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The SpoilerTV 2018 Pilot Casting Newsreel - Part 3

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Part 1 of The SpoilerTV 2018 Pilot Casting Newsreel.

Part 2 of The SpoilerTV 2018 Pilot Casting Newsreel.

Hi everyone, the first casting newsreel has 94 additions, the second has 145 additions, so welcome to Part 3, likely the final one. Below you'll find all the casting announcements for the new pilot season. We'll try our best to keep this updated with all new casting as quickly if possible. If you find any that aren't posted, please do submit them in.

If you want the details on the pilots below, they can be found on our 2018 Pilot Watch.

The latest pilot castings will be posted at the top.

Suspicion - Sofia Bryant Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Bryant will play Ellie, Danny’s (Luke) daughter.

Welcome to the Neighborhood - Dreama Walker to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Walker will play Gemma. Married to Dave (Lawson), Gemma accepts a huge teaching promotion that requires the family to relocate to Pasadena from Michigan. When they all arrive (without their moving truck), Gemma has to keep the family buoyed when they discover that things are less welcoming than they expected, and she becomes more determined than ever to make sure her family belongs.

Pandas In New York - Mike Castle Joins CBS Comedy Pilot
Castle will play Mike, a physician from rural Ohio who is married to Leela (Abdullah) and is primarily concerned with living to the age of a hundred and twenty.

Culture Clash (aka Our People) - Biniam Bizuneh to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot After Recasting
Bizuneh will take over the role of Abel from “The Mayor” alum Bernard David Jones, who was recast following a table read for the pilot. Bizuneh plays Abel, a man from a bombastic African family who doesn’t have a word in their native language for “privacy,” and his fiancee Jenny (Beth Behrs), who hails from a mid-western family, as they try to build a normal life together.

Man of the House - Jenna Ortega Joins ABC Comedy Pilot
Ortega will play Elena, Charli’s (Bibb) fifteen-year-old daughter, a beautiful and mean spirited only child, who doesn’t adjust well to living with her cousins.

Bright Futures - Emily Ratajkowski, Shameik Moore, Calum Worthy, Lilly Singh & Jimmy Tatro to Star; Lisa Kudrow to Narrate NBC Comedy Pilot
Ratajkowski will play Sarah, a girl-next-door type but also with a behind-the-ear tattoo. She can just as easily bro out with the guys as she can be the girliest girl.

Moore plays Aaron, one of four friends living in an L.A. apartment. A drinking blowout on the night he passed the bar put a halt to any grandiose ideas and he now works as a lowly personal injury attorney…

Worthy plays another roommate, Danny. He’s a gung-ho yet ultra-neurotic USC film school grad and a wannabe screenwriter who’s just landed his first job working for Hollywood’s hottest up-and-coming writer.

Singh plays another roommates, Sid. She’s a recent med school graduate and who became a doctor mostly so people would call her a doctor.

Tatro plays Berger. On the surface he’s the hater of the crew, but deep down he’s incredibly loyal and would be the first one to take a bat to someone for any one of his friends.

Lisa Kudrow has signed on to narrate pilot.

History of Them - Miranda Cosgrove Joins CBS Comedy Pilot
Cosgrove will narrate the pilot in the voice of the daughter.

Abby's - Kimia Behpoornia Joins NBC Comedy Pilot
Behpoornia will play Rosie, the bar manager at Abby’s and a bit of a hothead. She prides herself on having memorized all the rules of the place.

The Mission (aka Safe Harbor) - Jee Young Han Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Jee will play Officer Annie Tang, “Tanger” to her colleagues, Annie is a bit of a rebel spirit who dropped out of medical school to become a cop.

Amber Stevens West to Star in CBS Tim McAuliffe Comedy Pilot
West’s Claire is happily married to Peter (Wayans), the business manager of 20-year-old music superstar Cooper (Mallard). She’s a little concerned when Cooper comes to stay with them, particularly since Cooper’s exuberant young personality and lifestyle are a big contrast to their more tame and settled one.

Get Christie Love - Amy Rutberg Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Rutberg will play Danielle Moran, a.k.a. “Silver Manicure,” described as beautiful, mysterious and calculating. Targeting Christie Love (Kylie Bunbury), she can anticipate the CIA agent’s actions in a way that suggests a shared past.

