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The Good Fight - Day 422 - Advance Preview: "Signed, A Client"

Another episode, another Trump reference. 'Day 422' largely deals with the case of Melanie Clark, a contestant on a reality dating show who appears to have been sexually assaulted whilst unconscious. She's suing the producers of the show, who have evidence of the assault but are unwilling to hand over the tapes. Returning guest star Rob Reiner may be able to sort a few problems for Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart, but as the case progresses the evidence may point towards unreliable witnesses and a prosecution for Diane and Adrian that may not be so easy to win.

After a threat that hits a little too close to home, Diane thinks she is the next 'Kill All Lawyers' target. It leads to a very tense segment involving a couple of the main characters and a little bit of flirting to boot. This episode allows both Jay and Marissa to flex their investigative skills, as Marissa focuses on Melanie's case and Jay focuses on finding out who threatened Diane. Both Jay and Marissa bounce ideas off of each other in order to further their progress and it's a really fun working relationship that they have together that is hopefully explored more as the season continues.

This season definitely feels a lot more serialised compared to last year, probably because of the shorter time-span. Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like season one took place over ten months with a two month time jump between the season one finale and the season two premiere, whereas season two should in theory only be about three months long. The tighter, more concise approach is probably going to lead to a lot more season-long arcs, which if done well could definitely set season two up to be better than last year's efforts.

Elsewhere, Liz proves herself an ally to Diane at surface level once again, but as demonstrated last week, she may possibly have ulterior motives.

The Good Fight airs Sundays on CBS All Access. What do you think of the 'Kill All Lawyers' storyline? Do you think Liz will be one of the villains of the season? Let me know in the comments.


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