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The SpoilerTV 2018 Pilot Casting Newsreel - Part 1

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Hi everyone, below you'll find all the casting announcements for the new pilot season. We'll try our best to keep this updated with all new casting as quickly if possible. If you find any that aren't posted, please do submit them in.

If you want the details on the pilots below, they can be found on our 2018 Pilot Watch.

The latest pilot castings will be posted at the top.

Felix Mallard Joins CBS Tim McAuliffe/Austen Earl Comedy Pilot
Mallard's Cooper is additionally described as a sweet, charming small-town kid-turned music superstar. He is a very positive guy who sees the good in everyone and everything, as well as being effortlessly cool and youthfully naïve.

The Fix - Breckin Meyer & Merrin Dungey to Co-Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Meyer will play Charlie Wiest, a spineless opportunist who doesn’t have enough power within the office to control its inner workings, despite his grave efforts. Dungey will play CJ, a DA Investigator who was one of Maya’s closest friends and confidents during the high-profile trial.

Salvage - Toby Kebbell to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Ex-cop Jimmy Hill (Kebbell), who just wants to be left alone after moving back home in rural Florida. But when a local murder is linked to the sunken treasure of a lost Spanish galleon, he’s drawn into the investigation by an idealistic deputy and pitted against the powerful town patriarch, outside criminal agents, and his own father.

Murder - Luna Lauren Velez & Pallavi Sharda Join CBS Drama Pilot
Velez will play Capt. Lili Alvarez, a trailblazing leader for women in the NYPD, she is a strong and supportive squad boss. She always protects the detectives under her command, and she’s keeping a watchful eye on the new partnership of Detectives Mason Garrity and Ayana Lake. But her rise through the ranks required personal sacrifice and now leaves her wondering if she neglected her private life for too long.

Sharda will portray Dr. Parvati Agrawal. A meticulous forensic pathologist, she sees herself as the final doctor for each homicide victim. But this professional compassion comes at a personal cost, and Dr. Agrawal knows all too well that her over-identification with her work can lead her into dangerous territory.

The Village - Daren Kagasoff Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Kagasoff will play Gabe Deluca, Enzo’s son and sort-of caretaker.

Mark Moses Joins FOX FBI Drama Pilot
Moses will play Chase, the FBI assistant director and Hazel's boss.

Like Family - Brandon Mychal Smith to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Smith’s Artie seems tough, but it’s all surface. His soft spot is Aubrey and he is very protective of his “sister.” Terrified of being poor again, he always has a bunch of jobs going. Unlike Aubrey, he’s cautious about taking risks in life or in love. That’s where Aubrey steps in. Frequently.

Get Christie Love - Camille Guaty Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Guaty will play Juana, Christie’s best friend and closest female confidante. Extremely likeable, Juana has an “unsinkable Molly Brown” quality. No matter how many problems life throws her, she’ll never give up.

Tisha Campbell-Martin Joins ABC Regina King/Robin Roberts Drama Pilot
Campbell-Martin will play Sergeant Anise Kendrick-Morrison, a witty, tough, and outspoken Patrol Officer with a sharp sense of humor. She is immensely proud of her family, especially her four sisters who are all in the NYPD. The first to join the force, she proudly patrols her own childhood neighborhood in Queens.

Red Line - Emayatzy Corinealdi to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Corinealdi will play one of the leads, Tia Young, who is described as a formidable, well-educated woman raised on the South Side of Chicago. Tia’s desire to reconnect with the daughter she gave up for adoption might conflict with her aspirations for a political career. Tia is married to Aaron, and they have a 6-year-old son, Benny.

Whiskey Cavalier - Tyler James Williams to Co-Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Williams will play Edgar Standish, a rogue NSA analyst who hacked the State Department’s mainframe. Jittery genius Edgar Standish now has enough super-secret information to get him bought off, imprisoned or killed by a dozen governments — if Will and Frankie don’t get to him first.

Mixtape - Callie Hernandez to Star in FOX Musical Drama Pilot
Hernandez will play Nellie, whose job in admissions at an arts college and relationship with an up-and-coming musician have derailed her own dreams of becoming an artist.

