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Scene Of The Week - August 20, 2017 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

GAME OF THRONES, "Eastwatch", August 13, 2017, Actors: Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, Kristofer Hivju, Rory McCann and more, The Scenes: The Ending & Jon touches Drogon
Justyna K:
Many happy returns and reunions took place in this episode but it's the moment at the very end that stole the hour for me. Just the fact that all these characters, who never really had a chance to interact with each other before, are heading out together to face their worst enemy gives this scene such a powerful meaning. I'm very much excited to see the dynamics between these men and all the fights ahead of them. It's quite surreal to imagine this company of seven characters from completely different backgrounds and stories join forces for this suicide mission. I do hope most of them will make it but I'm definitely expecting the loss to be a part of this journey beyond the Wall. When Jon, Davos, Gendry and Jorah arrive at the Eastwatch we get a glimpse of what the interactions between the group will be and it's already brilliant. With Tormund, the Hound and the Brotherhood there, things are about to get even better. Can't wait. Absolutely loved that final shot with everyone facing the North. Kudos to cast & crew for yet another great episode.
Milo: The way that the hastily assembled characters were heading out at the end of an episode on a suicide mission echoed The Magnificent Seven and other such movies in how they were assembled from a bunch of misfits who never got on well into a team. The shot of them going North of the wall was epic, ending the episode on a really strong note.
Darth Locke: It's not so much that scene like this wasn't anticipated at some point, but rather there is something so emotionally gratifying at seeing a long-wished belief further realized. The show has always been good at nuance and doesn't always need words to reveal some of its greatest mysteries, but this scene really was done so well and was rightfully placed in the narrative, as Jon is about to leave Daenerys to head out on what could easily be perceived as a suicide mission. Looking back it took this almost tender and mysterious scene and made it all the more bittersweet looking ahead, as the penultimate episode of the season feels like it's going to be another game changer.

HALT AND CATCH FIRE, "So it Goes", August 19, 2017, Actors: Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy and more
The Scene: Opening Scene
Fast paced with a brilliant score, this opening scene instantly thrust us back into the new season with an excellent starting point as we got to see what Joe and Gordon were up to. I've been really looking forward to and I was sold on this from the get go.

MIDNIGHT TEXAS, "Sexy Beast", August 14, 2017, Actors: François Arnaud, Peter Mensah and more, The Scene: Manfred kills the Succubus
Darth Locke:
This episode was just plain fun, being delightfully silly in a lot of respects, but I chose this scene, because of the effort Lemuel makes to give this creature a chance coming right after last week's episode with Lemuel taking a chance with other vamps that he nearly dies for. Manfred deciding to just cut to the chase was in some ways hysterical by being somewhat anticlimactic (and fits right in with the end of the first novel's narrative)--and shows thoughtful story progression, despite having a case of the week feel. But what about those teeth, though?

RAY DONOVAN, "Las Vegas", August 13, 2017, Actors: Lili Simmons, Liev Schreiber, The Scene: Final Scene
Darth Locke:
Natalie James shows up on Ray's doorstep after saving her own dog. I really was not expecting the second episode of the season to be so good, but it was so well put together and meticulously layered, while also remaining so heartbreakingly surreal. It's clearer now to see Abby echoed through many of the newer female cast and also Ray's long deceased mother. The final scene with Ray just staring at the opening in the wall, the ones where the raccoons never were, with Natalie taking matters into her own hands after Ray had failed to save the dog himself was such poignant way to end the episode.

RICK AND MORTY, "Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender", August 13, 2017, Voiced by: Justin Roiland, The Scene: Rick leaves a heartfelt drunk message for Noob Noob
It was kind of hard to pick a scene from this thrill ride, but I think it has to be either this one or the dance party at the end. And while that was fun, this one was just cruel and hilarious to see. I don’t even know if it was really meant for Noob Noob anymore. What was all the baby decor and aesthetics doing there at the beginning of the ride? I thought surely that was Rick trying to have Morty remember his childhood and his innocence. I don’t know. But to see Rick actually cry was worth everything to me. And it’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last. This man does care…it’s just in odd, staggering ways.

SALVATION, "From Russia, With Love", August 16, 2017, Actors: Santiago Cabrera, Jennifer Finnigan
The Scene: Grace and Darius dance and open up to each other
Grace and Darius dancing and opening up to each other, while both of them are high off the Russian drug! Grace is becoming one of my favorite kick-a** heroines and Salvation, with its great writing and cast is fast becoming my favorite summer show!

