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Will & Grace - How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying & Rosario's Quinceañera - Double Review

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Sorry for the delay dear Will & Grace fans, was a busy bee and the creative drive wasn't really there. Nevertheless, Will & Grace didn't care about it as they delivered 2 really strong outings before going on the winter break.

- How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying -

The fifth outing of Will & Grace's revival season was very character driven giving each character individual stories filled with great laughs and some solid story progression. My favorite story of this episode once again involved Jack. He is the shining star of this revival and once again he stole the show. His story was so ridiculous and brought out the best Sean Hayes has to offer. The fight with Theodore regarding the lottery ticket. Honestly, I agree with Jack, he deserved those 1000 dollars but Theodore refusing to give it to him was one of the best things happening that week. The two of them really hit it off amazingly, Derek Gaines' Theodore was on point and the scenes he shared with Sean were perfectly choreographed and executed. The resolution of this story was really beautiful and neither getting the money was probably the perfect conclusion to the story. Also, I adore Tasha and I hope we see more of her down the line.

Will and Grace delivered a bunch of laughs throughout the episode. Will turning into an emotional mess is always hilarious to watch, Eric always delivers. Can't believe I will write this but his sobbing voice is something I missed. Becoming a partner was never the right thing for him and working with Grace will certainly be something to look forward to in the second part of the season.Will's interaction with Elli was really funny and all the weird calls he was getting throughout the episode made the whole situation just so much more fun.

Grace going for a big job and the focus on her work life was a nice change of pace. Every Grace story involving her work turned out to be a hilarious one and this is no exception. Of course the addition of Max Greenfield as Elli, a Power Gay just made this episode dozen times better. Elli's interaction with Grace and especially Toni were hilarious. Poor Toni he'll spend so much money on psychiatrists after working with Grace.

The helicopter scene looked poor. Not sure who and how they've shot it but that looked cheap and the voiceover was even off. Still, loved that the episode concluded with Grace realizing she was terrible towards Will.

Will: Will & Grace!
Grace: Nah. Grace & Will. That sounds like a thing.

Karen's story this week wasn't really working for me, even though I am a big fan of Beverly. Their interaction for the very first time felt forced and unauthentic. The flow of their scenes was different, it really didn't feel like the two rich snobs I loved during the original run. Still, there were some great puns like Karen putting some morphin in her cocktail and Beverly fearing coitus with his wife. Hopefully, we get a redo this season.

- Rosario's Quinceañera -

I was fearing this episode ever since the press release came out. I even commented out loud that THEY BETTER DON't DARE TO KILL OFF ROSARIO. Unfortunately, the writers thought that was the best solution to go here. Shelley Morrison decided to retire from acting so the role of Rosario Salazar will never grace our screen again. And the writers cemented it by killing her off in this episode.

And even though I've hated the decision, the execution of this episode was pure perfection. If Megan Mullaly doesn't earn an Emmy nomination for this performance we actually can confirm that the people there have major issues. Karen's stages of pain were simply overwhelming, so much pain turned into fury, anger and bada*s lines.

Bringing back Minnie Driver's Lorraine back for this outing was slightly unexpected, haven't checked pics or sneak peeks before watching, so I was pleseantly surprised by this development. The interactions between the two frenemies just pushed Karen over the edge. She couldn't handle the emotions and avoided the Quinceanera completely.

The group's attempts to bring her back were funny and heartbreaking. Grace was probably the funniest, cause as always Grace made it all about her. And while I adore Will's sobbing voice, Grace's is throwing suicide ideas into my head.

Will confronting Karen with a hug was simply perfect. It gave Karen just what she needed a moment when she didn't feel like she was falling apart. And then the moment came, the moment Megan Mullaly blew me away like I never was expecting. I thought it would be moving and bring me to tears but this speech was earthshattering and the execution apocalyptic. Yes, I'm throwing around with adjectives but there are no words in the world to really give justice to this scene.

Karen: You were my everything, ROSARIO YOLANDA SALAZAR. Its funny people keep asking what you need, what you need? I need for you not to be gone. Here, honey, I want you to have something. It was my mothers. It makes sense to have it, you've been eyeing it for years. . . I have to remember you my way. So if its alright I'm gonna sit here with you for a while. . . Te Amo Mami.

And just like that Megan broke my heart into million pieces. Rosario and Karen had a beautiful relationship filled with all the fels the good and the bad and will certainly go down as one of the best written fmale friendhips of all time.

Jack was secondary this week but still exploited the small amount of screen time and shone like in each previous outing. His speech during the Quinceanera was hilarious just as his performance of Happy at the bar. Karen broke our poor boy and it was hilarious to watch. I'm glad they mention their Green Card marriage, it was a hilarious story back in the day.

The secondary story involving Will&Grace bickering was also quite entertaining. Especially every time Grace called him out for being inappropriate. It was weird to see this side of their relationships. The two of them were never afraid of sharing but seeing this scared side of them felt weird but refreshing. Can't wait for this business agreement to be more explored.

Other amazing QUOTES:
Lorraine: I've heard as soon as I came.

Karen: Jack where the hell are those books of magic spells?
Jack: Crap I forgot to put out the Bibles.

Jack: I've never been this humiliated without specifically asking for it.

And after this emotional outing, Will & Grace are going on a two month hiatus returning on the 4th January with a brand new and hilarious outing. In the meantime use the comment section down below to share your thoughts on these 2 episodea.

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