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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Rewind - Review

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Rewind” was written by Craig Titley and was directed by Jesse Bochco. As the title suggests, we finally rewind to find out what happened to Fitz (Iain De Caestecker)! This was another terrific, fast-paced episode with lots of surprises. We see the return of Lance Hunter (Nick Blood), and the surprise return of Robin (Lexy Kolker) and Polly (Lola Glaudini) Hinton. And to top it all off, it would appear that Enoch (Joel Stoffer) is actually a Watcher!

We start back at the diner, and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) is worried that Fitz isn’t eating. Coulson (Clark Gregg) remarks it’s the first time they’ve all been together for a really long time. And I’m still sad that they don’t get their pie! Fitz is suddenly alone in the diner and the military arrive for him. At least they seem to be military, but the final scene seems to indicate something a lot more sinister…

Fitz is taken and interrogated by Lt Evans (Zibby Allen) and Lieutenant Lucas (Joe Layton). Interestingly, Evans is in uniform but Lucas is not. Why? Fitz keeps telling them he doesn’t know what happened – but there’s a missing two minutes. They want to know how he knew they were coming and wonder if there is a new S.H.I.E.L.D. technology that let them get away. I did like that Fitz sensibly wondered if Evans and Lucas did it and whether all of them are in separate interrogation rooms!

Fitz insists on seeing who’s in charge. Something tells me that General Hale (Catherine Dent) is going to be a continuing and very big problem. Given that we last saw Evens with Talbot (Adrian Pasdar), is Hale his replacement? Fitz tries to explain that Aida was responsible for the robot that shot Talbot and for Radcliffe’s death. But Fitz tells them that he is responsible for Mace’s death! Hale thinks they might have left Fitz behind to take the blame, but Fitz tells her that they wouldn’t let him. He really does tell her the truth.

Fitz is placed in a tiny, dark cell. He’s subjected to a lie detector test – which he passes with flying colors. He promises to do everything he can to help them find them. Lucas suggests that they put Fitz’s brain to work for them. Hale is suspicious but allows it. Fitz even gets his tv to watch soccer – but that’s all he’s allowed to watch. I loved the sequence of Fitz working out, eating, studying, and watching soccer. And it is perfect that he counts the days with monkeys!! He finally gets his monkey.

Fitz’s first theory is that he’s suffering from a psychotic episode of some kind. Evans assures him that everyone at the diner had the same two minute gap. Fitz moves on to a noise he heard, and Evans is happy to get him any of the books he might need. Then he asks her to post a letter to a Soccer fanzine for him…. And I adored that that was how he contacted Hunter! Lucas has Fitz’s name taken off and the letter subjected to code breakers, but it goes out and does its work. Fitz continues to work, but it doesn’t ever seem to amount to anything. Even after six months…

Hale is done with Fitz and is ready to let him die alone in his cell when she gets a call – Fitz’s attorney is there. And in breezes Hunter! At first, Fitz is simply angry that it’s taken Hunter so long to get there. It quickly degenerates into an hysterical argument over football that ends in a heart-warming hug! Aw! They missed each other!

Fitz has devised an escape plan that involves a device he will make out of pieces that Hunter is to smuggle in. As Fitz explains, Hunter gently moves him out of the way and puts his own escape plan into motion by blowing a hole in the wall!

Hunter points in the direction of a helicopter saying it’s their way out, piloted by Rusty – the best getaway pilot – that his money could buy. When the helicopter crashes, Fitz is reasonably concerned! Hunter tells Fitz that Rusty was just a distraction. They’re getting away on the ground – in Rusty’s RV.

Hale is furious and wants to know how Fitz contacted an attorney with no outside contact. Lucas and Evans admit to the letters. Surveillance reveals the RV, and Hale orders them followed, hoping that they’ll lead them to the others.