25 - Tom Maden to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Maden will play Jimmy, Kate’s (Emily Osment) long-term boyfriend. Sincere and genuinely nice, Jimmy just proposed to Kate — just as Kyle (Matt Shively) walked onto the scene. Jimmy welcomes Kyle to town with open arms, unaware that Kyle is angling to steal his fiancé away from him.

Most Likely To - Max Jenkins Joins ABC Comedy Pilot
Jenkins will play Dante Almanzar, a stylish, fabulous and fun gay man who works at Markie’s salon as a hairdresser and is the perfect friend when she needs to vent.

Roswell - Karan Oberoi Joins The CW Pilot
Oberoi will play Noah Bracken, Isobel’s (tbd) sexy, charming and devoted husband who senses a secret in his wife that’s starting to tear them apart.

Skinny Dip - KJ Smith & Brent Sexton Join The CW Pilot
Smith will play Karla. A misplaced Detroiter now living in Miami, Karla is a detective investigating the strange disappearance of Joey. Coming off a bad relationship of her own, she interviews Chaz (Aldridge) – and immediately gets the feeling that something’s not quite right.

Sexton is Red. Ruthless and tough as nails, he’s known as “Red” to friends and enemies alike. A self-made, albeit corrupt, businessman, he uses his charm and charisma to conceal his violent nature.

Pandas In New York - Ashley Tisdale to Co-Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Tisdale will play Maya, the director of the free clinic where Rishi (Singh) works. She has a highly developed sense of fairness and an outsized focus on social justice, particularly when it comes to the dismal state of healthcare for the poor. Underneath her tough exterior is a warm, sensitive person who is attracted to Rishi, which she tries to deny.

Bad Boys Spinoff - Zach McGowan Joins NBC Drama Pilot
McGowan's character — Ray Sherman — has a violent encounter with Union's LAPD homicide detective Syd Burnett (Union), who is looking for a criminal he is apparently in business with.

Steps - Ryan Michelle Bathe Joins ABC Comedy Pilot
Bathe will play Genevieve, a newly single driven work-focused women in control.

Pandas In New York - Dhruv Singh to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Singh’s Rishi is a physician who just spent a year in Cambodia as a member of Doctors Without Borders. Now, he’s back home in New York and, unbeknownst to his family, has accepted a job with a free clinic. However, his family has other plans for his life. As their only son, he’s supposed to join the Panda’s orthopedic practice, marry a nice Indian girl with a medical degree and have as many children as possible. And while his family is ecstatic to have him home, they will go to any lengths necessary to get him in line with all the other Pandas.

Bless This Mess - Ed Begley Jr. to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Begley Jr. will play Rudy, a strong silent type who’s known Mike (Shepard) as a child and now lives on a barn on Mike and Rio’s (Bell) farm.

Suspicion - Kearran Giovanni to Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Giovanni will play Lucy Fletcher. A psychotherapist, Lucy is beyond thrilled to marry Danny (Luke). She’s also eager to take on more motherly duties should Ellie need it, and develop her friendship with Celina Canter (Ryan).

Abby's - Neil Flynn to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Flynn will play Fred, a fixture at the bar, grateful for a place to relax, unwind, and have a beer every night.

Lilla Crawford to Star; Will Kindrachuk Joins ABC Bobby Bowman Comedy Pilot
Crawford will play Lola, the intelligent middle daughter who tries to navigate her quirky family and starting high school with a sense of humor. While she loves her family, she yearns to establish her identity as a teenager in a new town without her eccentric father’s shadow. Kindrachuk is Ted, Lola’s younger brother.

Most Likely To - Donald Faison & Laya DeLeon Hayes Join ABC Comedy Pilot
Faison will play Joe McQueen, Markie’s (Brown) supportive, blue-collar ex-husband and first love. He is a much more relaxed parent than she is. Hayes plays Wallis McQueen, Markie’s intelligent and charitable daughter.

Dead Inside - Myles Bullock Joins The CW Pilot
Bullock will play Wendell Brooks. A cautious and by-the book detective with a few secrets of his own, Wendell served as Zach’s (Stroma) partner until his death, and now lets Emmy (Smith) shadow him.

Magnum P.I. - Stephen Hill Joins CBS Drama Plot
Hill will play Theodore ‘TC’ Calvin. A former Marine Corp. chopper pilot, TC runs Island Hoppers, the smallest but best helicopter tour business in Hawaii. TC is one of Magnum’s group of loyal friends who bonded when they were all POWs in Iraq.