Salvage - Charity Wakefield to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Wakefield will star as Gwen, described as the beautiful daughter of the town’s richest man, who arrives back in town, newly un-married and under mysterious circumstances.

Murder - Michael Chiklis to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Chiklis’ Detective Mason “Mace” Garrity is a veteran NYPD detective whose deep empathy and sharp instincts have been the foundation of an exemplary career. But now, his usual style is disrupted by his new partner, outspoken rookie Detective Ayana Lake (Parris), who will challenge all his assumptions.

The Fix - Mouzam Makkar Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Makkar will play Loni Cho, a Deputy District Attorney and the lead attorney on Amelia’s murder.

Sam Straley Joins ABC's 1970 Family Comedy Pilot
Straley will play Lawrence, the eldest Dwyer Son.

Sarayu Blue & Paul Adelstein to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot from Aseem Batra
Blue’s Emet is a modern, working mother who is in a constant battle between being a mom and still having some personal fulfillment. She works as a storyboard artist at a video game start- up with a group of young guys, whom she often uses as sounding boards for her own personal issues.

Adelstein plays Emet’s husband David who was raised as man’s man but is trying hard to be a modern and sensitive husband and father. He works at the customer complaints department of a major airline. He loves problems with concrete, simple solutions.

Manifest - J.R. Ramirez Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Ramirez will play Det. Jared Williams. Even after his fiancée disappeared on that mysterious flight, Williams never stopped loving her. Eventually, however, he moved on. Now that she’s back, he’s torn apart by the return of his first love.

Gone Baby Gone - Joseph Morgan to Star in FOX Drama Pilot
Written by Black Sails co-creator Robert Levine, the untitled drama centers on private detectives Patrick Kenzie (Morgan) and Angela Gennaro who, armed with their wits, their street knowledge and an undeniable chemistry, right wrongs the law can’t in the working-class Boston borough of Dorchester.

Staties - Jennifer Aspen Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Aspen will play Scottie, the administrative support for the State Police unit. A fast talker and a huge gossip, she has a mischievous smile and she knows more than she lets on. She regularly interacts with Eliza (Ilonzeh) and Sam (Karl), and appears to be one of those veteran bureaucrats with an infinite storehouse of local trivia.

Most Likely To - Yvette Nicole Brown to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
In the Greg Berlanti-produced comedy, Brown will take on the role of Markie McQueen, who is described as radiant and warm, quietly confident, with a successful salon and brilliant daughter — but her insecurities are reignited when her high school bully arrives in town. (The role of Liz is currently uncast.)

The Greatest American Hero - Humphrey Ker & Ellie Reed Join ABC Comedy Pilot

Reed will play Sarah Green, Meera’s best friend and an art designer at the marketing agency where Meera works. Ker will portray Max Smith, a new account executive at the marketing agency where Meera works and doesn’t get her humor.

Three Rivers - John Larroquette to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Larroquette’s Beau is unkempt, charismatic, with a real twinkle in his eye. A scoundrel for sure, but so engaging he can charm the pants off anybody. He is the founder and owner of the hotel and the catalyst for the competitive spirit of the Watts siblings.

Grand Hotel - Roselyn Sanchez to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Sanchez will play Gigi, the embodiment of “Miami glamour,” she is impossibly stylish with a flare for excess. Unapologetically fabulous but never frivolous, she’s smart, cunning, and fiercely loyal to her twin daughters. She’s the hotel owner’s second wife but never considers herself “second” at anything.

Abby's - Natalie Morales to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
Morales will play the title role of Abby, a no-nonsense, slight but strong ex-military staff sergeant in the Army who did two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Warmly convivial but never openly sentimental, Abby has found her calling, hosting friends and newcomers in her open-air backyard bar where locals find camaraderie and a kind of sanctuary. It's her livelihood, her lifeblood and she's clearly unnerved when her new landlord shows up citing all kinds of reasons why the whole venture is illegal.

In Between Lives - Harriet Dyer to Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Dyer’s Cassie is a lovely young woman haunted by hallucinations of vicious crimes, both past and present.

Our People - Lea Thompson to Co-Star in FOX Comedy Pilot
Thompson will play Jenny’s mom Lisa, a fleece and birkenstocks hippie who can be just as feisty and opinionated as her daughter.

