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The SpoilerTV 2018 Pilot Casting Newsreel - Part 2

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Part 1 of The SpoilerTV 2018 Pilot Casting Newsreel.

Hi everyone, the first casting newsreel is quite full now, with 94 additions, so welcome to Part 2. Below you'll find all the casting announcements for the new pilot season. We'll try our best to keep this updated with all new casting as quickly if possible. If you find any that aren't posted, please do submit them in.

If you want the details on the pilots below, they can be found on our 2018 Pilot Watch.

The latest pilot castings will be posted at the top.

Welcome To The Neighborhood - Josh Lawson to Star; Tichina Arnold Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Lawson’s Dave is the most polite Midwestern guy you’ll ever meet who works as a conflict resolution expert, a job that calls for a friendly nature, and excellent diplomatic skills. He and his wife and son have moved from Michigan to live in their dream home, a vintage Craftsman house, in Pasadena. He realizes when they arrive that connecting with their new community is a more complex and delicate endeavor than he expected.

Arnold will play Loretta, Calvin’s (Cedric the Entertainer) wife. She’s the mother of Malcolm and Marty, and is very devoted to her faith. She judges the newcomers to her neighborhood by their knowledge of Scripture (nonexistent) and their Sunday service attendance record (shockingly poor!).


James Tupper to Star; Paul Walter Hauser Joins FOX FBI Drama Pilot
Tupper will play Moses Fallon, a four star general, military hero and National Security Advisor. Christian Camargo had been cast as the other male lead in the project, Hazel’s husband. Paul will play Daniel Cohen, a scrappy, scruffy blogger.

The Fix - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to Co-Star In ABC Drama Pilot
Akinnuoye-Agbaje will play Steven “Sevvy” Johnson. Charismatic and charming, Sevvy is a famous, Oscar-winning actor who was accused of murdering his wife and another woman. During the course of the spectacular trial, Sevvy always asserted his innocence. Extremely wealthy, famous, well-loved by many, Sevvy is used to getting what he wants. Narcissistic, perhaps sociopathic, Sevvy loves to be in control. Now, with the murder of his young girlfriend, Amelia, he’s under suspicion again.

Jason Michael Snow to Star in ABC How May We Hate You Comedy Pilot
Snow will play Gabe, the lovable funny and altruistic best friend to Ellie (Dennings), who worries that he’s getting too old for the already cutthroat gay dating scene in his area. Nevertheless, he doesn’t bog friends down with his problems – in fact he’s always willing to help his best friend Ellie with her issues.

Johnny Sneed & Brenna D'Amico Join ABC Bobby Bowman Comedy Pilot
Sneed will play Buzz, A brilliant scientist with a ton of Ph.D.s, Buzz is wonderful, quirky, warm and loving with a great sense of humor about himself and life in general. Without his meds, Buzz can go off the deep end and tends to get very anxious and paranoid.He knows his medical issues sometime make things difficult for his family but he also knows that they have his back no matter what. D’Amico will play Vera, a straight-faced troublemaker and rebel.

Our People - Charles Parnell & Saidah Arrika Ekulona Join FOX Comedy Pilot
Parnell will play Zohar, Abel’s always-enthusiastic father. A bit of a hardliner for Ethiopian traditions, he comes from a family of farmers and is also father to Aisha and husband to Gigi. Ekulona as Abel’s mom Gigi. A woman who takes pride in her heritage, she and Zohar are struggling with the fact that Abel is leaving the the house against tradition.

Johnny Pemberton Joins NBC Aseem Batra Comedy Pilot
Pemberton will play Griff, described as very sweet but nervous. Extremely intelligent in facets except socially, which often means he is very blunt but totally unaware of his own bluntness.

Peyton List to Star; Laysla De Oliveira Joins FOX Gone, Baby, Gone Drama Pilot
The untitled project centers on private detectives Patrick Kenzie (Joseph Morgan) and Angela Gennaro (List) who, armed with their wits, their street knowledge and an undeniable chemistry, right wrongs the law can’t in the working-class Boston borough of Dorchester.

De Oliveira will play Patrick’s girlfriend, Grace Cole, an ER doctor.

Bad Boys Spinoff - Ryan McPartlin to Co-Star in NBC Drama Pilot
McPartlin will play Dr. Patrick McKenna, Nancy's husband. He's a former Army medic and now a successful ER trauma doctor in Beverly Hills.

Get Christie Love - Steven Weber, Lisseth Chavez & Dennis Oh Join ABC Drama Pilot
Weber will play Steve, Christie’s law school teacher a decade ago, and now serves as her mentor and day-to-day confidant. He is a father-figure to Christie. Chavez will portray Val. One of the youngest team members, Val is the reality TV-obsessed tech op for Christie’s counter-intelligence field unit. Brilliant, sardonic and quick-thinking, she gets the team in anywhere and everywhere. Oh will play Sang. Not only is Sang a member of Christie’s counter-intelligence unit, he’s Christie’s lover as well. Although they appear to be a happy couple, Sang wants a real relationship while Christie is hesitant. Caring and ambitious, he wants to be the first Asian-American head of the CIA.

Bre-Z & Greta Onieogou Join The CW Football Pilot
Bre-Z will play Tiana “Coop” Cooper. Tough, funny and always loyal, Coop is Spencer’s best friend, a gay woman living in a world that isn’t always accepting of her. Although she struggles to fit in at Crenshaw High and Spencer keeps her safe, she supports him when he leaves the neighborhood in hopes of a better life.

Onieogou will portray Leila Faisal. Beautiful, sweet and breezily confident, Leila is a student of Beverly Hills High who seems to have it all, but there’s more lying beneath her veneer of perfection.

Leigh-Ann Rose to Star in ABC Holmes Drama Pilot
Rose will play one of the sisters, Nicole Kendrick, an attractive, fit, strong-willed, tough NYPD Detective.

April Bowlby Joins FOX Gone, Baby, Gone Drama Pilot
Bowlby will play Renee, Angie’s sister.

In Between Lines - Cindy Luna Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Luna will play Det. Jacey Vasquez, a young detective on the LAPD Homicide Squad, eager to learn everything she can and eventually make her mark.

