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White Famous - Zero F**ks Given - Review

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On the season finale of White Famous, and following the release of his sex tape with Kali, Floyd tries further to make amends with those in his personal and professional life. He first goes to Sadie to apologise, and of course she had watched the sex tape, and of course the thing she was most upset about was that the way Floyd acted with Kali was the way he used to act with her. When are these two going to get back together? I feel like I've just watched an entire season of Sadie denying that she wants Floyd back when it seems like the exact opposite is true. After apologising to Sadie for his actions (and with Sadie going on a date with Robbie and Floyd once again not telling Sadie about Robbie's two-timing), he goes to film an apology video for the public with Teddy Snow.

Floyd gives his rehearsed speech, but as demosntrated with Sadie just a few minutes ago, it really isn't genuine and it shows. Balls knows it, and Teddy knows it, so Teddy in all his genius gets up to his usual method mind game tricks and asks Floyd questions in order to have him 'riff off the cuff' and film his apology video from the heart, except it isn't entirely an apology video. It definitely reveals a lot of his true feelings though, mainly that he definitely still seems to be in love with Sadie and that he won't apologise for who he is; themes that have been prevalent ever since the pilot. This is a show that has absolutely gone full circle.

Teddy wasn't actually filming the apology video, but Balls was, and he posts it to Instagram, much to Malcolm's dismay. The video quickly goes viral, and Peter King comes sniffing around Floyd once again. Floyd turns him down, multiple times, but Peter just thinks he's playing hard to get and is actually even more interested in him. It's incredibly interesting how quickly Floyd's fortunes can change but I absolutely believe that's how things work in Hollywood. Malcolm also once again proves himself to be the most incompetent agent in the world when Floyd bags himself a meeting with Jamie Foxx, and Malcolm doesn't bother to get any details about it because he's too excited and loves surprises. I would absolutely hate to work with him.

In a parallel to the pilot, Jamie Foxx offers Floyd another role in one of his movies and it's actually somewhat less eccentric than the scene from the pilot. Either I'm getting used to this show's humour or it's being toned down slightly. In the very next scene, Floyd meets Teddy and tells him he has the financing to make Angry Black, but that it has to be made right now. He's getting roles left, right and center so it seems like Floyd is finally going places, and at least in the private side of Hollywood, seems to be on his way to being the elusive 'white famous'.

Elsewhere, Balls runs into Esther at her food truck where they rekindle their relationship, and Sadie is offered a spot touring with Kali. It was really sweet of Floyd to offer to look after Trevor, but to be fair he absolutely should have done that because Trevor is his son and it seems like Sadie is the one who looks after Trevor most of the time. After finding out that Robbie cheated on her, and that Floyd was willing to give up the role in the Jamie Foxx movie because he loves her and Trevor, Sadie kisses Floyd, which come on, we clearly all saw that coming. I'm really really glad however, that just because they slept together, Floyd didn't renege on his decision to look after Trevor whilst Sadie went on tour. That shows real maturity from him and I really don't think the Floyd of the pilot would have done something like that. I'm also glad Sadie had a little bit more to do this episode as she really has very much been a background character throughout the show even though she's one of the most important people in Floyd's life.

So to recap, Floyd was offered a show tailored entirely to him by Peter King which he turned down, he was offered a role in a new Jamie Foxx film which he turned down, and he was once again offered Angry Black which Teddy took away once he found out about the Jamie Foxx movie. So with no roles on the horizon, and probably once again plunged back somewhat into cultural obscurity, Floyd finds himself back at the comedy clubs. Yeah, we've almost gone entirely full circle, except for one small difference - Malcolm is here and he's invited Teddy who is going to film this set and future sets Floyd does for a comedy special. And so we end where we begin; with Floyd having full crowds of people laughing for him and turning his back on being 'white famous'.

What did you think of Zero F**ks Given? Do you think the show will return for a second season? Let me know in the comments.

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