of who might be able to link him to his past.

With Clary being so supportive, we see some really touching moments between the two where Jace opens up about some of his fears. We also get to see what the power of their relationship can do when it comes to fighting Lilith's influence, and this is a great episode for anyone who is a fan of Clace.

With Morgan being held in the Institute for interrogation, and answers not being as forthcoming as they hope, Clary and Izzy jump on the investigation of another mundane attack, however this one seems to be at the hands of a vampire. Clary uses her skill as a natural tracker and Izzy uses her vampire contacts to try and identify who is the cause of this very public attack that has drawn the attention of the NYPD. Their team up brings them directly in the path of Raphael, who after losing Heidi in last week's episode, may be in some serious trouble. Izzy seeing Raphael again may have stirred up some feelings for her, but this season seems like it is really her time to shine when it comes to displaying the personal growth she has made since giving up Yin Fen.

Elsewhere, following being asked to leave the Jade Wolf by Luke, Simon is apartment hunting and almost literally bumps into someone who has the perfect apartment at the perfect price and seems to be a really great guy. Maybe Simon hasn't heard the phrase 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'.

In an episode about the power and influence that the people you surround yourself with can have, and the effects that having secrets can keep, 'Thy Soul Instructed' promises parabatai moments, looming drama for certain characers, and much-needed answers to both the main plot and one interesting sub-plot. Remember to tune in Tuesday at 8.00 on Freeform.

And with that I'm going to leave you with a few teasers to tide you over until Tuesday:
- One character encourages another to do something that may ultimately have bad consequences.
- Charlie seems really into Izzy, but will it actually lead anywhere?
- One character gives another an ultimatum.
- Two characters who haven't previously interacted share a scene together.
- "I don't abandon people I care about."

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