The Code - Anna Wood & Ato Essandoh to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Wood will play the fierce and fearless Major Maya Dobbins, a lead defense attorney for the Judge Advocate Corps. She’s experienced in court and never afraid to go up against one of her own, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be a team player if it means finding the truth.

Essandoh plays Major Trey Ferry. Southern, stolid and wise, Major Ferry prefers to let his actions do the talking – but if a dialogue is required, he’ll proudly demonstrate his impressive eloquence and tact. As an active duty Marine and a lawyer at Quantico, he pursues suspects with ferocity but makes sure his own people are held accountable.

L.A. Confidential - Sarah Jones to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Jones’s Lynn is a sharp Veronica Lake-like beauty, an aspiring Hollywood actress – and not one to compromise her principles. When she finds a best friend brutally murdered and Jack Vincennes (Walton Goggins) unexpectedly at the scene before she’s had time to call the police, Lynn knows she has something on the LAPD detective – and decides to use it to help solve the horrible crime.

Christine Lahti Joins FOX Gone, Baby, Gone Drama Pilot
Lahti will play Antonia, Angie's politician mother.

Cagney & Lacey - Sarah Drew & Michelle Hurd to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Drew will play LAPD Detective Cagney, Lacey’s nimble and easygoing partner and protégée. Hurd’s Lacey is athletic, polished, a former high school track and field champion. Empathetic and straightforward, she’s the more experienced partner.

Dan the Weatherman - Thomas Lennon to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Dan the Weatherman centers on the eponymous character (Lennon). After getting fired from his cushy job as a weatherman at the local TV station, Dan finds it’s not enough to be a charming white man in this world. He reluctantly ends up at the neighboring Spanish TV station.

The Code - Dave Annable to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Annable will play Capt. John ‘Sid’ Sidney. A whip-smart pragmatist with a charming habit of tardiness, Sidney is a driven prosecutor and active duty Marine, a lifestyle chosen for him thanks to family tradition, but a responsibility he treats with devotion and passion.

25 - Emily Osment & Matt Shively to Star; Denée Benton & Jessie Ennis Join CBS Comedy Pilot
Shively’s Kyle is a smart, intense and confident young man who has moved to Austin, ostensibly to start his own software company. In actuality, he’s in town to finally declare his love for one of his best friends, Kate, the girl he has been in love with since summer camp.

Osment’s Kate is a fun, competitive, bright medical student. Kyle may have been in love with her for the last decade or so — but as far as Kate is concerned, Kyle is strictly in the friend zone. She is delighted when her long-time boyfriend Jimmy proposes to her, just after Kyle arrives in town.

Benton will play Morgan, Kate’s roommate and best friend. Morgan knows right away that Kyle is angling to win Kate away from her fiancé, Jimmy — and although she understands Kyle’s feelings, she wants to protect Kate from getting hurt.

Ennis will play Becca, Kate and Morgan’s good friend, who can be “the life (or death)” of the party based on her mood.

Fam - Tone Bell to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Bell's Jay is described as a sophisticated NYU history professor who comes from old money but is refreshingly unaffected and down-to-earth despite his refined background. Deeply in love with Clem, he proposes to her — much to the delight of his parents, Walt (Brian Stokes Mitchell) and Rose (Sheryl Lee Ralph), who think Clem is a real catch. But he learns that Clem has not been completely honest about a few key elements in her life … for example, her father isn't actually dead … and it drives a wedge of mistrust between them that may not be easily mended.

Riley Smith Joins FOX Danny Strong Legal Drama Pilot
Smith will play Levi Scott, Madeleine Scott’s (Lefevre) brother.

Updated Character Names for Charmed

Man of the House - Leslie Bibb to Co-Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Bibb’s Charli is a beautiful, narcissistic, possibly sociopathic man-eater who wakes up every morning looking for a fight because it’s the only thing that makes her feel alive. Despite her toughness and bravado, Charli’s surprisingly vulnerable underneath. She actually didn’t get the courage to leave her cheating husband until she saw her sister, Jessie, going through her own divorce. Even though Charli has dominated her sister their entire life, Jessie is actually her rock.

Roswell - Trevor St. John Joins The CW Pilot
St. John will play Master Sgt. Jesse Manes. Stubborn and set in his ways, Sgt. Manes inherited a military legacy of the alien cover up, but now plans to eliminate them entirely.

Mixtape - Megan Ferguson Joins FOX Drama Pilot
Ferguson will play Gigi, Nellie’s (Hernandez) best friend.

Jocko Sims to Co-Star in NBC Medical Drama Pilot
Sims will play Dr. Floyd Pearson, an intelligent, virtuous and honest to a fault attending cardiac surgeon. A graduate of Yale who came from humble beginnings, Pearson loves his work but still carries a chip on his shoulder for having to work twice as hard to get there.

Charmed - Charlie Gillespie & Ellen Tamaki Join The CW Pilot
Gillespie will play Brian, Madison’s (Jeffery) high school boyfriend who still carries a torch for her. Tamaki will portray Nico, a detective on the Hilltowne police force whose romantic relationship with one of the sisters complicates her investigation.

In The Dark - Austin Nichols to Star in The CW Pilot
Nichols will play Dean, a salt-of-the-earth cop, he’s called in to investigate when Murphy claims she has discovered Tyson’s dead body in an alley. He’s put on the case because he has a blind daughter, and it’s thought that he may be sensitive to Murphy’s situation. He also initially thinks that Murphy’s claim was the result of a drunken delusion. But as Murphy cleans up her act and presses the police to investigate, Dean begins to lend credence to her claims.

Skinny Dip - Sarah Wright Olsen to Star in The CW Pilot
Olsen will topline the drama as Joey, who lives off of a substantial trust fund from her deceased parents and a huge life insurance policy from her deceased former fiancé, has money but not much else. She's smart, funny and married to a charming yet shallow husband named Chaz (Ben Aldridge). While on what she thinks is a romantic anniversary cruise, Chaz throws her overboard. She miraculously survives the ordeal and is saved by Mick (Matt Barr), a former detective now living alone on a desert island. Joey doesn't want Chaz to know she's alive until she finds out the motive behind his nefarious deed ... and she can plot her revenge.

Three Rivers - Shakira Barrera Joins ABC Comedy Pilot
Barrera will play Lucy, the surprise guest at the ranch and the half sibling to Rebecca, Leanne and Roy.

