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Killjoys - Wargasm - Review - "Special Round Table Edition"

      Killjoys closed out its third season with “Wargasm” written by creator Michelle Lovretta and directed by Stefan Pleszczynski. We can breathe a sigh of relief that there were no major deaths AND the show’s been renewed for two more seasons! Because we shared reviewer duties this season, Kollin Lore and I decided to do a special roundtable discussion of the finale and season. We hope you’ll join the conversation in the comments!

Lisa: What did you think of Pree (Thom Allen) and Gared (Gavin Fox) getting hitched? I was thrilled - love Pree!

Kollin: Yes, that was so adorable to see. That whole scene in the woods really was the perfect way to open the episode.

Lisa: Definitely! The calm before the storm. I also thought it was a really great pay out for the season to see so many of the introduced characters back and playing a role – Pip (Atticus Mitchell), the Ferren, Gander (Ted Atherton), even Captain Cardiff (Gord Rand).

Kollin: Yeah! It's too bad Alvis (Morgan Kelly) died before that opening scene, he was sorely missed just to see every character together. Am I the only one that didn't flinch at all at his death? I read some anger among fans on Spoilertv.

Lisa: I loved Alvis! Actually, just thought Kelly did a great job and they never really used his character the way they could have.

Kollin: Yeah, he definitely was not used to his full potential, I'll give him that.

Lisa: I loved how Turin's plot played out in the episode. And I always love the dialogue - when D'av (Luke Macfarlane) says no and it's Fancy (Sean Baek) who points out it's war not Prom! And Alvis did get to play a bit of a part as Dutch was pretty angry about his death, but wouldn't tell the others as it was a bad omen - so much set up for us to think they were going to lose big time...

Kollin: Yeah, I loved Turin's sort-of redemption and the bickering between him and Fancy…Fancy has some of the funniest lines for sure.

Lisa: Fancy is great! I'm glad they didn't kill him off, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him be a big death next season to up the stakes.

Kollin: Yeah? I would say either him or Turin.

Lisa: Or both - going out together in a blaze of glory!

Kollin: Yes! So long as the supporting character dies is not Pree.


Kollin: Killjoy fans would riot, but I don't think the writers would be that stupid

Lisa: I could see then having Gared killed and Pree sacrificing himself to avenge him...

Kollin: Oh...at the very end of the final season, maybe. What was your favorite moment from the episode?

Lisa: I think my favorite moment in the entire episode was when D'av is musing about baby names and says he hates the name Michelle - so bossy! LOL! Of course it was a shout out to Michelle Lovretta, creator and writer of the episode! I'm all about breaking the fourth wall - that stuff always leaps out at me. I can't actually pick just one favorite moment - what about you? I loved Lucy (Tamsen McDonough) saving Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) too!

Kollin: I was just so angry at them just laughing away with Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) like she's good now.

Lisa: They've always walked an odd line with her - she's truly an evil bitch, but then they will show her as having some humanity, which I don’t buy.

Kollin: Yeah. She has not earned it yet. Being pregnant with D'av baby is not earning it, lol!

Lisa: I wonder what she'd be like if they drained the green from her? Would she then be filled with remorse? They have certainly ramped up to redeem Aneela (Hannah John Kamen). I kind of loved the ending with Aneela, Dutch and Khylen (Rob Stewart) going into battle the Lady together.

Kollin: Yeah, I would mark that down as my favourite moment.

Lisa: I'm looking forward to having Rob Stewart back next season - as much as I hate spelling Khlyen!

Kollin: haha! Yeah, hopefully for an extended period.

Lisa: It will be really interesting to see how the next season plays out. Will a lot of it take place in two places - in and out of the green - or will that happen quickly and exactly who will make it out of the green?

Kollin: Yeah,that cliffhanger took Killjoys into a very interesting direction. I don't see Aneela making it out. I can't see Hannah John Kamen X 2 to last a whole season, as much as I love the actor.

Lisa: If they kill the Lady - and presumably the green with her, does that leave Kendry to be the big bad? Don't really feel she'll be up to it... they need to go bigger. I wonder if Aneela and Dutch will simply blend into one being?

Kollin: Yeah, I can see that possibly happening, a super Dutch/Aneela. Dutcheela!

Lisa: I thought John Kamen did a really good job creating Aneela - I loved the little girl voice she adopted - so perfect to go with the tantrums!

Kollin: Yeah, and as a side note, she will be in three films this year, minor roles, but with the work she has been putting it in, she deserves it

Lisa: WOW! She is in huge demand. I was hoping to see more of her on Game of Thrones at some point, but that seems very unlikely now. What did you think of the scene with John and Aneela - I was SO pleased that he knew she wasn't Dutch!

Kollin: Yeah, it would've been so stupid if he didn't notice, but yeah, that was a tense scene. I knew John wasn't going to die, but still. Luke Macfarlane did a good job in expressing that worry when he found John.

Lisa: I don't think the show would work without Ashmore. Let's face it, he's just a much, much better actor than Macfarlane - who admittedly has grown on me and improved.

Kollin: Yeah, Macfarlane took a big step forward this year, but Ashmore is definitely the stronger of the two actors.

Lisa: I think Macfarlane has benefited from having three years to think of John as his brother - he's definitely getting better at the emotional scenes and not leaning into the humor quite so much. I really like Atticus Mitchell as Pip. And I LOATH Kelly McCormack as Zeph.

