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Scene Of The Week - August 13, 2017 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

GAME OF THRONES, "The Spoils of War", August 6, 2017, Actors: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jerome Flynn, Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams and more, The Scenes: The final sequence & Arya and Sansa reunite & Arya trains with Brienne
Justyna K:
The final sequence of the episode was, without a doubt, one of the most impressive, action-packed, nerve-racking scenes the show has ever done. We have seen quite a few battles, life or death fights and shocking turns of events in the series but this one was probably the most conflicting and emotionally charged of them all. There's usually a clear choice, a right side and characters to root for, yet it wasn't quite as simple in this sequence. While I may not be the biggest fan of Jaime, his reaction (and Tyrion's) when watching his men burn alive was truly painful to see. The worst of his nightmares coming alive... More than that, while it was completely understandable and logical on Dany's part to use her dragon to attack her enemies, there's something about the complete destruction, fire and smoke everywhere and some brave men still trying to stand up and fight, that made it quite uneasy to watch. And then there's Bronn. I genuinely like his character and was probably most worried about him during the entire sequence. And yet I think he truly ended up being the hero of the battle. Not only was he able to actually shoot a dragon (!!) I'm quite certain that he's the one who saved Jaime's life at the end. For a man who only seems to care about gold and castles that was quite a sacrifice to make. I'm really glad both Bronn and Drogon stayed alive after their confrontation. Again, such a conflicting sequence. Fantastic work by the actors & the crew responsible for the scene. Kudos!
Milo: The obvious one this week is going to be the battle sequence between Jaime and Drogon. It was just pure awesomeness from start to finish, delivered in a bloody, brutal way that Game of Thrones does really well. Seeing the arrival of the Dothraki followed by Dany unleashing hell on the Lannister army was superb, coupled by the fact that they gave us people to like on both sides of the conflict. It was just a sheer masterpiece of television and one of the best battle sequences that the series has ever done. I loved it.
Marine: Battle of the Loot Train: This was a spectacular sequence wrapping up an amazing episode. Everything in this battle is perfect: the direction, the acting, the editing, the effects... it is not only amazing to watch but also emotionally engaging as the fate of many main characters is on the spot and keeps the viewers on the edge of their seat.
Saloni: Arya and Sansa reunite in the crypt below Winterfell. A moment many seasons in the making! And I loved it. I know people were underwhelmed but look at what they've been through. Did you really expect lots of tears? It was great that they caught up, finally, and got to be with each other and got to be sisters even if it was fleeting. The best part was that they were standing by Ned's statue. I also loved Brienne's slight smile when she sees the three Stark kids just walking in the yard.
Darth Locke: This yet again another one of those episodes where I find myself really torn about what scene to choose, especially with an episode that presented a really disturbing and well-filmed battle sequence, but I chose this scene for both the choreography of the fight sequence itsel (it was nice to see Arya's advancements) but also for something a little unsettling cloaked in playfulness, as Arya gives Brienne a run for her money, and Sansa and Littlefinger watch slightly uncomfortable from above--which may be furthered by fan theories of a shadowy figure scene walking across an open corridor during the training session.. In addition the scene foreshadowed the culture clash that is the battle of the loot train and may be teasing a Littlefinger, Arya and Sansa showdown of some sort due to both Littlefinger's Braavosi heritage and the ring around the rosy with Catspaw!

KILLJOYS, "The Wolf You Feed", August 11, 2017, Actors: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Rob Stewart, The Scene: Dutch finds out the truth about her origin
Justyna K:
This week Dutch risked her life and sanity trying to learn more about Aneela, and yet she ended up finding the origin story of herself. Khlyen's secrets have been haunting Yalena for years but it turns out that nothing was quite as shocking and heartbreaking as the truth. Dutch isn't a clone or a twin, or family descendant of Aneela, she IS Aneela. Or rather a memory of young Aneela that came alive through the power of green plasma and Aneela's will. Even in terms of the show's complex story this seems absolutely impossible. While the memories can be accessed and shared via plasma, they should never be able to come alive... This crushing truth brings even more questions like: is there a connection between Dutch and Aneela that makes it impossible to take one down without hurting the other? Just watching Dutch slowly realizing the truth was painful but her reaction when everything really hit her was heartbreaking. I love the friendship between Dutch and Johnny so I'm especially glad that he was there for her. It truly looked like the quiet embrace at the end was the only thing keeping Dutch together in that moment. Hannah John-Kamen has been doing an incredible work this season with her two characters but she was especially brilliant in this hour. Kudos to cast & crew for such a powerful and memorable episode!