Fam - Nina Dobrev to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Dobrev’s Clem is grounded, deeply funny, quick-witted and outspoken. She was a bit of a hot mess in her younger years but since then, she has worked hard to create the best version of herself and her life is on track. She is a real charmer who is ecstatic when Jay, the love of her life, proposes. In the “best version of herself” she claims that her own father is long dead, but the fact is that her dad, Freddy Banks, whom she hasn’t seen in 10 years, is such an embarrassment that she has lied about his death. And when her half-sister, Shannon (Adlon), shows up unexpectedly, Clem’s lie is about to become painfully obvious to everyone who trusted and believed her. And that lie just may end her relationship with Jay for good.

Vincent Kartheiser to Star in FOX Danny Strong Legal Drama Pilot
Kartheiser will star as Bodie Quick, the intrepid, scrappy and endearing investigator for the wrongful conviction firm.

The Fix - Robin Tunney to Star; Adam Rayner to Co-Star in ABC Drama Pilot
When the jury found Oscar-award winning actor Sevvy Johnson innocent of a double murder, the case’s leading prosecutor Maya (Tunney) was crushed by the shocking verdict. She left the profession – and Los Angeles -retreating to a quieter life on a horse ranch with her partner. When, eight years later, news breaks that Sevvy Johnson’s girlfriend has been brutally murdered, Maya makes the decision to return to LA to face her past, seek justice… and win redemption.

Rayner will play Andre who was Maya’s second chair during the Sevvy Johnson trial. There is an undeniable charge between Andre and Maya. When Maya left town after the trial, Andre remained on the job and got married. However, when Sevvy’s girlfriend is found murdered, Andre pays Maya a visit, and asks her to return.


Rachelle Lefevre to Star in FOX Danny Strong Legal Drama Pilot
Lefevre’s Madeline’s motivation comes from her infamous past; as a young adult she was found guilty and later exonerated in a high-profile case in which she became a tabloid sensation, household name and national celebrity. While a hero and a victim to some, her bold and bullish tactics garner her some enemies— one of whom will do anything to see her go down for a crime we know she did not commit.

Steps - Kyle Bornheimer to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Bornheimer will play Paul, a conflict-averse romantic with a quick wit who is newly married to the free spirit Bea (Goodwin). Paul is eager to be free from his bully of an ex-wife and to start parenting and living, his own way.

The Fix - Marc Blucas Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Blucas will play Riv, Maya’s (TBD) partner on the farm in Oregon.

False Profits - Marcus Coloma Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Coloma will play Clark Steedler, Lila’s (TBD) baby-daddy and Hilary’s (Shelley Hennig) ex who has been in and out of her life ever since she got pregnant.

Get Christie Love - Juan Javier Cardenas Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Cardenas will play Jonas, the oldest member of the counterintelligence unit.

The Finest (aka Holmes Sisters) - Eric Balfour, Dorian Missick, Gerard Celasco & Zoe Robins Join ABC Drama Pilot
Balfour will play Detective Oz Darosa. Missick will portray John/Terrell Archer. Celasco will play Lucas and Robins is Taylor, Anise’s (Campbell-Martin) daughter.

Grand Hotel - Lincoln Younes Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Younes will play Danny, a very handsome, charming young man that’s recently started working at the hotel. He strikes up a romantic interest with the hotel owner’s daughter.

The Enemy Within - Kelli Garner Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Garner will play Kate Ryan, the FBI technical analyst on Keaton’s (Chestnut) team. Very smart, good at her job, hard-working and open-minded.

Dead Inside - Erica Cerra Joins The CW Pilot
Cerra will play Chief Melody Vargas. The tough but fair female chief of the Portland Police Department, Vargas always idolized Zach, while Emmy was invisible. In time, however, she begins to see Emmy’s value to the team.

The End of the World as We Know It - Liam Garrigan Joins The CW Pilot
Garrigan will play Gah’ree. A reptilian alien sociopath with razor teeth and an intellect to match, Gah’ree is one of the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. Now free on Earth, he eludes capture by taking on the form of different humans.

Christine Woods to Co-Star in FOX's Daddy Issues Comedy Pilot
Woods will plat Andi’s sister.

Fam - Brian Stokes Mitchell & Sheryl Lee Ralph Join CBS Comedy Pilot
Mitchell will play Walt, Jay’s father. Sophisticated, intellectual, affluent, he comes from old money, but like his son, he’s unaffected, with a great sense of humor. He adores Clem (tbd), and vice versa, and is delighted when Clem and Jay announce their engagement.

Ralph will portray Rose, Jay’s mother. She’s an elegant, sophisticated, intellectual society matron who is completely unaffected, with a great sense of fun. She’s also thrilled when Jay and Clem announce their engagement.

James Buckley Joins NBC's Aseem Batra Comedy Pilot
Buckley will play Chewy, who works with Emet at Gameblast. Chewy isn’t the most articulate and refined, but he has played and beat just about every video game known to man.

Friends-In-Law - Nicole Parker Joins NBC Comedy Pilot
Parker’s Margaret, a sweet, sarcastic middle school librarian, is looking forward to a lifelong relationship with Randy despite the objections of her best friend, Brian (Rogers), and Randy’s best friend, Jake.

Most Likely To - Lesli Margherita to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Margherita’s Liz Cooney is a fabulous trainwreck who lives by her own rules. Forced to exit Los Angeles for her hometown when her marriage fell apart, Liz’s secret insecurities began to show around Markie (Brown).

For Love - Wolé Parks & Chloe Wepper Join ABC Drama Pilot
Parks will play Mateo Silva, who works under the guise of a local tour guide, but in truth is part of the secret Magic World of New Orleans. Wepper will portray Nessa, a museum curator, Charlie’s (Ecker) sister, and Hope’s (Davis) best friend.

Red Line - Howard Charles & Elizabeth Laidlaw Join CBS Drama Pilot
Charles will play Ethan, Tia’s (Corinealdi) warm, kind husband who works as a train operator on Chicago’s Red Line. While he supports his wife’s political career, he cautions about reconnecting with her biological daughter.

Laidlaw will portray Vic, a hard-working mother of two children and devoted police partner of Pete Evans (Fisher), who shot an African-American doctor. Her unconditional loyalty to her partner led her to take a questionable action.

