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Alexa & Katie - Season One - Review

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I enjoyed watching this new series. “Alexa & Katie” is a new show that was just released on Netflix on March 23, 2018. It reminded me of “Girl Meets World,” another show that crossed over from pre-teen/teen land into adult universe.

For a well-rounded preview/review of "Alexa & Katie", please check out Aimee Hicks's preview here.

Here is the official description of the show:

“Alexa & Katie”
Alexa & Katie is a funny and heartwarming show about two best friends eagerly anticipating the start of their freshman year of high school. Despite the fact that Alexa (Paris Berelc - Mighty Med, Lab Rats: Elite Force) is undergoing cancer treatment, her outgoing personality and enthusiasm for life never falter, especially with her loyal, quirky, and awkwardly adorable best friend Katie (newcomer Isabel May) by her side. At times they’re left feeling like outsiders, during a period when what seems to matter most is fitting in. Tiffani Thiessen (White Collar, Saved By The Bell) also stars as Lori, Alexa’s determined and protective mother. Created by Heather Wordham (Hannah Montana, Reba) with comedy veteran Matthew Carlson (Malcolm In The Middle, Samantha Who?) serving as showrunner, the show’s star is Alexa and Katie’s friendship; whether it be at school, at home, or in the hospital, they are by each other’s side through thick and thin, serving as role models for modern-day female friendships.

Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, here is my review...

So the truth of the matter is, this show reminds me more of "Teen Wolf" that aired on MTV. What? I know, not the show itself, which I did love and miss. No, to me, this reminds me of how much I fell in love with Stiles and not Scott who was the lead of the show. Same here.

I fell in love with the best friend, Katie, not the lead of the show Alexa. Not to say that that there was anything wrong with Paris Berelc's performance or how she was written or anything. But Isabel May's Katie stole the show for me. For me, I loved the love, devotion, caring, will do anything for her best friend attitude of Katie. I loved the insecurities she had with her relationship with Alexa who discovered new friends and had shared experiences with fellow cancer teen patients. I loved how she turned into a stumbling mute when talking to Alexa's older brother sometimes, cause she liked him.

I loved the dynamics between her and Alexa's mom, Lori, played by the awesome Tiffani Thiessen (who I've always loved), and how the two of them had this shared love and intense fear of losing Alexa, so they were united in their taking care of, watching over, and hyperaware of everything Alexa did. For me, she is the show. It's how she will do anything and everything to make Alexa happy and to keep her healthy, even if her wants, needs, and desires are placed on the backburner.

What other teenage girl about to start high school would take such extreme measures for her best friend. When she found out Alexa was starting to lose her hair cause of the cancer treatment, and now didn't want to start high school, something the two of them had been looking forward to for forever, what did she do? She started to shave her beautiful long hair off. Now, Alexa wouldn't be the only one at the center of unwanted attention. It would the both of them. She just did it instinctually, any sacrifice was worth it for her best friend, who she almost lost. One could argue it was the awesome script, but I think it was Isabel May portrayal of Katie that kept you invested in her.

Even her relationship with her mom who is a struggling single mom. And the stark difference between the two families who live next to each other. Alexa, for all hardship she's had to go through with her cancer, had loving parents, grandparents, older brother and a best friend to help her beat cancer. Alexa is the younger child, the only girl, and she is loved and cared for. And her parents are parents who are there actively parenting her and her brother. In contrast, Katie is the older sister, and her mom works and they don't have a lot of money, and she is expected to grow up faster, taking care of her little brother. Her relationship with her dad is just as uneven as is it with her mom, but more so. Her dad shows up, after being absent from the family home for a while, and his present to her is a doll house, more in line with a nine or a ten-year-old girl. Not a fourteenish year old girl starting high school. There are a couple of great scenes between father and daughter, and they help show the drastic difference between the two girls. Did this make me like her more than Alexa, no, it just helped solidify why I do like her so much.

I did like Alexa, but I don't love her, not like I do Katie. I think the chemistry between the two lead actresses who play Alexa and Katie is great, and I believe they are best friends. I loved Alexa's dad who doesn't really connect, but he tries and he adds a funny lightness to this show that can be intense sometimes. I enjoy the supporting characters like Katie's mom and little brother, and Alexa's older brother, and Alexa's crush.

I am so happy that Netflix has renewed this show for a second season, cause I can't wait to see what happens next with Alexa and Katie.

Did you enjoy the show as much as I do? Is Alexa your favorite instead, or do you like them both equally. Please leave a comment, and let's talk.

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