Daniel Ezra to Star in The CW Football Pilot
Spencer James (Ezra), a rising high school football player from South L.A. is recruited to play for Beverly Hills High, the wins, losses and struggles of two families from vastly different worlds — Crenshaw and Beverly Hills — begin to collide. The smart and charming son of a single mother, Spencer (Ezra) is a talented athlete and A+ student who must learn to deal with a host of emotions when he transfers from Crenshaw High to Beverly Hills High to play football.

Mixtape - Campbell Scott & Marianne Jean-Baptiste Join FOX Drama Pilot
Scott will play Hugh, the father to Callie Hernandez's Natalie. The character is described as rakishly handsome, warm and gentle but with some self-control issues. Jean-Baptiste is set as Annette, Sam's (Raul Castillo) aunt who is described as warm, pragmatic and a fighter. Also joining the cast is Evan Whitten as Barry, Sam's son.

Our People - Matthew Glave & Skai Jackson Join FOX Comedy Pilot
Glave will play Nick, the laid back and loving father to Jenny (Behrs). Jackson will portray Aisha, little sister to Abel (Jones).

Steps - Julie Hagerty & Cameron Boyce Join ABC Comedy Pilot
Hagerty will play June, Louie’s mother who has recently gotten in touch with her Sapphic side. Boyce will play Becker, a sincere and full of love young man with no filter which can make for some uncomfortable moments.

Dan The Weatherman - Ashley Williams, James Earl & Daniel Stern Join FOX Comedy Pilot
Williams will play Deborah, Dan’s wife. A successful real estate agent who’s always been the other half of this local power couple. Earl will portray Henry, Executive Producer at the TV station, Dan’s boss and good friend. Stern will play Don, a tough Vietnam vet who now flies the traffic helicopter for the TV station.

Nikki M. James Joins FOX Legal Drama Pilot
James will play Violet. Gregarious and charismatic, Violet is the law firm’s communications director.

Rel - Jessica "Jess Hilarious" Moore to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot After Recasting
Jessica “Jess Hilarious” Moore replaces Angel Laketa Moore who had been originally cast in the role. The recasting decision was made after the pilot’s table read. Moore will play Tiffany, Rel’s supportive, kind and driven best friend.

Chiefs - Demetrius Grosse to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Grosse will play Clem Bryant. Deputy Bryant works for The Los Angeles County Sheriff in the Special Enforcement Bureau, chasing down bail jumpers, serving high-risk warrants, and doing manhunts. He’s been dating Kendra (Ellis) – and it’s getting serious.

Mixtape - Raúl Castillo to Star in FOX Drama Pilot
Castillo will play Sam, who is described as an aspiring songwriter, secret romantic and young widower who will do anything for his son.

Aisling Bea Joins NBC Aseem Batra Comedy Pilot
Bea will play Simone, the main character’s childhood friend. She is described as the encourager of all bad ideas and the female version of “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

Main Justice - Aubrey Dollar to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Dollar will play Ellis, the Chief of Staff to the Attorney General. Recently divorced from her wife, with whom she has a young son, Ellis is smart, shrewd and loyal, extremely organized and efficient, always honest. She was recommended to the job by President Whitbeck (Peter Gallagher), who all but insisted Miles hire her.

Rel - Sinbad to Co-Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Sinbad will play Rel's dad, and the father to Nat (Jordan L. Jones), who seems to care more about his reputation in the community than he does about the happiness of his sons.

So Close - Julie Klausner to Co-Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Klausner will play Amy. A bit of a crazy with a manic edge to her, Amy works with Riley at the law firm and is one of her good friends.

The Code - Mira Sorvino to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Sorvino will play Colonel Eisa Turnbull, the Commanding Officer of the Marine Corps’ Judge Advocate Division. Eisa demands excellence of herself and her staff, inspiring fierce loyalty from the attorneys who serve under her command. One of the highest‐ranking female officers in the Corps, Eisa is also the mother of two sons who are serving overseas.

Playing Dead - Curran Walters Joins The CW Pilot
Curran will play Lucas, son to Joe (Ritter), handsome, quick, confident but not cocky high school teen. An enterprising “Ferris Bueller” type for whom the rules don’t seem to apply, he is always ten steps ahead of everyone else and 20 steps ahead of his dad, Joe.

