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Scene Of The Week - January 7, 2018 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, "Fun & Games", January 5, 2018, Actors: Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Chloe Bennet and more, The Scenes: The fight and rescue at the end & Fitz proposes to Jemma
Another fantastic episode! I could highlight a number of scenes from the hour, but I had to go with the execution of the escape plan. Starting from that intense and breathtaking fight between Daisy and Sinara and ending on the engagement of Fitz and Simmons and the three getting away. First of all, it's truly great to see how far Daisy has come from her introduction on the show. She has become an Agent of SHIELD, a true warrior and a hero. Her being able to take down one of the strongest Kree fighters we've met says it all. The choreography, the direction and all the work on this confrontation was beautifully done. And then there's Fitz, who went across time and space for Jemma and his friends. Together, they were able to attack Kasius and his guests, take over the control of the field separating them from the fight and help injured Daisy escape. Also, in the middle of this daring rescue, Jemma and Fitz got engaged. I loved how they both were in the same place in their relationship and at the first given opportunity did exactly the same thing. After all these years we spent with the characters, it's clear that nobody deserves to be together more than these two. And no curse can split them apart. Fitz had his heroic shot and they got their beautiful reunion during all the struggle and chaos. It wasn't the best of plans but they all got away together in the end and for a moment everything fell right into place. These few minutes were quite an emotional rollercoaster and once again proved why "Agents of SHIELD" is simply my favorite show on TV. Kudos to the entire cast & crew for their fantastic work!
Samantha: Fitz proposes to Jemma. I think everything that can be said about this has already been said. The focus will obviously be on Fitz's speech which was absolutely beautiful, but I couldn't help laughing at the fact she couldn't hear a word he was saying and he didn't realize that until afterwards. Throughout it I was expecting her to turn around realizing that someone was behind her, or Fitz to try and touch her sooner to announce himself but nope. It was a fantastic scene with a combination of great directing and acting.
Beth: This was hard to pick just one but in the end I chose Fitz proposing to Jemma. For the longest time, Fitz always has said 'distance is our curse' and that led him to hold a little something back. After his experience of losing his family and most importantly Jemma, plus a pep talk from Hunter, he seemed to realize this explanation is flawed. When he saw her, he wasted no time telling her everything he felt and that their obstacles were actually what made them epic, and he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. Jemma couldn't hear him but it didn't matter, you just knew these two would be okay at the end. I also loved how his vintage awkward Fitz came back into play by waiting for a reply because he didn't know why she wasn't giving him some sort of sign!
Emmaline: Fitz proposing to Jemma in SHIELD: It took him 74 years of deep sleep in space, but Fitz finally decided that their love is stronger than any curse and PROPOSED! As a fan of this show from day one, it was so beautiful to see his proposal... And totally par-for-the-course that she couldn't hear him. So her turning around and proposing to him later made their engagement absolutely perfect for their love story.

GROWN-ISH, "Late Registration", January 3, 2018, Actors: Anthony Anderson, Yara Shahidi
The Scene: The conversation between Andre and Zoey
This was a pretty great pilot, and one of the scenes that stole the episode for me was seeing an expected but welcome cameo from Anthony Anderson's Dre, as we learnt how well (or rather, how not well) he was coping with his daughter going off to college.

MOM, "Teenage Vampires and a White Russian", January 4, 2018, Actors: Allison Janney, Mimi Kennedy, The Scene: Bonnie and Marjorie at the diner
Bonnie desperately wants to help her long lost brother, Ray, get clean and sober. Marjorie has to convince her that he has to want it. Bonnie is crestfallen as she comes to the realization that she can’t save him.

NASHVILLE, "New Strings", January 4, 2018, Actors: Chris Carmack, Sam Palladio
The Scene: Will jumps up on stage to help Gunnar
The bromance has been lacking for awhile while these characters navigate their tricky love lives, but seeing them get back to their awesome friendship is refreshing. Will knew Gunnar needed a bit of help and did not hesitate to jump up and help one of the first real friends he made in Nashville!

