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Shadowhunters - A Dark Reflection - Advance Preview "Lies And Leylines"

Previously on Shadowhunters Jace and Clary travelled to Idris on an unsanctioned mission on the hunt for Valentine and learnt interesting information after an unfortunate outcome, Simon and Maia attend the Lewis' family dinner for Yom Kippur, and Sebastian/Jonathan and Valentine grew closer.

This week Clary is facing some personal repercussions following the mission in the last episode and after learning that her brother is actually alive, her optimistic views and wanting to see the good in everyone may land her and the people she cares about in a bit of trouble. Her search for her brother is suspended slightly by the news that someone from her past has found themselves in the line of danger guarding some information that may be of use to the Shadowhunters, and that someone else she knows may now be in danger because of it. This leads her on a new path, that may very well interest Sebastian, who is looking for the same thing she is.
Sebastian (or I guess Jonathan in this case) struggles with his loyalty to Valentine and his loyalty to Clary, which leads to some interesting choices on his part. Also, following what they went through last episode, Jace spends the entirety of this episode by Clary's side, and steps up once again to protect her. As always with Shadowhunters, it's one step forward and two steps back.

In this week's other main storyline, Max is excelling in his training enough that both the Clave and Alec to think that he is ready for his first mission, which Izzy is vehemently against following their run in with Kaelie earlier this season. She thinks Max isn't ready and Alec is making the wrong call to put him in the field so early, so she spends a majority of the episode putting Max through his paces with a variety of training exercises. She enlists Simon for one of the exercises, which may help her come round on the idea. It's nice to see her play the protective sister and Simon play the supportive friend to her in this episode. If their relationship continues this way for now then we may see a slight divergence to the books, which might eliminate one of the storylines that some fans weren't overly happy about. For now it's just nice to see them clearly there for each other when it comes to multiple personal issues.

Elsewhere, both Simon and Maia may receive a little bit of help when it comes to broaching the topic of an advancement in their relationship following their connection during last episode's meal, and Magnus discovers that Alec has broken a promise he made previously, which he does not react well to.

This episode we get to see a lot of the characters struggling with what they want to be the truth and what the truth actually is, sometimes with possible catastrophic consequences. What scenes are you most hoping to see in 'A Dark Reflection'? Remember to tune in Monday at 8.00 on Freeform.

And with that I'm going to leave you with a few teasers to tide you over until Monday:
- Although Luke isn't biologically a father to anyone, he's undoubtedly one of the best dads on TV
- Two characters share a kiss who have not previously kissed before
- A character we've seen before may know the location of the Mortal Mirror
- You get to see a lot more of Jonathan this episode
- My theory that Magnus and Alec go home, have dinner, and tell each other everything about their day is basically confirmed
- The fates of multiple people may hang in the balance after this episode

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