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Scene Of The Week - May 28, 2017 + POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

12 MONKEYS, "Witness", May 21, 2017, Actors: James Callis, Emily Hampshire, Alisen Down and more, The Scenes: The Dying Man's return & Athan taunts Olivia before she kills him
It feels like Season 3 was such an intense and wonderful journey for the characters and the viewers. It went by so incredibly fast yet left a lasting impression with all the new developments and mysteries evolving. One of the most important parts of the season was clearly the introduction of Cole and Cassie's son - Athan. Athan's story turned out to be far more complex than one might assume and the actors portraying him, especially James Callis, did a great job showing us just how much he's influenced both by his parents and by the environment he grew up in. With both sides fighting for him, in the end he made his own choice and gave up his life for the things he believed in. I absolutely loved the entire sequence when we discover what happened to Athan after he got shot. The reveal that he's the dying man from Jennifer's vision and she's been waiting for him, in just the right place and time to save his life, it's all beautifully done by the cast & crew. His recovery, the conversation with Jennifer, giving her strength and sharing his faith in her abilities, and finally the long-awaited return to Titan. Back in Titan, Athan chose not to embrace his role as the Witness but instead to save his parents and fight Olivia and her allies till his death. His goodbyes with Cole and Cassandra were both powerful and felt incomplete, as they all come to understand they lost their chance to be a family and are left regretting that they never got to really know each other. Athan is their son but despite the fact that they caught glimpses of one another, it's just that, glimpses and nothing else. It's both sad and beautiful how the knowledge they were right to have faith in their son means Cole and Cassie need to lose him all over again. He proves that they made a good choice trying to save him, yet proving that costs him his life. Wonderful job by all the actors and crew involved. The sequence of the dying man's final story was certainly one of the most memorable scenes from season three of 12 Monkeys. Kudos! Can't wait to see what's next already.
Darth Locke: Athan taunts Olivia before she murders him. Although I really hope this was not James Callis' final appearance on the series, because he did a phenomenal job, but also I feel like something's still missing with his storyline. I also chose this scene because it leaves viewers with so many contradictory notions. Athan just tenderly reassured his mother that history is unwritten, but then he turns around and threatens Olivia with a certainly doomed fate, where Olivia actually cries, despite what a major coup she and Mallick just achieved - then couple that with the fact that Athan could not save Eliza no matter what he did - it begs the question of what's really true here.

AMERICAN GODS, "Git Gone", May 21, 2017, Actors: Emily Browning, Betty Gilpin
The Scene: Audrey finds Laura in her home (picked by Mark)

ARCHER, "Archer Dreamland: Auflösung", May 24, 2017, Voiced by: H. Jon Benjamin, The Scene: Archer visits Woodhouse's grave
This was a season full of ups and downs, beautiful animation, and some wasted potential. The finale was a pretty good amalgamation of all of that, but its ending was really sweet. Archer finally gets answers on who killed Woodhouse (Barry. I knew it) and he visits his grave, finally having peace with what happened. He goes and puts some heroin on his tomb, but also a rock, not knowing if he was Jewish or not. He was a private person, and never really talked about that stuff. One can assume this was also how the real Woodhouse went about his business. Though we did get the Reggie backstory once upon a time, and I'm still thankful for that. Anyhow, he leaves by saying, "Oh, I'm gonna miss the shit outta you". It's quite beautiful - and then it ends by fading to whiteness. We can guess Season 9 could be Archer waking up from the coma. And I will miss Archer until then. But for what this season was? I enjoyed it. And I really enjoyed this masterfully done scene.

ARROW, "Lian Yu", May 24, 2017, Actors: Stephen Amell, Susanna Thompson, Josh Segarra, The Scenes: Oliver calls his mother in the flashback & Adrian Chase vs. Oliver Queen on the boat
Oliver calls his mother in the flashback. This scene simply left me heartbroken, an on-point perfect performance by both Susanna and Stephen. This moment was the missing piece we never knew was missing.
Milo: Adrian Chase vs. Oliver Queen on the boat. This was such an awesome fight sequence that really worked, and showcased how good both Amell and Segarra were in this episode.

