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2017 Character Cup - Round 5 - Final Four

With Bellamy beating Peggy Carter by the narrowest of margins in the last round, we have our final four contestants: Bellamy Blake, Jamie Fraser, Alex Danvers, and Buffy Summers. Here's hoping for as an exciting semi-final round as we have had in the previous ones. The winners at this stage are always the fandoms that get the world out to the most people the quickest so spread the word for your champions. Please don't forget to remind people to vote only once per poll though while you do. I appreciate everyone for making this a fair Character Cup and keeping the drama to the polls and not the voting process. Thanks also to everyone who has been commenting in our TV Talk Topics, making it an awesome discussion. You have made this one of my favorite Character Cups. As for the Prediction Competition, Noor continues to lead at 75 points with Amber Lacy right behind her at 74 points. Should there be an upset now, it will break almost everyone in the top 10's brackets, including mine. Should make for an interesting round! Don't forget to vote in the mini-contest as well and as always, happy voting!

Special thanks to Rendy for making this title card!

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Today's TV Talk Topic:

It's a Small World After All - Over the years, the SpoilerTV community has discussed diversity a lot, mostly in the terms of race, gender, and sexual preference. However, with Sesame Street adding an autistic character, recently there has been a lot of discussion about the way TV portrays both physical and mental disabilities. How well do you think TV has been doing in showing the wide spectrum of abilities? Which shows have done the best in this regard? Which characters have been the best TV advocates? Were there any shows that specifically addressed differently abled people when you were a kid? Which types do you think need to be addressed more on TV?

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