Pandas In New York - Hina Abdullah, Gita Reddy, Dan O’Brien & Bernard White Join CBS Comedy Pilot
Abdullah will play Asha, Rishi’s (TBD) younger sister and a bit of a rebel, Asha is the least traditional of his two sisters. Unlike Gita (Munshi), she has no desire to tell Rishi how to live his life… she wants him to live the life he wants.

O’Brien will portray Jim, Gita’s husband, a perpetually tired, low-key guy who is the father of their triplets. Also a physician, Jim needs to make a lot of money, because he’s been running the numbers for tuition times three, and they’re pretty scary.

White will play Om, the father of Rishi, Gita and Asha. Also a physician, he’s a happy, very traditional father who wants Rishi to behave in a traditional manner: marry a nice Indian girl (with a medical degree), carry on the dynasty, and join the family practice. A man who is trying and failing to master the art of golf, Om is knocked flat when he learns that Rishi intends to reject the Panda family values.

Reddy is Pushpa, the mother of Rishi, Gita and Asha, and a world-class expert in ACL surgery. In spite of her cutting-edge approach to medicine, her approach to family life is traditional: she expects Rishi to marry an Indian girl (a doctor, to be certain), continue the Panda family line with honor, and join the Panda family orthopedic clinic. Convinced that this is the best and only plan for Rishi, Pushpa is flabbergasted when he digs in his heels and insists on joining the Bronx Free Clinic.

Dead Inside - Lyndon Smith Replaces Joey King in Starring Role in The CW Pilot
Smith’s Emmy Gates is tougher and stronger than she thinks she is, and what she lacks in confidence, she makes up for with determination, humor and snark. Emmy’s life is turned upside down when her brother dies and returns to her as a ghost, forcing her to team up with him to solve a murder and resolve his unfinished business.

In The Dark - Kathleen York & Derek Webster Join The CW Pilot
York will play Joy. She’s the antithesis of her name, a joyless, cynical woman who has given up hope that Murphy will ever make anything of her life. Still, when Murphy (Mattfeld) starts turning over a new leaf, Joy is cautiously optimistic — although she’s not ready to celebrate until Murphy has given her a little more proof that she has turned her life around.

Webster will portray Hank, Joy’s husband, an earnest, well-intentioned man who never loses patience with his daughter, no matter how wildly and irresponsibly she behaves. He and his wife Joy have sunk all their savings into a company that trains dogs for the blind, hoping that such a venture would give Murphy a new interest in life.

Derek Richardson Joins ABC's How May We Hate You Comedy Pilot
Richardson will play Gordon, the super positive but largely incapable son of the hotel owner who throws him into important corporate positions that he’s ill-suited for. He tries getting his hands dirty by working the ground floor at the hotel.

Three Rivers - Stephanie Styles Joins ABC Comedy Pilot
Styles will play Leanne, a real Southern beauty who’s always pageant ready.

Manifest - Luna Blaise Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Blaise will play Olive, Cal’s twin sister who never really got over the devastating loss of her father and brother on that mysterious flight. Now that they’re back, the bond between siblings is still as close as ever — even though they’re now years apart in age.

Main Justice - Deborah Ayorinde Joins CBS Drama Pilot
Ayorinde will play Ursula, the newly appointed Assistant Attorney General. A force of nature, she won’t let anyone or anything get in her way.

For Love - Lex Scott Davis to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Davis will play Hope, is a hardworking journalist for the Times-Picayune. She has experienced great tragedy, but does not live life with a heavy heart. Hope has found love after losing her fiancé five years ago, and is ready to restart her life with Gabriel Dumaine (Ethan Peck). But she will soon discover that something strange stirs in New Orleans, when she receives a clue that will lead her to discovering that magic exists in the shadows of the city.

Friends-In-Law - Devere Rogers & John Gemberling to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Rogers’ Brian fears that his best friend Margaret’s potential marriage to Randy (Gemberling) will leave him left out. He forms an unlikely partnership with Randy’s best friend, Jake, to disrupt their union.

Gemberling’s Randy is lovable and optimistic and Jake’s best friend since kindergarten. He is ready to live the rest of his life with Margaret, even if Jake does not support his choice.

The Mission (aka Safe Harbor) - Wood Harris to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Harris plays Sgt. Frank Griffith aka Griff, Ori’s training officer, a veteran cop whose lackluster enthusiasm for the job rankles her.

Search and Destroy - Taylor Dearden & Aubrey Peeples to Star in Hulu Comedy Pilot
Dearden will topline the pilot as Karen Wolff, a nonconformist who secretly wishes to fit in and be accepted. Writing and playing music are her means of being present.

Peeples will take on the role of Charlotte, whose fierceness is motivated as much by injustice and inequality as it is by her desire to be impactful and do the right thing and who has a unique singing style and confrontational lyrics.

For Love - Rachel Skarsten Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Skarsten will play Charlotte Dumaine. Charlotte runs the Dumaine empire in her mother’s stead, intent on maintaining control over the magic users in New Orleans. When her mother returns, Charlotte falters in the presence of the real woman in charge.

Zach Cherry Joins NBC's Aseem Batra Comedy Pilot
Cherry will play Norman, a lovable man-child and perhaps the most well adjusted of the guys who work in Emet’s office.

Red Line - Vinnie Chhibber Joins CBS Drama Pilot
Chhibber will play Liam, the quick-witted, openly gay high school teacher whose matter-of-fact approach to emotional support is welcomed by both Daniel Calder (Noah Wyle) and his daughter, Jira (Aliyah Royale), in the aftermath of tragic events.

Dead Inside - Christine Ko Joins The CW Pilot
Ko will play Kai Chung. The hard-hitting prosecutor is tough in court but likeable outside it. Kai dated Zach for five years and now strikes up a friendship with Emmy after his untimely death.

Like Family - Blake Anderson to Co-Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Anderson will play Mason, a typical millennial who is completely self-assured with nothing backing it up other than a lifetime of his parents telling him he’s great.

The Fix - Scott Cohen Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Cohen will play Ezra, Sevvy’s lawyer.

Suspicion - Raul Esparza to Co-Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Esparza will take on the role of Tom Canter, the guy everyone looks up to. Coming from a humble beginning, he instantly bonds with Danny as the two realize their similar histories.