BABY DADDY, "Daddy's Girl", May 22, 2017, Actors: Derek Theler, Chelsea Kane
The Scene: Danny and Riley meet their son
Klutzy girl:
Although I wish we had gotten a name for him, I loved seeing them as a family of three for the first time.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, "Crime and Punishment", May 23, 2017, Actors: Stephanie Beatriz, Andre Braugher, The Scene: Holt tries to get Rosa to stay
Oh, what a heartbreaking end to a phenomenal season. And Andre Braugher does it again with this gut punch of a scene. With twist after twist making it look unlikely for Jake and Rosa to secure a not-guilty vote, Rosa is ready to skip town, disguise and all. But one last talk with Holt on the bus gets her to change her mind. I mean, if you had Andre Braugher getting emotional with you, wouldn't you follow him anywhere? That's not the point here, though. What is the point is that the dynamic of Holt and Rosa has always been one of my favourites. The scene where they both cry together is probably in my top 5 scenes of the show. So it was almost inevitable that one of their many scenes in this finale would be my pick. So, why this one, then? It's so quiet, so subtle, yet so completely all-encompassing that it makes me want to cry. Rosa is ready to give up everything. She thinks as though she has nothing to stick around for. She'd rather go to some remote place in Argentina, with or without scorpions, then stick it out and go to jail. But it's Holt's words that convince her to try, to keep going, to fight the good fight. "Your family will miss you" - not her blood family, but the Nine-Nine. Ahhhhh. It's all too much for me. And it was so poignant and beautiful. The scene where she embraces Holt in the courtroom (and Gina right after) was so close to being my vote. But nope. It had to be this one. Man, what am I going to do this summer without this beautiful show? A rewatch is in order. People, WATCH THIS SHOW! You have no excuse.

BULL, "Benevolent Deception", May 23, 2017, Actors: Michael Weatherly, Eliza Dushku
The Scene: JP and Bull talk at the end
I've loved Eliza Dushku for a long time and the chemistry with Michael is great. I hope this means there's more to come of these two.

DOCTOR WHO, "The Pyramid at the End of the World", May 27, 2017, Actors: Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, The Scene: Bill makes a deal to save the Doctor
A deal made out of love. I'm truly surprised and impressed by the current season of the show. It feels like the best one for Twelfth Doctor, just when we're getting ready to say goodbye to him, making it even harder. The Doctor spent the last couple of episodes keeping a secret from Bill, he lied about getting his sight back when he never did. During the hour we finally learn the true consequence of that. Even blind the Doctor is still able to save the world, just not himself. That's the difference that changes everything in the end. Learning the truth in that moment, seconds before the Doctor potentially dying, hits Bill pretty hard. Her reaction, the look on her face, it says it all. The heartbreak, fear, guilt, they all lead Bill to the only possible solution that saves the Doctor - making the deal with the Monks. She pretty much gives away the planet, despite the Time Lord's requests not to, just so he could get his sight back and get out safely from the incoming blast. It's such a significant turn, a decision that I expect to weigh heavily on Bill in the future. It's barely a beginning of her story and she's already forced to make the impossible choice. What I found especially interesting is that she doesn't hesitate, she goes with what's in her heart, putting her faith once again in the Doctor to help fix whatever she's breaking. Their relationship has grown so quickly and the actors are doing an excellent job in all their interactions, even when it's just the call. Kudos to cast & crew for such a powerful scene & the episode!

FARGO, "The Lord of No Mercy", May 24, 2017, Actors: Ewan McGregor, David Thewlis, The Scenes: Emmit accidentally kills Ray & Varga help Emmit after he kills Ray
Darth Locke:
Emmit accidentally kills Ray by Glass Frame. I don't know if it's that Emmit is a such a horribly non reactive character or if it was Ray just pulling the shard out of his neck that made this such a crazy murder scene to watch, but Fargo continues to find creative ways with such mix-emotional reactions from characters involved that makes it so complexly compelling, despite the simplicity of cause of death.
DarkUFO: Varga help Emmit after he kills Ray.

