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Shadowhunters - The Powers That Be - Advance Preview: "I'm Not Going Anywhere"

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Previously on Shadowhunters, Simon escaped the Seelie Queen seemingly accompanied with the Mark of Cain, Ollie found out the truth about the Shadow World, Clary and Luke got their first taste of Lilith's powers, Magnus struggled with the loss of his role as the High Warlock of Brooklyn and Jace is haunted by visions of Jonathan/Sebastian encouraging him to kill Clary.

'The Powers That Be' is an episode that belongs almost entirely to Magnus and Alec. They are at the centre of this week's main plot and are the main driving force for the overarching arc of the season. Following Magnus' dismissal as the High Warlock of Brooklyn, the new High Warlock, a transfer from Madrid called Lorenzo Rey, throws a party at his home for the warlocks. Magnus, not wanting to face the warlocks and Lorenzo alone asks Alec to accompany him, making Alec the only Shadowhunter in the room. Unfortunately an outside character is not in the mood for festivities and demonic magic interrupts the party and threatens every guest present. With the Warlocks' magic failing, Lorenzo isn't sure who is the culprit, but he sure has an idea of who he'd like to point the finger at. Magnus also has his suspicions as to who the perpetrator might be, and Alec manages the interests of both Warlocks deftly. Expect to see Magnus and Alec teaming up throughout the episode to devise a way to stop the demonic force plaguing the Warlocks (much to the chagrin of certain Shadowhunters).

Jace tries to further his relatonship with Clary by taking her on a date, but unsure of how dates exactly work he turns to Simon for advice. What starts off promising quickly turns into an incredibly awkward situation, as Clary and Jace find themselves at the same restaurant as Simon and Maia.

Elsewhere in the episode, following the possession and death of Tim last week, Izzy and Luke investigate to find out what exactly could have caused his death. Simon also tries to figure out what exactly has been left on his forehead by the Seelie Queen, and what the possible consequences of it could be.

In an episode that brings Magnus and Alec to the forefront, and allows them to showcase drama, romance and comedy, 'The Powers That Be' is bookended with action scenes and delves deeper into the supernatural consequences of the current situations for multiple main characters. What scenes are you most hoping to see in 'The Powers That Be'? Remember to tune in Tuesday at 8.00 on Freeform.

And with that I'm going to leave you with a few teasers to tide you over until Tuesday:
- A Greater Demon who hasn't previously been mentioned on the show is verbally introduced and is under investigation by one character.
- One character displays new powers.
- Maia has a well hidden butterfly tattoo.
- You will get to see one of the main couples being comfortably domestic together.
- "I am scared that if we take things too quickly that you're going to see something in me that you don't like."

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