Salvage - Joelle Carter & Evan Parke Join ABC Drama Pilot
Carter will play Sunny Daniels, Duke’s (Belushi) second wife. She’s also the town’s mayor. Parke will play Sheriff Ward, a good lawman, except for maybe being on the take to cover up Duke’s crimes.

L.A. Confidential - Mark Webber, Shea Whigham and Alane Arenas Join CBS Drama Pilot
Arenas' character June, interestingly, is the first addition to the series without a direct counterpart in the film. Webber (Det. Bud White) and Whigham (Det. Dick Stensland) are filling the respective roles played by Russell Crowe and Graham Beckel. That leaves one major role yet to be cast, the part of an up-and-coming actress whose life intersects with the detectives' ongoing murder investigation.

Christian Camargo to Star in FOX's FBI Drama Pilot
Camargo will play Larry Otis, Hazel’s (Holmes) TV reporter husband who is bitter, hurt and humiliated after Hazel’s affair. He is a good father who wants the best for their daughters and and will try to work things out after Hazel’s indiscretion.

Jane Leeves to Co-Star in FOX's Daddy Issues Comedy Pilot
Leeves will play Angela, Andi’s (Foster) chic and confident mother and Roman’s (Johnson) ex-wife.

Chiefs - Jorja Fox to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Fox will play Vicky, the Santa Monica Chief of Police, a role which was reworked for her. A Native Texan, a cop’s cop, the newest to the job of Police Chief, she’s just been sworn in. Stubborn and uncompromising, Vicky’s a bull in a china shop. She’s tough and focused – the type of person you’d pick to win in a fight. The mother of a 15-year-old, happily married to a software consultant, she is devoted to her family and to her job.

Get Christie Love - Shea Buckner Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Buckner will play Jason, Christie’s (Bunbury) former fiancé.

Rel - Angel Laketa Moore Joins FOX Comedy Pilot
Moore will play Tiffany, Rel’s supportive, kind and driven best friend.

Ian Harding & Jose Pablo Cantillo Join FOX's FBI Drama Pilot
Harding will play Sam Gerard, a preppy and privileged co-worker of FBI Special Agent Hazel Otis (Holmes). Cantillo will portray Irish Joe, an FBI field agent on Hazel’s team.

Frances Turner to Star; Aurin Wise Joins ABC's Holmes Drama Pilot
Turner will play the lead sister, Lena Kendrick. Witty and intelligent, Lena relishes being a woman and a cop. The highest ranking of the five Kendrick sisters who are all also NYPD officers, Lena is the first African American woman to be promoted to Assistant Chief in the NYPD.

Wise plays the youngest of the five sisters, Detective Serena Kendrick-Archer. A youthful and wholesome beauty, Serena is a playful but tough NYPD detective who is happily married to her handsome architect husband.

Salvage - Catalina Sandino Moreno to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Sandino’s Deputy Kate Collins came down from Atlanta with her now-ex-husband, and is raising their adopted Asian son, Chip, alone. To keep her job, and for Chip, she’s turned a blind eye to the corruption and killings and cover-ups in Bel Grove, but now has had enough. Afraid for her life if she tries to stop them alone, she turns to Jimmy for help.

Brooke Elliott to Star in ABC's Bobby Bowman Family Comedy
Inspired by Bowman's childhood growing up with a father with mental illness, the comedy revolves around a dysfunctional family that perseveres despite their differences and finds happiness in unexpected places. Elliott will play the mother, Keri-Ann, who is furthest thing from boring. She's madly in love with her husband Buzz (uncast) — and has been ever since they met in high school. She's stood by him through thick and thin — and she expects her kids to do the same. After working two jobs to support her husband as he worked on numerous doctorate degrees, she's finally getting a chance to devote time to her own career as a designer.

Grand Hotel - Anne Winters & Bryan Craig Join ABC Drama Pilot
Winters will play Ingrid, a beautiful hotel employee who would rather be anything else. She’s humorously candid about not liking her job (or any job, really) and spends much of her time trying to find shortcuts to a richer, easier life. Craig will portray Javi, no-filter playboy who loves to disobey his father.

Steps - Ginnifer Goodwin to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Goodwin is set as the female lead, Bea, a modern hippie who is in tune with her spirit and a great listener. She is a parent coach, making her perhaps the most equipped to handle three kids with her new husband, Paul (uncast), her ex-husband, and his ex-wife. She has an ability to understand others — except the odd time when it fails completely.

Abby's - Nelson Franklin, Jessica Chaffin & Leonard Ouzts to Co-Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Franklin will play Bill. Cautious. A worrier, never a risk-taker, he is Abby’s (Morales) new landlord, a bit confused and very concerned to discover that Abby is running a clearly illegal business in the backyard — a bar where friends gather to drink, chat, play games and do a little grilling.

Chaffin plays Beth, a harried mom who lives next door and is a regular at Abby’s backyard bar, where she can escape the madness of her home life while still keeping an eye on things from her perch on a bar stool.

Ouzts plays James, a large, gentle scaredy cat and another die-hard regular at Abby’s backyard bar. A security guard at a warehouse, James gets most of the excitement in his life at the bar.

In Between Lives - Yusuf Gatewood to Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Gatewood will star as Damien Parrish, the new kid on the LAPD Homicide Squad who used to be a criminal analyst with the FBI and spent the past eight years in Florida.

Staties - Justin Johnson Cortez Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Cortez will play Richard Spruce, the cop in charge of the robbery at the River Run Tribal Gaming Casino.

Michael Beach Joins ABC's Holmes Drama Pilot
Beach will play Langston Graves, one of the sisters, Sgt. Ella Kendrick Graves’ (Amirah Vann), husband.

False Profits - Ben Lawson & Mark L. Young Join ABC Drama Pilot
Lawson will play Jake Amato, the hot building manager of the TJ Maxx, a cute blue collar guy who has a flirty relationship with Laura (Young). Mark L. Young will portray Travis Pitts, the young manager of the TJ Maxx where Laura, Hilary and Parvun all work.

Like Family - Kether Donohue to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Donohue’s Aubrey is optimistic and trusting romantic who, while in foster care, always believed her mom would come and take her back. Currently a nanny, she dreams of being a pastry chef – food is both a passion and an obsession for her.