INTO THE BADLANDS, "Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire", May 21, 2017, Actor: Nick Frost, The Scene: Bajie reaches a radio tower
Darth Locke:
Final Scene - Bajie reaches a radio tower. Although Bajie's fate is left uncertain, but looking pretty bad, I really love that in such a timely moment the series showed us just how much more he knew about the book, the compass, and Azra. But technology-wise, what the show added was also pretty cool - a book and compass can also be a physical codex that works with the controls that send some kind of signal?! That was an awesome finish after such a dramatic and somewhat sad episode.

iZOMBIE, "Eat a Knievel", May 23, 2017, Actors: David Anders, Robert Knepper, The Scene: Blaine puts his dad down a well
As much as Blaine's redemption story was fun, seeing him back to his bad-ass self is even better, and his dad completely deserved this. We've heard before about how Blaine was a horrible child growing up and his dad hates him, but this is a rare time when we hear it from the other side as the abuse his dad subjected him and his mum to is revealed. His dad proclaims he was trying to make Blaine into a man, and then finishes his tirade by proclaiming that Blaine is a waste of his sperm. If this was any other show or any other character, this scene would be pretty heavy emotionally and you'd walk away from it feeling pretty worn down. But this is Blaine, he's heard this and much worse from his father before, so all we get is an acknowledgement that the sperm comment stings and away his father goes down the well.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, "In the Eye Abides the Heart", May 23, 2017, Actors: Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, Lindsey Shaw, The Scenes: Paige says a final goodbye to Emily & Alison confesses how she feels about Emily
Paige and Emily have been through a lot over the years, had a number of false starts and every time it seems like they're going somewhere, another obstacle gets in the way. This time that obstacle came in the form of Alison being pregnant with Emily's baby. It's the type of nonsensical storyline Pretty Little Liars has come to own, and you go with the flow because the alternative makes your head hurt. Emily can't abandon Alison but doesn't want to lose Paige so suggests they try to make it work, but Paige knows that can't happen. They both know that Emily has to do it, and my heart breaks as Paige walks away for the final time. When Paige was first introduced I couldn't have imagined that she would go on to be one of my favorite characters, and one of the best things about Pretty Little Liars.
Luana: Alison confesses how she feels about Emily. It was a great thing for Paige to get Alison to be honest for once, it shows a lot of growth from both sides. Sasha was amazing here, fearful, almost breathless as she described her feelings for Emily.

SHADES OF BLUE, "Broken Dolls", May 21, 2017, Actors: Jennifer Lopez, Ray Liotta
The Scene: Wozniak forgives Harlee
Wozniak finally forgives Harlee. Woz has been wanting to forgive Harlee for a while, but after comparing her betrayal to Julia's he finally understands, and truly forgives her. It was amazing to see these two together, they are the heart of the show. I just hope this doesn't mean goodbye for good, for any of them.

SUPERGIRL, "Nevertheless, She Persisted", May 22, 2017, Actors: Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Calista Flockhart, Chris Wood, The Scenes: Alex tells Kara that she's proud of her & Cat is revealed to know the truth & Kara and Mon-El's goodbye
Alex tells Kara that she's proud of her. The finale was ok. It wasn't the best but it had some watchable moments, like this scene. I loved how Alex brought up Kara comforting her in the aftermath of Maggie's rejection even though Alex didn't want it, because this scene was a nice sort of parallel to that. I love that the focus was on Alex being proud of Kara for what she's achieved and being the hero she always knew Kara could be, rather than the heartbreak of Mon-El leaving. The show is always at its best when Alex/Kara are at the forefront of it, because Chyler & Melissa know how to bring it and I hope next season brings the focus back to them.
Klutzy girl: After Kara leaves to deal with something, Cat reveals she does know she's Supergirl. It was fairly obvious she knew the whole time but it was nice to finally get confirmation! Nothing can get past her. Also picked by Diana
Saloni: Kara and Mon-El's goodbye scene only because Melissa Benoist was really great in that one.
DJRiter: Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh have given us so many great Danvers Sisters scenes since the show began, however there was just something special with this one. It brought the sisters full circle this season, showing how much Alex has grown this season with a nice call back to Kara telling Alex how proud she was of her in Changing and Alex telling Kara how proud of her she was in this lovely scene. The Danvers sisters bond was strongest when Alex softly asked Kara, "What do you need right now?" And Kara's response to her sister was, "Never let her go." Essentially telling Alex to never let go of the love she found. This one is going near the top of my list as one of my favorite sister scenes ever. As always, Chyler and Melissa gave so much heart and depth to a short, simple scene.