Mike O’Gorman Joins FOX Daddy Issues Comedy Pilot
O’Gorman will play Jason, Emma’s hot husband. He’s charming, funny, a loving husband and a great father. He is the kind of guy that can seamlessly move into any situation, whether it be a bar with his buddies or a dance recital with his daughter.

Mixtape - Jenna Dewan Tatum to Star in FOX Drama Pilot
Dewan Tatum will play Joanna, a young professional with everything always under control. She’s the most rational person she knows. And yet she’s a little guarded, as if always prepared for the worst.

Grand Hotel - Justina Adorno Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Adorno will play Yoli, Carolina’s (Feliz Ramirez) twin sister.

Karimah Westbrook Joins The CW Football Pilot
Westbrook will play Grace James. Warm, loving and strong, Grace is Spencer’s single mother who works as a courthouse clerk to pay the bills. Very much aware of Spencer’s gifts as both an athlete and student, she is entirely supportive of her son’s choice to transfer to Beverly Hills High.

Cagney & Lacey - Ving Rhames to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Rhames will portray Police Capt. Stark, the LAPD homicide coordinator who is unflappable and a leader who inspires loyalty in everyone around him.

The Code - Raffi Barsoumian Joins CBS Drama Pilot
Barsoumian will play Warrant Officer Carlton Prickett. Brainy, loyal and tech savvy, Prickett is attentive and quick, the Marine equivalent of a paralegal on his way to becoming a great lawyer.

In Between Lives - Anne-Marie Johnson Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Johnson will play Lt. Swanstrom, the head of the LAPD homicide squad and boss of both Tom and Damien.

Cody Christian Joins The CW Football Pilot
Christian will play Asher. Oozing golden-boy privilege and arrogance, Asher is the current wide receiver for the Beverly Hills High football team. Despite his swagger, he has a troubled home life, and he is threatened by Spencer’s untimely arrival.

Skinny Dip - Richard Esteras Joins The CW Pilot
Esteras will play Tool. A hulk of a man, Tool is an oddly folksy kind of guy who’s involved in some dark undertakings.

Chris Parnell to Co-Star in CBS Tim McAuliffe Comedy Pilot
Parnell will play Wayne, Cooper’s (Mallard) slick, hungry, trend-conscious, agent. Wayne is always trying to find ways to make money for, and with, Cooper.

Nicole Byer to Co-Star in ABC How May We Hate You Comedy Pilot
Byer will play Whitney, an event manager at the hotel who participates in an underground female boxing league during her off hours.

Suspicion - Sadie Calvano Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Calvano will play Tatiana Canter. She has only just recently begun to be social and active, thanks mostly to her strong friendship with Ellie.

Three Rivers - Andrew Keenan-Bolger Joins ABC Comedy Pilot
Keenan-Bolger will play Roy, the runt of the Watts family litter who struggles to find his place with his alpha sisters. But somehow he inherited his father’s confidence with the ladies. It just got put in a crummy, rashy body.

Friends-In-Law - James Davis to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Davis’ Jake is described as handsome and a little too arrogant.

Grand Hotel - Feliz Ramirez Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Ramirez will play Carolina, the gorgeous and self-obsessed fraternal twin to Yoli, both stepsisters to Paloma (Denyse Tontz).

A Million Little Things - Lizzy Greene Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Sophie is a moody, goth teen with a tender vulnerability just below her tough exterior.

Monet Mazur & Michael Evans Behling Join The CW Football Pilot
Mazur will play Laura Fine-Baker, coach Billy Baker’s (Diggs) wife, a powerful litigator who balances the needs of her campaign for District Attorney and her family. She is welcoming to Spencer when he comes to live with them. Behling will portray Jordan Baker, the privileged star quarterback and team captain for Beverly Hills High’s football team who’s trying to live up to his father’s high expectations. He is not a big fan of Spencer.

Brian D'Arcy James & Clare O'Connor Join FOX Legal Drama Pilot
James will play Cole Bellows, a hard-as-nails and tough on crime state’s attorney. O’Connor will portray young Madeline.

Magnum P.I. - Zachary Knighton to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
A former door gunner with the Marines, Rick (Knighton) now runs Oahu’s coolest nightclub. According to Magnum, Rick is well connected–if you want something on the island, Rick is the man to see. He is one of Magnum’s loyal group of friends who were all POWs in Iraq together.

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