Grand Hotel - Denyse Tontz to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Tontz will play Paloma, the beautiful, smart, eternally optimistic, and faithful daughter who has spent her life trying to impress and please her mercurial father while taking care of everyone around her and dedicating herself to learning the family business. Though she’s often the family’s responsible “rock,” she’s more than willing to speak her mind and fight for what she believes in.

Single Parents - Kimrie Lewis & Jake Choi Join ABC Comedy Pilot
Lewis will play Poppy, a single mother in touch with her sexuality and a bit of a hippy — she raises her son to always be himself. Choi will portray Miggy, a 20-year-old, sleep-deprived dad, raising a baby boy after the mother departs for college and leaves him to parent their son alone.

Get Christie Love - Khandi Alexander to Co-Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Alexander will play Sarah, a veteran intelligence agent and head of Christie’s unit. She was a badass back in her day and can summon those skills again when need be.

Bless This Mess - Dax Shepard to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Written by Meriwether and Bell, Bless This Mess centers on a newlywed couple — Rio (Bell) and Mike (Shepard) — that gives up their drab and unfulfilling lives in NYC and moves to Nebraska to live a simpler life. It doesn’t work out like they planned. The pilot will film in June to accommodate Bell’s feature schedule and won’t be in consideration for fall.

A Million Little Things - Stephanie Szostak to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Szostak will play Delilah who pushes through after her husband’s death for the sake of her children.

Red Line - Noah Wyle to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Wyle will star as Daniel Calder, a dedicated high school teacher who is mourning the loss of his innocent African-American husband who was shot and killed by a white police officer. Daniel is now a single parent to his adopted daughter, Jira.

Main Justice - Peter Gallagher to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Gallagher will play President Whitbeck, The President of the United States. President Whitbeck feels good about newly sworn-in Attorney General, and is happy to finally have a real cop in the position. However, when Miles makes some unorthodox decisions that have far-reaching effects on the President’s domestic and international agendas, he begins to have some reservations about his pick for AG.

The Enemy Within - Cassandra Freeman Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Freeman will play Jaqueline Pettigrew. From a police family in Baltimore, Pettigrew is the newest member of Keaton’s FBI team and is very good at her job.

Salvage - Emily Althaus Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Althaus will play Missy Hill, Jimmy’s little sister who loves her brother to death and always meant to leave their town of Bel Grove, but has been too busy making poor decisions to get around to it.

Like Family - Rebecca Mader to Co-Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Mader will play Camille who will do absolutely anything to stay young and beautiful. She writes a rich lady type blog, makes rich lady candles, has rich lady friends and rich lady problems.

A Million Little Things - Allison Miller to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Miller plays Maggie who is amazing and comfortable in her own skin. She’s a therapist and her career and her life are focused on the emotional.

Our People - Beth Behrs to Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Behrs is set as the female lead, Jenny, described as a Midwestern firecracker and Abel's (uncast) fiancée.

Salvage - Lacretta Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Lacretta will play Bouncy, Jimmy’s (Kebbell) closest confidante and the owner of the local bar at the marina where Jimmy and everyone eats and drinks.

I Mom So Hard - Tymberlee Hill Joins CBS Comedy Pilot
Hill will play Janice, who works at a discount superstore while she gets her law degree. She loves her customers and knows them by name. She makes her job fun with her sense of humor.

False Profits - Vanessa Williams to Co-Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Williams will play Suzanne, the ""chief"" of a successful ""tribe"" of saleswomen who wants to add Laura (Young) to her cluster of money-making devotees. Suzanne dangles the prospect of a fabulous income in front of Laura but becomes mercilessly competitive the moment that Laura starts her own tribe of three.

Suspicion - Jeri Ryan to Co-Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Ryan will play Tom Canter’s wife, Celina Canter. She knows how to host the party to end all parties, but still manages to stay humble and down to earth.

Bellevue - Ryan Eggold to Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Eggold will topline the drama as Max Hollander, who is driven to the point of exhausting himself and everyone around him, including his wife who recently separated from him. An internist, he has just been hired as medical director at the hospital, which he's going to restore to its former glory or get kicked out trying.

Grand Hotel - Wendy Raquel Robinson & Shalim Ortiz Join ABC Drama Pilot
Robinson will play Mrs. P, a lovable, no nonsense, staff manager at the hotel. Ortiz is Mateo, the Director of Guest Experiences at the hotel who knows every guest by name.

Sawyer Barth Joins ABC's 1970 Family Comedy Pilot
Barth will play Frank, a snitch who is smug and overly concerned with “the rules.”

Playing Dead - Clara Lago to Star; Luke Youngblood Joins The CW Pilot
Lago’s Isabel is a fiery, self-serving con artist with a wicked sense of humor who also happens to be on the run from the Mafia. Used to living dangerously, trained in martial arts, and with a knack for improvisation, Isabel has come up with a plan to save her own skin and make Joe a whole lot of money. But first Joe has to agree to help her fake her own death.

Youngblood will play Oliver Barnes, Joe’s (Ritter) loyal, longtime assistant at the funeral parlor as well as his best friend. He clearly blames Isabel for causing Joe so much pain, and has no problem making that clear to them both.

Grand Hotel - Demián Bichir to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Bichir will play Gonzalo Cardenas, described as the handsome and charismatic owner of the Grand Riviera Hotel. Gonzalo’s super-power is his charm. He is one of those people who can talk to anyone and make them feel like fast friends. Gonzalo has built himself up from nothing, and will do anything to keep what he has. He will star opposite Roselyn Sanchez, who will play Gonzalo’s wife Gigi.

Staties - Ava Capri Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Capri will play Felicity, Sam’s teenage daughter who works at the front desk of the Oregon State Police station.

Murder - Jennifer Mudge Joins CBS Drama Pilot
Mudge will play Beth Garrity, an ER nurse, who’s seen just as much death and pain as her husband, Detective Mason Garrity (Chiklis). The marriage is the solid rock on which both of their lives are built. Her professional training and her grounded Brooklyn roots give her a clear-eyed, common-sense perspective on life that she’s passing down to her four daughters.