Fam - Odessa Adlon Joins CBS Comedy Pilot
Adlon will play Shannon, Clem’s younger half-sister who shows up on her doorstep unannounced. Shannon is a wild child who has bounced back and forth between neglectful parents, and picked up some very bad habits along the way.

The Greatest American Hero - Dennis Andres Joins ABC Comedy Pilot
Andres will play Justin Hayes. Adorable and friendly, he’s a creative director at the marketing agency where Meera works. He cares about the environment, gets Meera’s humor and is a potential love interest for her.

Pandas In New York - Nishi Munshi Joins CBS Comedy Pilot
Munshi will play Gita Panda, tough and like a second parent to her siblings, she’s also an orthopedic surgeon and a mother to triplets.

The Village - Warren Christie Joins NBC Drama Pilot
Christie will play Nick, an ex-special forces operative who lost his leg while on tour. He returns to Manhattan to a welcoming community that constantly thanks him for his service, which he finds uncomfortable. He’s just trying to adjust back to a normal life after serving.

Taye Diggs to Star in CW Football Pilot
Diggs will take on the role of Billy Baker, who having attended Crenshaw High himself, is the head coach of Beverly Hills High's football coach. He has an intense desire to see Spencer, a transfer from Crenshaw, succeed — on and off the field — even if his efforts impact his relationship with his own son.

L.A. Confidential - Brian J. Smith to Star in CBS Reboot
Smith's Ed Exley is described as cold (though not without a conscience), brilliant, authoritative and ambitious. He's a uniformed L.A. cop and the son of former hero detective-turned-real estate developer, Preston Exley, he is determined to make his mark and to become a hero in his father's eyes. Competing against the memory of his deceased brother, his father's favorite, Ed will do anything to prove himself. He wants nothing more than to make detective and is single-minded in his pursuit.

False Profits - Bellamy Young to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Young will star as Laura, a single mom with two kids who is the kind of level-headed woman who makes the best of a bad situation — and the last couple years have been bad indeed. Tired of being ten steps behind, Laura signs up for a multilevel marketing scheme for selling cosmetics.

How May We Hate You - Elizabeth Ho Joins ABC Justin Noble Comedy Pilot
Ho will play Belinda, type-A and control-obsessed, she is the recently-promoted staff manager at the hotel. Eager to get the hotel in shape and make Ellie (Dennings) and Gabe (TBD) suffer, Belinda goes a little overboard on new policies. The only thing keeping her in check is the fact that the hotel owner’s son has just become her new assistant manager – and she’s too paralyzed by the need to impress to protest.

Amirah Vann to Star in ABC Regina King/Robin Roberts Drama Pilot
Vann will play Ella, one of the sisters. Smart, kind, and principled, Ella patrols her childhood neighborhood in Queens. One of the five sisters who are all officers in the NYPD, Ella is a stand-up cop who goes out of her way to prove that police officers can still be good guys who treat people fairly. Married for 18 years, Ella is also a mother of three who struggles to balance her home life with her job.When she chooses to disregard protocol, her partner gets shot, putting his life and her career in jeopardy.

Safe Harbor - Josh Randall & Vanessa Vasquez Join ABC Drama Pilot
Randall will play Charlie Scooderro, Mudd’s longtime partner and friend. Vasquez will portray Officer Esme Chiso, an officer at Harbor Division, who’s feeling conflicted about her brother, who’s now running with a dangerous gang.

Whiskey Cavalier - Ana Ortiz to Co-Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Ortiz will play Susan Sampson. Based out of the FBI’s New York office, Dr. Susan Sampson is the FBI’s top behavioral scientist — and Will’s (Foley) best friend. However, that doesn’t stop her from developing a fast friendship with Will’s rival (and future partner), Frankie (Cohan).

The Village - Grace Van Dien to Star in NBC Drama Pilot
Van Dien will play Katie, the independent, smart, latch-key kid of a single-mother who adores her, but has to work hard to make ends meet. A burgeoning artist and activist, Katie’s recent attempts to “find herself” are seen as unnecessary rebellion by her mother Sarah, and have caused friction of late.