As Hunter drives the getaway RV, the two play a bit of catch up. Hunter is intrigued by Ghostrider, but Fitz is distracted looking for any clue as to where the team – Simmons – is. Fitz is very clear that he doesn’t want to talk about Aida. Once again, the show doesn’t cheat us on a character trying to work through what happened in the framework. In this sense, keeping Fitz locked up for 6 months, with at least some of that time psychoanalyzing himself, allows him to believably start to deal with what happened.

Hunter fills us in on where he’s been – sadly NOT making that spinoff series that would have been SO much better than Inhumans. He’s been working with mercenaries. Most importantly, however, we learn that he and Bobbi (Adrienne Palicki) are together forever but doing their own thing. Distance is their savior. And this makes me very sad because as much as I like Hunter’s smart mouth, Mockingbird is one of my favorites. Who doesn’t want a May, Bobbi, Daisy fight scene in every episode? It’s very unlikely we’ll see Bobbi back on S.H.I.E.L.D., however, as Palicki’s new show, The Orville, is doing very well and has been renewed for a second season. It’s a fun show and well worth watching – but I still miss Bobbi. It is remotely possible that they might release her as The Orville only does 12 episodes a season, but it’s a different network (FOX)…

Meanwhile, Fitz muses that distance is his and Simmons’ curse. Fitz’s only lead to finding her is the beer truck caught on surveillance outside the diner. Luckily, Rusty was a diehard conspiracy theorist so the RV is tricked out with a lot more tech to spy on the spiers than you could have expected! He also has some low-tech gadgets – and who didn’t love that the ferrets came back to play a very important role?!?! Fitz is able to use the surveillance cameras to track the van and realizes that it’s morphing different logos – but it’s the same truck.

Figuring out the truck leads them to Enoch, who is expecting them. Fitz recognizes Enoch from the diner, and Enoch tells Fitz that the team is at 2091! He leads them into his office that has papers with a strange language all over the walls. He then shows Fitz video footage of the team being taken by the monolith. Enoch tells them that he was sent to Earth 30,000 years ago to observe the evolution of humans. He calls himself an anthropologist!

Enoch tells them that he sent them to the future to fulfill a prophecy. Fitz wants to know why he wasn’t taken, and Enoch tells him the Seer didn’t say he was part of the prophecy. Fitz wants to go through to, but the stone can only be activated from the other end – so is that their way back? And if it is, can Fitz actually come back because we know his body is going to be on earth the entire time – opening that time travel conundrum of being in two places at once…

Fitz insists on going to see the Seer. Hunter is shocked when Fitz takes his gun and flings Enoch on the table holding the gun to his head. Here is the Fitz of the framework. Given Fitz’s line of work, some aspects of Dark-Fitz can be useful – and help him to protect himself and the team. After all, we’ve enjoyed seeing Simmons and Daisy grow into amazing fighters.

Enoch insists he’s trying to help and Fitz didn’t need to threaten him. He does take them to the Seer – and it’s Robin! I love that the show circles back to her and Polly. Fitz recognizes the wooden Robin. I have to admit that this scene in the park really reminded me of an early Supernatural episode – “Dead in the Water” – season one – in which Dean talks to a traumatized child who also communicates through drawings. Fitz gets a reaction from Robin as soon as he mentions that Daisy is his friend.

Back at Enoch’s house, Evans and Lucas break in and search for clues. Evans notices the pictures on the fridge and asks if there is a child’s room in the house. Lucas tells her the owner is a single male, living alone. And then Evans finds a drawing that is clearly her and Lucas eating an apple – which he is – in the kitchen – awesome! Evans deduces that the magic crystal ball is a child.

Fitz, Hunter, and Enoch look at Robin’s recent drawings – one is of the earth cracked in half. Fitz asks about the symbols and Enoch tells him it’s an ancient language from a different galaxy, not known to those on earth until now. Robin interrupts Hunter to point out that “they’re here for us.” Enoch has then put earplugs in and then uses his time device, giving them half an hour to get away.

Enoch takes them to where he sent the others – it’s the Lighthouse on Lake Ontario from the postcard! Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to be a real lighthouse – though there are many on Lake Ontario (I know because I grew up on its shores!). When they get there, they discover that it goes deeply into the earth, but Enoch doesn’t know how deeply, how long it’s been there, or who built it! It seems that this is, in fact, the “Lighthouse” that everyone left of humanity is living in in the future.