So Close - Dan Bucatinsky Joins NBC Comedy Pilot
Bucatinsky will play Christopher, another lawyer in the firm and Riley’s (Zamata) closest friend. He adores Riley, looks out for her, feels the need to protect her.

Bad Boys Spinoff - Jessica Alba to Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Alba's Nancy joined the Army out of high school and spent most of the 2000s in Iraq and Afghanistan. Women weren't allowed in combat so she joined the military police to get closer to the action and is now a detective raising two preteen step-kids with her husband.

Salvage - Will Patton Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Patton will play Guy, Jimmy’s (Kebbell) dad. A man of dubious ethical character (Jimmy’s fear is that he’s like his dad), who’s always running some scheme or con, Guy was a foreman of Duke’s (Belushi) citrus plant until Duke fired him years ago, and ever since then he’s despised Duke Daniels.

Angela Kinsey to Co-Star in ABC's Untitled How May We Hate You Comedy Adaptation
Kinsey will play Dana. A kind hotel employee, Dana has the worst luck of all time. If something bad can happen, it has probably already happened to Dana. Nevertheless, she tries to keep her head up.

Suspicion - Derek Luke to Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Luke’s Goodman is a reluctant hero who doesn’t know it yet. The widower is a focused and hardworking man who has done everything in his power to provide for his daughter, Ellie, and to make a life with his new fiancée, Lucy.

Magnum P.I. - Perdita Weeks to Star in CBS Reboot
Weeks’ Juliet Higgins is the “majordomo” (i.e., property manager) for the large Hawaiian estate of writer Robin Masters, for whom Magnum (Hernandez) ostensibly works security and lives in his guest house. She is commanding, confident, tough, uses sarcasm to deflect emotion and is hard to get to know – but it’s worth it in the end.

Single Parents - Taran Killam, Leighton Meester & Brad Garrett to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Killam will play Will Cooper, a single dad whose daughter is his whole world – but, because of his devotion to her, he’s forgotten how to be a man. Meester will portray Angie, mom to an overly attached son whom she is doing everything she can to protect for as long as possible. She’s scrappy, strong and has had to hustle as a single mom for years to make ends meet. Garrett plays Douglas, a rich, retired, country club member who’s “not-not racist.” He has an old school mentality on both parenting and gender roles, and easily throws money at whatever problems he faces, no matter how small.

For Love - Ethan Peck & Jon Ecker to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Peck plays Hope’s current boyfriend, Gabriel Dumaine. Charming, handsome and worldly, Gabriel is a member of the powerful Dumaine family, and also a candidate in the upcoming mayoral race. Respectful of Hope’s loss, he’s very much in love with her and hoping to start a life with her, even though he realizes that might expose her to the dangerous secret the Dumaine family hides.

Ecker’s Charlie Lapree is hardworking and delightful, fully in love with Hope and a journalist himself. After taking a call while remodeling their new apartment, Charlie is found dead after a car accident. Five years later, Charlie appears again.

Suspicion - Paula Newsome Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Newsome will play Agent Peters. With a calm demeanor, Agent Peters still makes Danny uneasy despite her efforts to be honest and straightforward.

Welcome To the Neighborhood - Cedric the Entertainer to Co-Star in CBS Comedy Pilot
Cedric will play Calvin. A strong and proud man, Calvin lives next door to new neighbors, the Johnson family, who he regards with disdain and as a pack of interlopers. A natural contrarian, acerbic, even downright misanthropic, Calvin thinks these people will upset the delicate balance that has existed in his neighborhood “forever” — (actually more like 30 years).

In the Dark - Perry Mattfeld to Star; Brooke Markham & Keston John to Co-Star in The CW Pilot
Mattfeld’s Murphy is a disaffected, hard-drinking, promiscuous mess who pushes away anyone who cares for her, even her roommate and best friend, Jess (Markham). Jess is a well-meaning, nurturing veterinarian who is somewhat overly protective of Murphy, much to Murphy’s occasional irritation.

John will portray Darnell, a local drug dealer whose young cousin, Tyson, was dealing for him. He initially dismisses Murphy’s claims that she found Tyson dead in an alley before his body mysteriously disappeared. He thinks Murphy is a “sloppy, blind white girl” who is imagining things — but as she pursues her investigation, he begins to realize that Tyson really might be dead. Mistrustful of authority, Darnell refuses to go to the cops about Tyson, but he joins Murphy in her quest for justice — and his admiration and attraction for her grows at every step of their inquiry.

Skinny Dip - Ben Aldridge to Star in The CW Pilot
Aldridge’s Chaz is a real jerk, an “environmentalist” who drives a bright yellow Hummer and is having an affair with a sexy hairdresser. Celebrating his anniversary with his wife Joey on board a cruise ship, he invites Joey to come up on deck on a rainy night as a romantic gesture. However, he has other plans and promptly throws her overboard.

Manifest - Athena Karkanis & Parveen Kaur Join NBC Drama Pilot
Karkanis will play Grace Stone. After years of mourning the loss of her husband, Ben (Josh Dallas), and son, Grace is now reunited with her lost family. With the miracle of their return, she’s ready to embrace the new normal…if that’s even possible.

Kaur will portray Saanvi. A brilliant graduate student and medical researcher, Saanvi returns home after being missing for years, to learn that her work has led to startling medical breakthroughs.

Red Line - Noel Fisher & Michael Patrick Thornton Join CBS Drama Pilot
Fisher will play Pete Evans, a Chicago cop who shot an African American doctor in a convenience store. Confused and sickened by his own actions, Pete is also concerned with the subsequent public and legal fallout.

Thornton is Jim Evans, a former police officer who uses a wheelchair after he was shot in the line of duty. He is prone to violence and rattled by the charges pending against his brother, Pete Evans (Fisher), an active-duty officer who shot and killed an African American doctor.

The End Of The World As We Know It - Josh Helman to Star in The CW Pilot
Helman’s Quinn is a rugged space-cop from another galaxy. Quinn has hunted down the worst alien criminals in the universe. But now that he has crash-landed on Earth, he might actually need a little help ordering an Uber.

Samantha Logan Joins The CW Football Pilot
Logan will play Olivia Baker, Jordan’s younger sister who befriends Spencer due to their shared experience of feeling like outsiders at the elitist high school.

For Love - Luke Arnold Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Arnold will play Christof Dumaine, the younger brother, intent on fulfilling his duties as chaos-maker and havoc-wreaker.

