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Alone Together - The Big One - Advance Preview

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This week's Alone Together opens with Esther watching make up tutorials, during which she feels some shocks and quickly comes to the conclusion that California is going to be hit by a huge earthquake, and therefore goes to seek solace at Dean's house with Benji.

At first Benji dismisses Esther's panic, and with her recording a will and last requests which include what she wishes to be buried in (Britney Spears' juicy tracksuit is among the items she lists), it can be easy to see why, but various guest characters appear throughout the episode who seem to share Esther's opinions regarding the seismic activity. In typical Alone Together fashion, both Benji and Esther try to take advantage of the situation they find themselves in and use it to bond with the people around them. As usual, it doesn't particularly go their way.

This episode also features the heaviest interactions so far between Benji and Esther which actually left me feeling a little bit confused and feeling weird. Their relationship has always been one that has been firmly platonic with strong denials of anything more than friendship going on between the two of them, but this episode is slightly different than that. It's strange that this is the second episode that they filmed, but marks a departure from other episodes in the portrayal of their relationship. Hopefully it's just a one-off and they won't seriously end up going there with the two of them.

Alone Together airs tomorrow at 8.30 on Freeform. Do you think they will develop the relationship between Benji and Esther either physically or romantically? Let me know in the comments.

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