Damon Wayans Jr. to Star in CBS Tim McAuliffe/Austen Earl Comedy Pilot
Wayans Jr.’s Peter is a good guy with a sense of humor, happily married to his dream wife, Claire. He is an accountant and the business manager of young superstar musician, Cooper, who comes to live with them.

The End Of The World As We Know It - Quinta Brunson to Star in CW Pilot
Brunson’s Ruby, a hyper-intelligent, upbeat graduate from MIT, hasn’t been able to hold down an engineering job due to her interests shifting a mile a minute. Therefore, she currently works at her parents’ business, a birthday party place/pizza restaurant for kids. But with the arrival of a crashed spaceship, Ruby may have finally found her mission.

Russell Hornsby to Star in FOX Legal Drama Pilot
Hornsby will play Ezekiel “Easy” Boudreau, a savvy, pragmatic and cool attorney who works at the wrongful conviction firm.

A Million Little Things - Anne Son to Co-Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Son will play Katherine who was once the fun one in the group but now is the mom to a son she loves while juggling being the parent she wants to be with her very successful law career.

Main Justice - Timothy Hutton to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Hutton will play Deputy Attorney General Thomas Yarrow, a man whose ego is only matched by the money he spends on his wardrobe. Yarrow was the interim Attorney General prior to Miles’ (Woodbine) appointment, and is immediately critical of the new Attorney General’s decisions.

Bellevue - Tyler Labine to Co-Star in NBC Medical Drama Pilot
Labine will play Dr. Iggy Frome, an attending child psychiatrist at the hospital, who likes to think outside the box, but has been continually beat down by the system.

So Close - Sasheer Zamata & Sean Kleier to Star in NBC Comedy Pilot
So Close centers on hopeless romantics Riley (Zamata) & Kyle (Kleier). At crossroads in their separate lives, they are close to settling for the wrong partner, unaware that they live only blocks apart and may be each other’s soul mates.

Rose Rollins Joins FOX FBI Drama Pilot
Rollins will play Sara Ruiz, an FBI field agent who stands by Hazel (Holmes) when the scandal breaks.

Staties - Annie Ilonzeh to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Staties centers on Eliza Cortez (Ilonzeh), a hard-charging NYPD detective who’s banished to the boonies after a high-profile mistake and is paired with a new partner, Oregon State Trooper Sam King (Karl), whose investigative techniques don’t exactly follow protocol. The daughter of a criminal, Eliza has got a chip on her shoulder and a lot to prove. Initially with the Brooklyn NYPD, she’s bounced off the force after a one-woman assault on a meth lab leaves a city block in rubble. After getting a job with the Oregon State Police Force — the only squad that would hire her — Eliza is obliged to adjust to an infinitely more easygoing and eccentric team of co-workers.

Staties - David Zayas Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Zayas will play Sgt. Machado, the head of Eliza’s new Oregon State Police unit.

The Code - Phillipa Soo to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Soo will play Lt. Harper, a hyper-organized second lieutenant capable of sub-dividing any problem into color-coded action points. She is a highly capable lawyer who wishes she could skip the small stuff and take on bigger cases.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It - Gage Golightly To Star in CW Pilot
Golightly’s Kate is a struggling actress who’s unable to catch a break, She is looking for a role with a “hero line,” and finally might have found it when she and her best friend, Laura, stumble upon a crashed spaceship.

Playing Dead - Tyler Ritter to Star in CW Drama Pilot
Ritter will play Joe, a single dad with a teenage son, and the director of the Rice Funeral Home, who has a wry sense of humor even though his life didn’t turn out as planned.

God Friended Me - Joe Morton to Co-Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Morton will take on the role of Rev. Arthur Finer, a thoughtful and intelligent man who is the father to Miles (Hall) and has been the reverend of Trinity Church for the past 25 years. Although he doesn't agree with his son's strong rejection of his faith, he wants him back in his life.

So Close - Sabrina Carpenter Joins NBC Comedy Pilot
Carpenter will play Jessica. She’s sweet and adorable and loves her roommates Kyle and Sebastian and is always shocking people with the crazy/confusing things that come out of her mouth.