Lucas and Evans report to Hale. She wants them to find and control Robin. She tells them that they need every weapon in “this fight.” What fight? There is clearly something else – very sinister – going on.

Enoch tells them that they are the only four humans to know about the Lighthouse – and doesn’t answer Fitz when he asks how he knows about it – Enoch only looks at Robin, so we can assume that she told him about it. He also knows that Robin is no longer safe. Hunter wants to know why they don’t just ask Robin as she knows everything else, but Enoch tells him it’s best not to interfere and let her communicate in her own time.

Fitz points out that sending the team to the future was some serious interference on Enoch’s part. Enoch tells Fitz that he’s allowed to interfere in one instance – the prevention of an extinction level event! And we know that happens. Hunter wants to know what happened, but Enoch doesn’t know that either.

As the group tries to get some rest, Fitz looks at pictures of Simmons on his phone – which begs the question of how he got his phone back. Hunter makes breakfast on a camp stove – presumably out of the RV. Hunter muses it’s sad to know that Robin knows and not be able to do anything about it. Hunter has little faith in himself being able to do anything to help save the world. Fitz tells him about Robin’s father – and his gift as an Inhuman. Fitz tells Hunter that he saved Daisy but she wasn’t able to save him, and Hunter concludes that what’s written is written – but we know that they have to find a way to change the future in order to save humanity.

De Caestecker really delivers yet again in this episode as he is so filled with emotion in this scene for Simmons – yet we also see the cold killer in him in the episode. It’s wonderful to get to see him nail such a wide range. He can even manage self-pity without making me want to punch him! Fitz tells Hunter that he and Simmons are together, but it seems like the universe doesn’t want then to be. Hunter tells him it’s nonsense and that they’re perfect together. Fitz worries that the universe is trying to protect Simmons from him, from what he was in the Framework. Hunter asks if that’s the side of him he saw at Enoch’s – and says he kind of liked seeing that side of him. It was effective. Hunter tells him that he knows Fitz isn’t a cold blooded killer, that this “darkness” is simply a tool to be controlled and used when Fitz needs it. Fitz hates it though and continues to worry that that is why he was left behind – he’s too much of a risk. Hunter calls him on it and tells him to ask Robin why he wasn’t sent. Did anybody have any doubt about why he was sent?

Fitz brings Polly and Robin breakfast. He asks Polly if Robin said anything about why he wasn’t to go with the others. Polly tells him she doesn’t speak a lot since terragenesis – and how awful for a child! Past, present, and future are all scrambled for Robin. Polly says that Enoch has been very helpful. Robin – of course! – tells Fitz that he has to save them – and shows him a drawing that looks like the dead body of Simmons!

Fitz is frantic because he knows he can’t just wait for the others to arrive. Enoch can now interfere because it’s now prophecy. Enoch tells Fitz that he came to earth in a small capsule that was discovered several decades ago. It might be a way for Fitz to get to them – but it’s in Blue Raven Ridge – the military base that Hunter just broke Fitz out of!

I love that they go in undercover – to fix the hole they created! Even better is that Hunter’s undercover name is Rusty! The two get in and pull out their secret weapons…. The ferrets! I loved the way they just trotted out chirping! They set the parameter alarms off which leaves Fitz and Hunter alone to search the warehouse. They quickly find Enoch’s little pod. They’re about to put it back on the truck when Hunter discovers the Zephyr!! I loved the way the S.H.I.E.L.D. music kicked in as the lights came up on her!

They are both happy to be “home.” Hunter reminisces about all the good times. Fitz is now filled with hope that he’ll save his family. They find everything from S.H.I.E.L.D. has been brought in the Zephry. When they are discovered, Fitz immediately kicks into killer mode and it’s a beauty to behold! Here’s where that shadow in him is put to good use. Hunter is surprised when Fitz sends him to take care of the technical while he holds off the enemy!