Salvage - Jim Belushi to Co-Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Belushi will play Duke Daniels, Gwen's larger-than-life father and Hemingway-esque patriarch of the town — and a man not to be messed with. In Bel Grove, you either work for the Daniels or you are one. He owns the town's only factor and makes sure things always work to his advantage.

Welcome to the Neighborhood - Sheaun McKinney & Marcel Spears Join CBS Comedy Pilot
McKinney will play Malcolm, chill and dryly sarcastic, he is the younger son of Calvin (tbd) and Loretta (tbd). His older brother, Marty (Spears), is the “good” son, and Malcolm is the more street-smart member of the family. Malcolm believes the world doesn’t see him as clearly as he sees it and under different circumstances, he would be a respected business man. But as it is, his “business” isn’t something he wants to discuss with strangers like Dave (tbd) and Gemma (tbd). Spears’ Marty works at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as an engineer, and he’s considerably more friendly and welcoming than anyone else in his family.

The Village - Lorraine Toussaint & Dominic Chianese to Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Toussaint will play Patricia, a warm, vivacious grandmother figure and social worker who, unable to have her own children, became a caretaker for everyone else. Patricia embraces life to the fullest, and ironically, her journey is to make peace with losing that full life after she finds out she has cancer.

Chianese will play Enzo, an opinionated Brooklyn native who sets his sights on moving out of the nursing home and in with the grandson he dotes on but frequently gives a hard time. Insisting on living life to the fullest, Enzo is irreverent, funny, liberal with advice, and not above selling Viagra at the nursing home for extra cash.

Skinny Dip - Matt Barr to Star in The CW Pilot
Barr’s Mick is an old soul, unplugged from society, skeptical of the world and cynical beyond his years. A police detective who has been removed from the force, he lives alone on a desert island with a nice dog named Irma – and he’s happy to be off the grid. After finding Joey floating in the ocean, he nurses her back to health and reluctantly agrees to help her in her quest for answers.

Dead Inside - Freddie Stroma & Joey King to Star; Hayley Marie Norman Joins The CW Pilot
Stroma’s Zach Gates is annoyingly perfect, roguishly over-confident with a rock-star charm. When he returns as a ghost, he learns a few surprising things about the people closest to him.

King’s Emmy Gates is tougher and stronger than she thinks she is, and what she lacks in confidence, she makes up for with determination, humor and snark. Emmy’s life is turned upside down when her brother dies and returns to her as a ghost, forcing her to team up with him to solve a murder and resolve his unfinished business.

Norman will play Jayla Harris, the unfiltered motormouth receptionist at the Portland police station. Jayla’s one of the few true supporters of Emmy’s law enforcement aspirations. As for her own aspirations, it’s to be insta-famous.

Janina Gavankar to Star in FOX's Daddy Issues Comedy Pilot
Gavankar's Sasha is described as smart, funny and Andi's best friend. She and Andi tell one another everything — except for the fact that she recently started dating her father.

A Million Little Things - James Roday to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Roday will play Gary who is known for his deflective humor, a habit of sleeping with everyone, and complete control over his emotions.

Murder - Leonard Roberts & Andrea Demetriades Join CBS Drama Pilot
Roberts will play Assistant District Attorney Malachi Sandel, a talented, charismatic homicide prosecutor whose persuasive skills and charm extend from the courtroom to his active social life. But a new case, coupled with a new romantic interest, has him questioning his choices in work and in life.

Demetriades is Raquel Bennett, a Legal Aid defense attorney, who’s both highly skilled and deeply passionate about advocating for her clients. A formidable opponent in court, she never goes down without a fight, but her magnetic personality makes even her legal opponents enjoy facing her at trial.

Chiefs - Michael Trucco to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Trucco will play Detective Keele, who works closely with Chief of Police Kendra Downes (Ellis) – and they go way back. A seasoned professional, he’s sharp as a tack and devoted to the job. He has his opinions and he’s not afraid to share them.

A Million Little Things - Christina Moses Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Moses will play Regina Howard. A talented chef with dreams of opening her own restaurant one day, Regina is living proof that there’s nothing stronger in this world than a determined woman. She and her husband Rome (Romany Malco) have the marriage we all want for ourselves but this bond will tested as she helps her husband confront his depression.

Caleb Foote, Christopher Paul Richards & Jack Gore Join ABC's 1970 Family Comedy Pilot
Foote will play Eddie Doyle, Richards will portray Joey Doyle and Gore will portray Timmy Doyle.

God Friended Me - Violett Beane to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Beane will play Cara Weiss. Confident, compelling and quick-witted, Cara is a leading writer at an online magazine. Under pressure for her next big story, her life takes an interesting turn when she meets Miles (Hall) — thanks to God’s friend suggestion.

The Enemy Within - Jennifer Carpenter & Morris Chestnut to Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Carpenter’s Wolfe is a highly intelligent codebreaker who learned her craft from her father and disclosed highly sensitive information to a former Russian intelligence agent. Chestnut will play Will Keaton, an FBI counter-intelligence agent who had brought down the traitor Erica Wolfe and whose fiancee had been murdered as a result of Wolfe’s activities.

False Profits - Shelley Hennig to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Hennig will play Hilary Jenkel, a sharp-tongued, hot-tempered former beauty queen whose glory days were cut short by a nasty drug habit. Now in recovery and single mother of 6 year-old Lila, Hilary hopes to reignite the flame between her and Clark, Lila’s father. But when he sues for full custody of their daughter, Hilary needs to whip her life and bank account into shape. She joins her co-workers in a direct-sales cosmetics business, using her pageant know-how as the underdog’s team secret sales weapon.

Staties - Alexander Sokovikov Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Sokovikov will play Senior Trooper Yuri Kinbote, a gruff Russian trooper who’s skeptical of the new statie in town.

Grand Hotel - Chris Warren Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Warren will play Jason. Kind, funny and friends with everyone on the hotel staff, he’s worked as a waiter at the hotel since his teens, as his mother is the staff manager.

Get Christie Love - Thomas Cocquerel Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Cocquerel will play Adam, one the youngest team members of Christie’s counter-intelligence unit. He’s the young “action movie hero” guy — smooth and just a bit cocky.

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