L.A. Confidential - Walton Goggins to Star in CBS Reboot
Goggins will take on the role of Detective Jack Vincennes, who is described as all swagger and flash with a movie star smile. He knows how the system works and uses it to his best advantage, including some corrupt shakedowns on the side.

Whiskey Cavalier - Lauren Cohan to Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Written by Hemingson, Whiskey Cavalier, from WBTV and Lawrence’s studio-based Doozer Prods., follows the adventures of FBI agent Will Chase (codename: Whiskey Cavalier) — played by Foley — who, following an emotional break-up, is assigned to work with quick, cunning and completely fearless CIA operative Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge (codename: Fiery Tribune) — played by Cohan. Together, they lead an inter-agency team of spies who periodically save the world (and each other) while navigating the rocky roads of friendship, romance and office politics.

I hear her deal allows the actress to potentially return to The Waling Dead, reprising her fan-favorite role as Maggie on a recurring basis should she is able to make a new pact with AMC. I hear there are no current negotiations with the cable network but the production schedules of the zombie drama would not interfere with her duties on Whiskey Cavalier if the pilot is picked up to series.

Katie Holmes to Star in FOX FBI Drama Pilot
The untitled drama, written by FBI special agent Hazel Otis (Holmes) is in the midst of investigating a domestic terrorism threat when a personal indiscretion — an affair with a prominent general — shatters her life and threatens her career at the FBI. Now labeled ""the mistress,"" Otis — wife, mother, patriot — begins to rebuild her personal life and professional reputation.

Magnum P.I. - Jay Hernandez to Star in CBS Reboot
Jay Hernandez will don the Detroit Tigers ball cap and (ideally) the mustache made famous by Selleck over seven seasons of playing Thomas Magnum — described for this update as a decorated ex-Navy SEAL who, upon returning home from Afghanistan, repurposes his military skills to become a private investigator.

A Million Little Things - Christina Ochoa Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Ochoa will portray Ashley, Jon’s assistant who literally holds the key to the group knowing what really caused Jon to do what he did. Ochoa’s casting is formally in second position to the CW’s freshman drama Valor, which did not get a back order and is not expected to be renewed for a second season.

Get Christie Love - Julia Kelly Joins ABC Drama Reboot
Kelly will play Val, the bookish & nerdy tech op for Christie’s (Bunbury) counter-intelligence field unit. She can have her glamorous moments too. She’s the kind of expert hacker who gets scooped up by the CIA before they enter the private sector.

Safe Harbor - Lynn Collins to Star; Aasif Mandvi & Kris D. Lofton to Co-Star in ABC Drama Pilot
Safe Harbor chronicles the colorful, complicated lives of cops on and off the beat as we follow them into harrowing, emotional and often humorous situations. It centers on Oriana “Ori” Cloverfield (Collins), who gave up a legal career to become a rookie cop — or so it seems. Mandvi plays Stanley Mudd, a likable and loyal cop at Harbor Division. Lofton plays Alvin “Deets” Dietrich, who also is an officer at Harbor Open division, hoping to make detective one day.

God Friended Me - Javicia Leslie & Suraj Sharma Join CBS Drama Pilot
Leslie will play Ali Finer. Bright, compassionate and opinionated, Miles’ (Brandon Micheal Hall) younger sister is always in his corner to provide encouragement and honest insight. She is also working on her PhD in psychology.

Sharma will portray Rakesh Sehgal. Good-natured, funny and likeable, Rakesh is Miles’ (Hall) co-worker and his best pal. A video game enthusiast, coder and sometimes hacker, he helps Miles (Hall) and Cara (not yet cast) research the God account.

The Greatest American Hero - Shoniqua Shandai Joins ABC Comedy Pilot
Shandai will play Tawnia Nichols, the office manager and office gossip at the marketing agency where Meera works.

So Close - Punam Patel Joins NBC Comedy Pilot
Patel will play Dhara. Her strict parents always push their traditional Indian values on her. She’s torn because she loves her parents and her culture but wants to live in the real world as well.

Chiefs - Aunjanue Ellis to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Ellis will play Kendra, the Los Angeles Chief of Police. An LAPD lifer and divorced mother of two, Kendra is a highly respected and experienced Chief. She’s a people person who is always on the lookout for her fellow cops. Her style of policing is to connect with people and create community.