ORPHAN BLACK, "To Right the Wrongs of Many", August 12, 2017, Actors: Tatiana Maslany, Kevin Hanchard, Maria Doyle Kennedy, The Scenes: The parallel delivery scene & The sestras talk in the backyard
Darth Locke:
Sarah and Art help Helena deliver her babies/Mrs. S helps Sarah deliver Kira flashback. It's hard to believe that it's over for Clone Club, but while the first half of the final episode was thrilling and intense the remaining half an hour was a beautiful more introspective look into the beginnings of the rest of the lives of beloved characters. The parallel delivery scenes served as a great transition and was one of Orphan Black's most emotional scenes. I will miss this show greatly, but am very glad that the writers let us have an ending with the future wide open, mostly hopeful, and reminding us all of all the little things that make life special.
Luana: The sestras talk in the backyard. There was a lot going on in this finale, but aftermath was also so well explored in this few scenes, the fact that Sarah doesn't know how to be happy, and realizing that her sisters will be there to support her no matter what, and that they all struggle, but they can share the struggle now. Tatiana Maslany has been amazing throughout and this scene, where they all come together was the perfect way to showcase that one last time, giving us the closest thing to a happy ending we could ever imagine. Bravo!
DJRiter: The final backyard fire pit scene with the Sestras gathered. If ever there was a scene to showcase how brilliant Tatiana Maslany has been these past five years portraying these amazing characters this is it. And it all comes back to where it began, as Sarah tearfully confesses there's no one left to fight and she doesn't know how to be happy. That brief dialogue from that moment was, to me, powerful enough to win Maslany another much deserved Emmy!

RAY DONOVAN, "Abby", August 6, 2017, Actors: Liev Schreiber, Paula Malcomson, The Scene: Ray's and Abbie's car crash
Darth Locke:
The one thing I always forget about Ray Donovan between each season is how great some of the opening season episodes can really be, as they play on surrealism and this episode did not disappoint. Without giving anything in premiere away, I'll just say that clearly this scene, because of whom caused the crash, seemed like it will mark the season and where ever it is Ray goes.

RICK AND MORTY, "Pickle Rick", August 6, 2017, Voiced by: Justin Roiland and more, The Scenes: Pickle Rick on the military base & Rick kills the rats in the sewer
Pickle Rick was just pure gold this week. I loved the whole John Wick-type action movie homage inside the military base with him wandering around shooting soldiers, the fact that it played to the strengths of the cliches of the genre it poked fun of was really well done and seeing the never-ending OTT bloodshed never got tiring.
Laura: The entire action sequence of Rick killing the rats in the sewer. Hoo boy. On the surface, this episode could’ve been style over substance, especially with this long drawn-out action scene we’ve been teased with for two years now. But the opposite couldn’t be more true here. Rick, trapped inside a pickle, builds a contraption to kill and dismember a rat to then make a rat suit able to fight the rest of the rats. It works, boy, oh boy, does it work. It’s some of the best action scenes of all time, and this is including live action ones too! To think this is just some animated cartoon pulling off stuff like this is remarkable. I know everyone’s all about some other fight sequences on another show right now but for my money, this was where it was at this week. Well done. I’m going to be rewatching this scene, and this episode, forevermore.

SUITS, "Brooklyn Housing", August 9, 2017, Actors: Gabriel Macht and more, The Scene: Harvey looks for and gets worried about Mike
This scene only lasted about 15 seconds, so I think you already know how I’m feeling about this episode. Jeez, what a boring and infuriating outing. And the one thing I didn’t want this show to do again, they did again. Of course. Mike and Harvey are contractually obligated to fight for the stupidest reasons at least once a season. Because that’s what makes intriguing drama, right? Okay, let me get off this tangent and talk about what worked. It was a cute scene with Harvey really needing Mike for something, and for him to go after Rachel to find him means he was desperate. I liked the desperation. I only wish the episode kept more scenes like this one.

THE BOLD TYPE, "The Breast Issue", August 8, 2017, Actors: Katie Stevens and more, The Scene: Jane explodes in front of everyone
I always love watching Katie Stevens, she's always fun, but this time she truly broke my heart, talking about her mom's death and how hard it had hit her. Also showing us once more how amazing Jacqueline is in spite of how unfair Jane was being to her. I seriously can't get enough of this show.

WYNONNA EARP, "I See a Darkness", August 11, 2017, Actors: Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, The Scenes: Wynonna arrives at the hospital & Nicole gives Wynonna instructions in case of the worst
Wynonna arrives at the hospital to find Nicole has been cured and questions what Waverly's done. Gah, this episode. I don't even think calling it an emotional roller coaster does it justice. So much happened and there were so many great scenes, but this gutted me. It started out so well with Wynonna being overwhelmed with relief & not quite able to believe Nicole was alive and well. Then the suspicion creeped in which was matched by Waverly's guilt-ridden face, and then Wynonna's hurt and anger at her sister's lack of faith in her as she realized what she'd done. The Earp sisters relationship is my favorite thing about this show, so to have them at such odds is hard to watch and I'm expecting the aftermath of this to be brutal, but you could see it coming throughout the episode. The gang was trying to desperately convince themselves they could save Nicole when all the odds are against them, so when a person is dangling a cure in front of your eyes, and time is running out? You're going to make the deal with the devil.
Luana: Nicole gives Wynonna instructions in case the worst thing happens. This episode was heavy, but this moment stood out to me, Nicole and Wynonna's relationship is being developed beautifully. It was heartbreaking to see Wynonna care for her and what her death could do to Waverly, and Nicole's reasoning was as sound as it was painful. She knew Waverly wasn't going to be able to let her go and Wynonna would be the only person she'd ever forgive, it shows just how much she knows them both and how important she is to everyone.

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