Kollin: Yeah, Pip is ok, still hasn't been developed enough for me to care for. You really don’t like Zeph?

Lisa: Please kill her. Soon.

Kollin: Zeph is adorable.

Lisa: I have rarely hated a character more. On any show.

Kollin: I want to "Jaqobi sandwich" her.

Lisa: EW!

Kollin: Haha! So, you hate her more than Delle Seyah?

Lisa: Zeph SO annoying. I hate that a smart woman has to be that socially inept and grating. Yes. I do hate her more than Delle.

Kollin: Wow, ok. Would you say that your least fav moment was her kissing Pip then?

Lisa: Second least favorite moment. First, would be her telling John she loves him.

Kollin: Haha! Fair enough…

Lisa: That must never happen. You can't see her as the follow up to his great love, Pawter - which admittedly was sloppy seconds from D’av…

Kollin: Yeah. Yeah, Pawter :(  Speaking of follow up to Pawter, I hope Snatch gets cancelled and they bring back Stephanie Leonidas, she was awesome.


Kollin: That other girl was cringe-worthy.

Lisa: I adored Leonidas - but then I was a HUGE fan of Defiance. Also hated Tommie-Amber Pirie who they brought in to replace her. She was on Bitten and sucked on that too.... We definitely agree on this one! Leonidas is definitely worthy to be John's next love. Honestly, the seasons are so short, you'd think Leonidas could do both - so many do - and look at how much John Kamen does in the "off" season.

Kollin: Yah, that's true. Yep, the show needs a universally likeable female character outside of Aneela and Dutch.

Lisa: It is definitely female light, isn't it? And Dutch is so terrifically kickass - but so was Leonidas.

Kollin: Yes, getting back on Dutch, do you think she was the MVP of the episode...of the season? I think we can all agree on that.

Lisa: Yes. She really was the one to stay on mission and really challenged herself. And of course John Kamen gets it for doing double duty!

Kollin: Definitely. What is your opinion on her leaving John out on the whole her dying thing?
Lisa: That was stupid.

Kollin: Haha, alright, that pretty much sums it up.

Lisa: I wish they'd stop treating John like he's a fragile child - I think he proved quite the opposite in this episode - going into battle wounded and accepting Dutch's decision.

Kollin: Yeah, he was underused all season, but that scene showed us the John of old.

Lisa: I did love how chuffed he was at getting his little mod at the beginning of the season!

Kollin: Haha, yeah. That was classic.

Lisa: What did you think of the big Aneela/Dutch scene at the end? I really liked that Dutch injects her memories into Aneela and declares that she's done hiding in the shadows and that Aneela admits she hated Dutch because Khlyen loved Dutch more.

Kollin: Yeah, it was a very well acted scene from John-Kamen.

Lisa: They've only agreed to stop trying to kill each other long enough to kill the Lady, but I wonder if having Khlyen in the green with them will allow them to settle all their differences.

Kollin: Yeah, I think this time alone would be good for both of them.

Lisa: I thought the special effects were pretty good. Still annoying when space fights have noise in the vacuum of space, but that's pretty standard.

Kollin: Yeah, still Firefly is the only show to not do it. But let's not talk about Firefly, lol. Firefly was amazing. RIP. I loved the scene of the spiders coming out of the green liquid.

Lisa: Spiders are always super creepy! I also loved Pree and Gared coming out to go down in a blaze of glory like Butch and Sundance only to have the Hullen have their strings cut!

Kollin: Killjoys has really taken steps this season to be mentioned in the same sentence as shows like Firefly. Yeah, and Gared realizing how amazing it feels to kill.

Lisa: Yeah. Gared “getting over” being a pacifist was pretty funny! I always thought Killjoys was a lot better than Dark Matter - but there is a lot of distress over Killjoys getting renewed and not Dark Matter.

Kollin: Yeah, well Dark Matter had the richer characters for a season and a half, which helped elevate it above Killjoys, in my mind. But then when John, D'av, and Dutch started to really develop special chemistry halfway in season 2, Dark Matter became more of an afterthought.

Lisa: Interesting. I was immediately drawn to Killjoys because of Dutch being such a strong female character. I only made it through the first season of Dark Matter as none of the characters really jumped out at me...

Kollin: Ah, ok, yeah Dutch was always strong. But i thought the writing was a bit juvenile in season 1.

Lisa: OMG - I also loved D'av taunting Kendry about father's rights, and especially wanting to know her feeling on apostrophes! How I hate typing HIS name!!!

Kollin: Yeah, haha, the apostrophes. “Do you like apostrophes,” too funny! Well, final thoughts on the episode...of the season? What is your overall reaction to the episode and season in a few sentences.

Lisa: I thought it was a great season finale. Humor, action, thoughtful comments on memory and legacy, and it ended with some great cliffhangers. I don't think that I'm quite as big a fan of the overall season as you are. I loved John Kamen's twofer, but I found the beginning of the season a bit scattered with the team not together.

Kollin: Yeah, fair point. The Stephanie Leonidas replacement chief among them. I thought the storyline though was excellent, it really helped elevate the season leading up to a great finale - arguably the best of the 3. It was really on point with the characters and the humour, and very emotional too.

Lisa: Agree - definitely the best finale yet!

So, what did YOU think of the season and the finale? Sound off in the comments below!

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