Mary McCormack to Star in ABC's 1970 Family Comedy Pilot
McCormack will play the mom, Peggy Dwyer. Controlling and formidable, married to Mike (Cudlitz) and the mother of their eight sons, ranging in age from 20 to a baby in arms, she’s a traditional 1950s housewife who can’t drive, rarely leaves the house, and is a bit out of her depth in the early 1970s. Her husband makes the money and she makes sure they don’t waste it, stretching a dollar until it squeaks and running a tight domestic ship. Peggy forms a surprisingly close bond with her second eldest boy’s girlfriend, Cheri, whose feminist notions inspire her to a seek her own independence and begin thinking for herself.

Mixtape - Madeleine Stowe to Co-Star in FOX Musical Drama Pilot
Stowe is the first person cast in the pilot and will play Margot, an actress who carefully controls how she presents herself to the world but is secretly exhausted by having to do it.

I Mom So Hard - Freddie Prinze Jr. & David Fynn to Co-Star In CBS Comedy Pilot
Fynn will play Brian, a hard-working, affable school teacher and fun father, Brian is devoted to his wife, Kristin (Hensley), and he’s willing to put a smile on her face at any expense. Prinze Jr will portray Hale. Married to Jen (Smedley), Hale is a work-from-home former athlete with a dry sense of humor. He has a great relationship with his wife’s best friend, Kristin, and her husband, Brian (Fynn).

Bad Boys Spinoff - Zach Gilford & Duane Martin to Co-Star in NBC Reboot
Gilford will play LAPD homicide detective Ben Walker, a smart man with a smarter mouth who comes from money. Martin plays the smart and competitive LAPD homicide detective Ben Baines, who’s partnered with Ben Walker, and they’re both referred to as “the Bens.”

Three Rivers - Annaleigh Ashford to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Three Rivers centers on Rebecca (Ashford) who left her family’s Texas ranch years ago to work at an upscale hotel in New York, but after being promised ownership of the ranch by her smooth-talking cowboy dad Beau, she’s back and ready to utilize her big city tactics to turn their rustic ranch into a destination spot oozing Southern hospitality. Getting her siblings to fall in line with her vision will be the real thorn in Rebecca’s side. And that’s going to be even harder once Beau reveals a life-changing family secret.

How May We Hate You - Kat Dennings to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot
Dennings will play Ellie, a guest services specialist who is forced to wear a plastic smile as she deals with hotel clientele who pay more per night than she pays in rent each month. In debt from three botched attempts at different grad schools, Ellie is making ends meet by working beside her best friend Gabe at a high-end hotel. Dennings will also be credited as a producer on the show.

Bellevue - Janet Montgomery to Star in NBC Medical Drama Pilot
Montgomery will play Dr. Laura Bloom, an attending ER doctor. Moonlighting to make more money, she’s spreading herself too thin, running on fumes.

A Million Little Things - Romany Malco Joins ABC Drama Pilot
Malco will play Rome, a depressed but very successful commercial director. Not quite the gig he went to film school for, he longs to be doing something more important than making the cheese in a Little Cesar’s pizza look delicious on camera.

Main Justice - Bokeem Woodbine to Star in CBS Drama Pilot
Main Justice centers around Miles Blair (Woodbine), the recently sworn-in U.S. Attorney General. The show takes us into the tumultuous world of the 5th floor of the Department of Justice where he takes on the biggest legal and investigative cases in the country all while being the youngest person to ever hold such an esteemed position. Miles Blair’s years of experience as a beat cop and ultimately as Detroit’s Police Commissioner have made him pragmatic, tough and grounded. It’s trial by fire when he takes the reins in Washington.

Rel - Jordan L. Jones Joins Fox Comedy Pilot
Jones will play Nat, Rel’s (Lil Rey Howery) brother.

The Enemy Within - Raza Jaffrey Joins NBC Thriller Drama Pilot
Jaffrey will play Ali Ziai, an FBI agent specializing in interrogation techniques, though he focuses more on empathy than intimidation.