RUNAWAYS, "Doomsday", January 2, 2018, Actors: Rhenzy Feliz, Lyrica Okano, Virginia Gardner and more, The Scenes: The final confrontation & Karolina and Nico kiss
Samantha: Karolina and Nico kiss. I have been so excited about this kiss for weeks and finally I can talk about it. The build-up for the Runaways personal relationships hasn't exactly been the best, and this scene was too short for my liking but still amazing. Extremely grateful that they didn't go the way of the comics did with this, and Nico actually kissed Karolina back. We've seen Karolina struggle with her feelings for Nico for a few weeks now, and I love that she even admitted that she'd wanted to kiss her for a long time. Most importantly though I love that she reassured Nico she wasn't expecting anything from her. The kiss was all about Karolina finally making her move, which Nico was receptive to, and I hope that the show skips over the triangle and dives into them exploring a relationship.
Milo: The Ending. Seeing the kids face off against their parents, especially after the apparent betrayal from Frank, upped the ante and the stakes ahead of the finale. It put all the pieces in place for what should be an exciting climax.

SEAL TEAM, "Pattern of Life", January 3, 2018, Actors: David Boreanaz and more, The Scene: The opening scene
The episode's opening long take scene which took the viewer on a cleverly directed tour of a target house, shortly before the squad burst in. Achieving strong production quality was one of the intentions the showrunners had for this series, and while the story can waver a bit, I can’t fault the production quality of the season so far, and this episode - and much of the season as a whole - contains many good examples.

THE GOLDBERGS, "The Goldberg Girls", January 3, 2018, Actors: Troy Gentile, Wendi McLendon-Covey and more, The Scene: Barry confronts Linda, Essie and Virginia about making Beverly sad
Linda, Essie & Virginia show up at the house to ask for Beverly's help, and Barry lambasts them for making her sad. It is no secret that I find Barry to be intolerable at the best of times, but this was a really funny and cute scene. I loved how passionately Barry was defending Beverly, even when she made it clear he didn't need to and it clearly wasn't the time for that, but Barry didn't care. His one-liners every time any of them spoke were absolutely on point, and the way he eventually stormed off to the yard was perfect.

THE GOOD PLACE, "Leap to Faith", January 4, 2018, Actors: Kristen Bell, Ted Danson and more, The Scenes: Michael's true allegiance is revealed & Eleanor and team figure out Michael's coded message
One of the things I like most about this show is how it's never easy to guess what everyone is going to do next. I was so sure that Michael's lie was discovered at the end of the last episode that I never even considered that this one would be focused on the celebration of his "successful" 2nd attempt at emotional torture for our main group. So even though I hoped that he would end up on their side, I couldn't be quite sure about where his loyalties lie, until this reveal. Michael's reaction when he sees his friends hidden under the train was wonderfully done. Ted Danson has been doing such a great job in this series and this example is no exception. It finally looks like Michael has grown attached to Team Cockroach and feels like a part of the group. The turning point being his conversation with Eleanor recently. There's a sense of friendship starting between these characters and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.
Saloni: Eleanor and team figure out Michael's coded message about hiding under the train. I'm so glad Michael didn't turn over to the bad side and instead, so cunningly helped Team Cockroach escape getting caught.
Klutzy girl: Michael's relief after finding out the team was safe. I think he's grown attached to these four humans and loves them, and his reaction to seeing them was adorable. They've come a long way since season one.

THE MIDDLE, "New Year's Revelations", January 2, 2018, Actors: Eden Sher, Charlie McDermott, Beau Wirick and more, The Scenes: Sean and Sue try to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve & Final scene with Sean and Axl
Sean and Sue try to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve. Despite every obstacle, Sean makes it to her but at the last minute, Aidan swoops in and kisses her instead. Sean walks out in anger and blurts out to Axl about liking his sister and not giving up on her. It's tough but I'm patiently waiting for those two to get together. I also loved Frankie and Brad doing their best to get Sue/Sean together.
Claire: Final scene with Sean and Axl - As much as I don't want to nominate this scene because I am infuriated at the manner in which the writers are dragging out the Sue/Sean "thing"; I have to. Beau Wirick as Sean has been doing an amazing job this season and especially this scene with Axl. He angrily leaves the Hecks after another guy kisses Sue. He declares his feelings for Sue and tells Axl that he doesn't care what he thinks because it is going to happen! My only problem is that he told Axl and NOT Sue, ugh!

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