SHADOWHUNTERS, "Beside Still Water", August 14, 2017, Actors: Matthew Daddario, Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood and more, The Scene: Jace's death
Justyna K:
It was a truly great finale of this much improved second season of the show. There were several moments worth highlighting but it's the scene of Jace's death that hit me the most. Though the death itself ended up being reversed pretty soon it doesn't take away from this powerful moment, made especially memorable by seeing the parabatai bond breaking. After watching the episode I came to the conclusion that this bond, represented on the show by Alec and Jace, is probably my favorite thing about the series and I wish we would get more focus on it. In this particular scene we see the sudden death of Jace and heartbroken Clary staying by his side till his last breath (great performance by Katherine McNamara) but in parallel we also follow Alec and the horrible pain he's feeling with his parabatai dying. The emotional aspect of the scene is especially clear with the flashbacks of the growing bond between Jace and Alec over the years, going back even to their childhood. I didn't expect this one to happen and the editing, along with music and actors' performances, made this scene especially memorable and quite possibly one of the best in the series for me. Kudos to cast & crew for all their work in this moment and the entire episode!

SUITS, "Home to Roost", August 16, 2017, Actors: Jordan Johnson-Hinds, Patrick J. Adams, The Scene: Oliver kills it in court
It was even harder to pick a scene from this show and this episode this week. Every week is becoming increasingly harder to choose. And despite this being yet another short scene, again, I had no other choice here. Oliver finally being able to kill it in court was everything. And Mike sitting there in the back to watch him was the best! Unfortunately it was short lived because Alex has some weird, shady agenda but it was amazing. I hope we can still continue to see more of Oliver despite this prison case going off the rails.

TEEN WOLF, "After Images", August 13, 2017, Actors: Dylan Sprayberry, Michael Hogan and more
The Scene: The final scene
The final scene, Gerald's big plan revealed. I really enjoy the back half of TW's final season and the build up towards the revelations was perfectly handled. Tyler did an amazing job directing and somehow Dylan's performance felt reliable.

THE DEFENDERS, "Worst Behavior", August 18, 2017, Actors: Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Élodie Yung and more, The Scenes: The Defenders fight together for the first time & The Birth of Black Sky
Justyna K:
There's so many things I loved about this miniseries but fortunately the two scenes that I wanted to highlight the most from the first half of the season are both included in the article. Elektra's rebirth and transformation were such a powerful and brilliant sequence, with excellent performances by Élodie Yung and Sigourney Weaver. But the scene I wanted to focus on is the first fight of the Defenders. The show spends the first three episodes leading to this moment, to the part where our four main heroes finally meet and are immediately faced with dozens of fighters working for the Hand, including Elektra (or rather Black Sky). Such a good time to be a fan with all these characters joining forces. They don't all know each other but they recognize they're on the same side and support one another when needed. The fight in the hallway is brilliant on its own, with each of the characters getting their chance to shine but the most memorable part for me is Matt vs. Elektra. These two are both excellent fighters but in addition to their great skills the moment becomes especially significant when Matt is able to recognize his old love standing in front of him. His reaction and his subsequent actions in the next episodes are truly heartbreaking to watch. Kudos to Charlie Cox, who is absolutely fantastic in his performance throughout the series. The entire main fight is so well done. The choreography, the music, the shifts between characters, they all really set the tone for the story. Will surely go back to re-watch this one. Brilliant work by the cast & crew. Kudos!
Milo: First Defenders Group Fight Scene. I really loved the fight scene with Matt, Jessica, Luke and Danny against the Hand at the end of third episode. It was badass seeing them all fight on the same page together, especially with Elektra involved as well and everything paid out really strongly, playing to their abilities effectively.
Laura: I haven’t watched the show yet but this fight scene was pretty awesome and it’s making me want to binge all the seasons I haven’t seen just so I could get the context for this fight!
Marko: The Birth of Black Sky. Such an amazing scene. So beautifully executed with perfect performances from Élodie Yung and Sigourney Weaver.

THE SINNER, "Part III", August 16, 2017, Actors: Jessica Biel, Christopher Abbott and more
The Scene: The end scene with the masked man (picked by DarkUFO)

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