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Timeless - The Salem Witch Trials - Advance Preview

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Timeless “The Salem Witch Hunt” was written by Kent Rotherham and was directed by Guy Ferland. I was a bit disappointed that this episode was a little light on the history and heavier on the personal stories of the characters.

The past action takes place on September 22, 1692, and centers as the title tells us on the Salem Witch Trials.

Emma (Annie Wersching) insinuates herself with Nicholas (Michael Rady). Nicholas continues to adjust to modern life. Carol (Susanna Thompson) gets an order that she doesn’t like to go along with her obnoxious houseguests. Once again, it looks like Rittenhouse’s plan is to prevent the birth of an important historical figure – one who will one day champion free speech – Benjamin Franklin!

Wyatt’s (Matt Lanter) reunion with Jessica (Tonya Glanz) isn’t everything he hoped for. Jiya (Claudia Doumit) is not very good at breaking news. Lucy (Abigail Spencer) puts a brave face on the news about Jessica. Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) has a theory about how and why Jessica is alive.

Flynn (Goran Visnjic) travels as “muscle” for the team and takes liberties with their “disguises.” Flynn notices a change in Lucy. And so does Rufus. Flynn searches for an object for most of the episode – and finally finds it.

Wyatt makes a decision that Denise (Sakina Jaffrey) is not happy about. There’s an awkward homecoming – in fact, two awkward homecomings. Look for some interesting changes to history…

Don’t forget to watch “The Salem Witch Hunt” on Sunday, April 8 on NBC at 10/9c!

Dialogue teasers – as always in no particular order…

I vote bloodbath.
You cannot trust him.
I have a confession. I see dead people.
It’s all just so much more awful than I thought.
Please give me one last chance.
You are no fun.
Puritans can really build a jail.
I’m starting to get this fate versus free will thing, and boy, is it a lot!
Even for a time travelling black guy, this is a little hard to swallow.
Fighting the good fight through time is kinda my wheelhouse.
Like that’s the only way I’d be able to kill you.
Where’d they send you this time? The moon?
Cheer up kids, this’ll be fun!
Can you not learn silence, woman! Look where your untamed mouth has landed you!
Rule number one, don’t run toward a demonic entity!
Beer is proof that God wants us to be happy.

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