Staties - Andy Karl Cast as Male Lead in ABC Drama Pilot
Staties centers on Eliza Cortez, a hard-charging NYPD detective who’s banished to the boonies after a high-profile mistake and is paired with a new partner, Oregon State Trooper Sam King (Karl), whose investigative techniques don’t exactly follow protocol. King is an experienced (but quite eccentric) Oregon State Trooper with a tragic past.

False Profits - Kosha Patel & Kapil Talwalkar Cast in ABC Comedic Soap Pilot
Patel will play Parvun Chattoraj, a soft-spoken, whip-smart employee at the TJ Maxx, who’s much more sophisticated about computers than most people. Parvun quickly agrees to become the third Musketeer in Laura’s (not yet cast) trio of multi-level marketers. Talwalkar will portray Ramesh, who works with Ameet (not yet cast) at the Courtyard Marriott, and is in the management training program at ASU.

The Passage - Emmanuelle Chriqui Joins FOX Drama Pilot
Chriqui will play Dr. Lila Kyle, surgeon and ex-­‐wife to Brad Wolgast (Gosselaar).

Daddy Issues - Don Johnson Cast as Male Lead in FOX Comedy Pilot
Johnson’s Roman is a narcissist who perpetually dates younger women in an effort to fill a void in his life ever since his divorce — until he finds a new girlfriend he believes to be “the one.”

The Greatest American Hero - George Wendt, Gia Sandhu & Zenobia Shroff Join ABC Comedy Pilot

Wendt will play Meera’s (Simone) boss, Bob Rice. Shroff will play Leena, Meera’s elegant, inscrutable mother. Sandhu will play Mona, Meera’s pretty, Type A sister.

Chiefs - Alana De La Garza to Star in CBS Drama Pilot

De La Garza will play the Beverly Hills Chief of Police. She knows her job is all about politics and image – and she handles it with confidence. A law school grad who went straight to detective work, and then made Captain before being promoted to Chief. She’s close friends with fellow police chiefs Kendra and Vicky who are yet to be cast.

The Passage - Jamie McShane & Caroline Chikezie Join FOX Drama Pilot

McShane will play Dr. Tim Fanning, who is Patient Zero. Chikezie will play Dr. Major Nichole Sykes, leader of Project Noah.

Manifest - Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh Cast in Lead Roles in NBC Drama Pilot

Roxburgh will play Michaela Stone. Wracked with guilt over a tragic accident, Michaela anguishes about whether she’s fit to be a police officer and fiancée. When she mysteriously returns years later after being missing, she finds her life with a strange new purpose.

Dallas will play Ben Stone. The quintessential type-A father and intelligence analyst, Ben struggles against what he can’t control — whether it’s his son’s rare pediatric cancer or the mysterious voice that’s now inside his head.

Michael Cudlitz to Star in ABC's 1970 Family Comedy Pilot

Written and executive produced by Doyle, the untitled comedy is set in the 1970s and revolves around an Irish-Catholic family with a working-class dad Mike Dwyer (Cudlitz), traditional mom and eight boisterous sons who navigate changes big and small during one of America’s most turbulent decades.

The Greatest American Hero - Hannah Simone to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot

The Greatest American Hero centers around Meera (Simone), a 30-year-old woman who loves tequila and karaoke and has spent her life searching and failing to find meaning, much to the chagrin of her traditional Indian-American family. An inexplicable event occurs that will change the course of Meera’s life forever: she is entrusted with a super suit to protect the planet. Meera may have finally found purpose, but the world has never been in more unreliable hands.

History of Them - Chris Powell Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

Powell will play Isaac, a smart, funny, former athlete and millionaire with a sweet apartment in downtown Portland where he lives with his two best friends, Adam (Dier) and Vikram (Shah).

