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Chicago Fire - Where I Want to Be - Review

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After last week’s FBI episode the Chicago Fire viewers were treated to another episode of solving crimes. But at least this week we got Antonio and the firehouse did get to go on a few calls.

Before the shift starts Otis is at the hospital going through an assessment. He tells the doctor that he’s been doing his exercises two and three times a day. She tells him twice a day is plenty. It seems like Otis is working too hard, and this is confirmed later in the episode. He’s been overtraining and it’s hurting his recovery.

The first call of the episode is to a crime scene where heavy equipment overheated. When they go in they see that the building is full of cash, and Cordova notes that’s a drug house. There’s a woman trapped behind the secure doors, and Stella tries to rescue her. With Stella’s help the lady is able to crawl to safety. This is also when we learn Cordova didn’t follow directions. He comes out of the building and when Casey asks where he was he just says that he thought he saw something.

After the call Boden asks Casey how it’s going with Cordova. Casey tells him that things were rocky at first but things are improving. But things start to get worse after Antonio informs 51 that people are convinced money was stolen. After looking at the floor plan and seeing where Cordova was, Casey confronts him at Molly’s and asks if he took the money. Cordova gets really defensive and accuses Casey of just wanting him out of his firehouse. Dawson witnesses the argument and gets mad at Casey.

Casey does apologize to Cordova and asks him what he thought he saw. Cordova thought he saw someone in the fire, and he thought he could reach him. His story sounds strange, but it matches the description the victim made so Casey thinks it’s possible. Cordova asks Dawson to find out if this is getting sent to IAD, but she doesn’t want to be put in the middle. She tells him that his first month there he’s tried to take someone else’s job and then he lied about their relationship. She says that if Casey doesn’t trust him then maybe that isn’t all Casey’s fault. I was very proud of Dawson for sticking up for Casey.

The next call is to rescue a baby who is hanging over the bridge. Casey tries to reach the baby, but he almost falls. Cordova grabs him and holds on until Casey can get the baby to safety. Herrmann comments on the nice assist. After the call Cordova tells Otis that he’s never seen a house so in sync before. He also tells Otis that he’s rooting for him at his next assessment. This made me start to like Cordova again after believing he was a jerk for most of the episode.

After this call Boden, Casey, and Severide look at the floor plans of the drug house and notice that the walls don’t match. They head to the scene to investigate and bring Cordova along. When they get there they find a body on the ground. Antonio said they found cash on him. Casey apologizes to Cordova again and tells him that as long as 51 has a spot open it’s his. But later Cordova shows up at Casey’s and says it’s time to move on. He tells Casey that he is a lucky man and hopes he realizes it. Casey does. Every day. Dawson overhears and the two have a sweet moment.

So that’s the last time we’ll see Cordova, and I still don’t know if he was a good guy or not! But I guess it doesn’t matter. Otis will probably be back in action next week as he was going to another assessment at the end of the episode. I loved how everyone sent him encouraging texts.

The other part of this episode focused on Severide and Stella. During their shift Brett tells Stella about Severide’s Vegas wedding. I like how Brett was trying to make her feel better but ends up freaking her out. Stella asks Severide about it, and he says that it happened right after he lost his best friend. She just wishes she had heard about it from him.

Stella ends up moving out, and while I liked Severide and her as roommates, I understand why she needed to leave. She’s scared of things moving too fast, and she wants this relationship to last. I want this relationship to last, too. Severide shows up at her new place and tells her that he doesn’t care where she lives.

“Wherever you are is where I want to be.”

I also enjoyed Stella and Casey’s heart-to-heart they had about Severide and Dawson. Casey really does understand how Stella feels and tells her that Dawson and Severide have corners of themselves where no one else is allowed. Casey deals with it by being patient and honest. I hope that these two have more scenes together.

I hope that this is the last of Firehouse 51 solving crimes for a while. I think the show needs to focus on actually fighting fires and saving people. That's what this show does best.

What did you think of this episode? Are you glad Cordova’s gone? How do you feel about Stella moving out? Leave a comment and let me know!

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