We see Hale telling Lucas and Evans that they’ve continually let her down. Evans thinks she’s demoting them – and then Hale shoots them both in the head! Who is this “woman?”!!!! Is she actually an LMD?? Hydra? She calmly picks up her phone and orders a cleaning crew.

Back at the lighthouse, Fitz is packing to store weapons for the future. Did you notice that he packed TWO of Coulson’s “super hands?” And of course he grabs Mack’s Axe-gun. We find out that the pod is actually a cryo-freeze chamber. Fitz isn’t getting zapped to the future like the others – he’s going to sleep for 74 years! Hunter thinks the plan is insane – who can insure the pod will be safe? Enoch has summoned a chronocom ship – they’ll orbit a planet – hidden away from earth until it’s time for Fitz to wake up.

Fitz leaves the postcard with Robin, and Hunter says that he and Bobbi will take over looking after Polly and Robin. My money is on Robin being Deke’s grandmother – or possibly Virgil’s. Or maybe Hunter and Bobbi were Deke’s grandparents! Enoch seems surprised at Hunter’s offer. I liked that he mentioned that Bobbi could use a “good cause.” Perhaps she isn’t liking the life of a mercenary all that much – and it’s a nice touch and shout out to the character. Hunter and Fitz say their goodbyes – and we get another hug!!! And of course, the best part was the shout out to The Empire Strikes Back as Fitz is frozen.

Seventy-four years later and 365 million miles from the Lighthouse, Enoch is there when Fitz wakes up. Enoch has put a plan in motion while Fitz slept. Enoch is concerned that Fitz won’t have what it takes to go up against the ruthless and brutal crowd that is waiting from him. I loved Fitz looking at his disguise and assuring Enoch that he has it in him. He’s definitely found a use for that shadow.

I’m really hoping – and relying on the writers to get it right – that Fitz will learn that he can use that shadow for good. And it’s something that he and Mack are both going through – I can’t wait to see then reunited! And of course, I can’t wait to see him reunited with Simmons. I am still hoping we’ll get to see more of Hunter coming up. And what about Hale? I’m betting that she is far more likely behind whatever really destroyed the earth. This was another great episode with another terrific performance by De Caestecker! What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts in the comments – after my collection of favorite lines!

Favorite Lines!
Fitz: I wish I knew, cuz as much as you want to find them and bring them to justice, I want to find them so I know that they’re ok.
Fitz: They were abducted by aliens.
Hunter: Get those cuffs off my client and get the hell out of here!
Hunter: Where did you get off calling Liverpool a bunch of wankers!
Fitz: Please tell me your escape plan involves an actual escape.
Hunter: The sexy robot that you made that became human and wanted you to stick your floppy in her love drive…
Fitz: Distance is our curse.
Hunter: No. We’re here to surprise you, so act surprised.
Hunter: Why do I get a feeling there’s a kill room in the basement?
Hunter: There’s only so much crazy talk that I can take before I start shooting holes in it.
Fitz: Take me to the Seer or your future ends now.
Enoch: I’m taking you to where, not when.
Hunter: Every light needs a shadow.
Hunter: Bollocks. If you want to know why you were left behind, ask the one who kicked you off the guest list.
Robin: Because you have to save them.
Fitz: Ok. I hate to say it, but we’re going to have to break back in.
Hunter: We’re breaking a basic rule of espionage. Never walk into the same place as two different people.
Fitz: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Careful! These are extremely volatile and unpredictable. Screw up once, you can lose a limb!
Hunter: Ok. Release the ferrets!
Hunter: The odds, my friend, are not in your favor. Fitz: Are they ever?
Fitz: Team S.H.I.E.L.D. will be fully armed. (such a great pun!!!!)
Hunter: I’ve had a hell of a time as always. I guess I underestimated your odds. Don’t die out there, mate.
Hunter: I love you. Fitz: I know.
Enoch: For facing off against some of the most ruthless and brutal mobsters, monsters, and mercenaries in the galaxy. I hope you have it in you.

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