Ball Street - Casey Wilson, Paul Scheer, & Regina Hall Join Showtime Comedy Pilot
Regina Hall (Girls Trip) and Paul Scheer (The Disaster Artist, The League) are set to join the cast of the Showtime half-hour comedy pilot BALL STREET. Starring Emmy(R) nominated and Golden Globe-winning actor Don Cheadle (Avengers: Infinity War) and two-time Tony Award nominee and Grammy(R) winner Andrew Rannells (Girls, The Intern), BALL STREET is directed and executive produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The pilot, which has also added Kurt Braunohler (The Big Sick) and Eugene Cordero (Kong: Skull Island), is created by David Caspe (Happy Endings) and Jordan Cahan (My Best Friend's Girl), who also serve as executive producers and showrunners. Casey Wilson (Happy Endings) will guest star as Tiff, Blair's (Rannells) girlfriend who appreciates the finer things in life that Blair's new job may not provide. Reuniting with HAPPY ENDINGS and MARRY ME producers Caspe and Cahan, Wilson will recur if the show goes to series. Production is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles this week. The pilot is a co-production of Showtime and Sony Pictures Television Studios.

Bellevue - Freema Agyeman & Anupam Kher Join NBC Medical Drama Pilot

Agyeman will play Dr. Hana Sharpe, the lead doctor at the hospital who has not practiced medicine in a while. Rather, she appears on talk shows across the country pitching Bellevue hospital. Kher will portray Dr. Anil Kapoor, one of the oldest doctors at the hospital. He believes the hospital needs to change but does not feel he needs to change his ways.

What We Do in The Shadows - Doug Jones, Beanie Feldstein, Jake McDorman, and Mark Proksch Join FX Comedy Pilot
Doug Jones, Beanie Feldstein, Jake McDorman, and Mark Proksch have all joined the FX half-hour comedy pilot. The details of their roles are being kept under wraps, but all four will potentially recur on the show should it get ordered to series.

The Village - Micahela McManus, Frankie Faison and Jerod Haynes Join NBC Drama Pilot
McManus will play Sarah, a caring nurse and mother of a pregnant teen who was a teen mom herself. Haynes will portray Ben, a local police officer and tenant of the apartment building. Faison will play Ron, a man who’s very caring, and willing to help anyone.

The Village - Moran Arias Joins NBC Drama Pilot

Atias will play Edda, an Iranian immigrant who gets detained by ICE for having fraudulent citizenship papers.

History of Them - Caitlin McGee Joins CBS Comedy Pilot

McGee will play Skylar, Adam’s (Brett Dier) sister, a lawyer who knows what she wants and she wants it now.

A Million Little Things - David Giuntoli to Star in ABC Drama Pilot

Giuntoli will play Eddie, the former front man of a local band turned music teacher and stay-at-home dad. His marriage is in trouble, and although he loves being a dad, he wonders what his life would have been like had he made different choices.

Guess Who Died - Christopher Lloyd to Co-Star in NBC Comedy Pilot

Lloyd will play Mort. Crusty and grumpy, puttering along slowly in his golf cart at Las Esperanzado Senior Community, he’s a man of mystery and wealth.

Murder - Teyonah Parris Cast as Female Lead in CBS Drama Pilot
Parris will play Det. Ayana Lake, a rising star in the NYPD whose keen intellect and quick, analytic mind are the keys to her success. But when she’s partnered with instinctive intuitive Det. Jack Garrity (not yet cast), styles and personalities sometimes clash.

God Friended Me - Brandon Michael Hall to Star in CBS Comedy Pilot

God Friended Me is described as a humorous, uplifting series, which explores questions of faith, existence, and science. It centers on Miles (Hall), an outspoken atheist whose life is turned upside down when he is “friended” by God on Facebook. Unwittingly, he becomes an agent of change in the lives and destinies of others around him.

Guess Who Died - Beth Lacke and Adrian Martinez Join NBC Comedy Pilot

Lacke will play Cybil, Murray’s daughter who works as a poetic writing teacher at a community college. Loyal and devoted, she visits her parents every day and helps with her mom’s care. Martinez will play Lopez, the security guard at the main guard gate at the Las Esperanzado.

Bad Boys Spinoff - Ernie Hudson to Co-Star in NBC Reboot

Hudson will play Joseph Burnett, Union’s father.

History of Them - Brett Dier Cast as Male Lead in CBS Comedy Pilot

Dier’s Adam is adorable and a little nerdy web cartoonist. He’s been mostly a serial monogamist but is determined to sow his oats before getting into his next long term relationship.

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