THE 100, "Praimfaya", May 24, 2017, Actors: Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, The Scenes: Clarke's "head and heart" talk with Bellamy & The ending
It's always a challenge to choose just one scene from an episode with so many memorable and wonderfully done moments. First, let me just mention there were four scenes I wanted to highlight the most: Octavia and Bellamy's goodbye call, Clarke's speech about using both head and heart, Raven and Bellamy standing united back on the Ark and the "6 years later" ending. There's plenty of things that can be said about all these and I highly recommend re-watching them to all. But since I'm only choosing one scene, I ended up with Clarke's "head and heart" speech. Both Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley did an incredible job in the finale, and especially this moment. Like Clarke admits, these two have been through so much, and even though the beginning of their friendship wasn't an easy one, they've grown to really know and understand each other. More than that, the show so often seems to be at its best whenever Clarke and Bellamy work together. There's a great balance between them, the head and the heart, the logical and the emotional approach with two sides looking for the best possible compromise under the worst of circumstances. It's trust and a strong connection, whether you see it as a friendship or a building romantic relationship, it's impossible not to admit that these two and their interactions were always one of the things at the centre of the show. In this beautiful scene Clarke both admits that and asks Bellamy to learn how to carry on without her (if needed), to become both the heart and the head in the future, to be able to lead and inspire people when they need it the most. His response ("I got you for that") is just one of the examples of this great dialogue between the two. The actors once again prove that they're giving some of their best performances whenever they're working together. As revealed in the last scene of the episode, despite the passage of time, these characters' bond still remains there, at least on Clarke's side as she's still hopeful that her friends are on their way back to her and she continues to try to reach out and call Bellamy every day since the death wave. I'm very much interested to see their dynamics in the next season, especially considering the growth they both had to do during these six years. Kudos to cast & crew for this incredible season! Until we meet again.
Jimmy: Clarke speaks to Bellamy shortly before they part ways. This scene featured fantastic dialog and was beautifully directed by Dean White.
Marko: Clarke tries to reach the Ark 6 years and 7 days after Praimfaya. Such a powerful ending I really didn't expect. Clarke found peace in her loneliness and you see the weight has moved from her shoulders. Loved the peaceful vibe but I loved even more how swiftly it changed to that familiar dramatic tension as it was revealed that it isn't the ark.
Milo: The cliffhanger where Clarke calls Bellamy only to find out that the arriving dropship doesn't belong to the Ark. It was a chilling moment that opened up loads of interesting potential for next season.
Diana: A lot of scenes from the season finale. I'll pick the one from the end of the episode. Clarke has been trying to contact Bellamy for 6 years and 7 days: if this isn't a proof of deep affection (maybe love), I don't know what else could be. Between Clarke and Bellamy there's a strong bond, beyond physical attraction, beyond words and beyond love itself. It's all about faith and trust and those are the basics for a strong and future relationship.

THE AMERICANS, "The World Council of Churches", May 23, 2017, Actors: Matthew Rhys and more
The Scene: The end scene as they approach Pascha's house (picked by DarkUFO)

THE LEFTOVERS, "Certified", May 21, 2017, Actors: Amy Brenneman, Margaret Qualley
The Scene: Laurie takes Jill's call before dying (picked by DarkUFO)

VEEP, "Qatar", May 21, 2017, Actors: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sarah Sutherland, Clea DuVall, The Scene: Selina shuts down the call from Catherine and Marjorie
Selina shuts down the call from Catherine and Marjorie who are about to tell them that they're having a baby. Their reaction to seeing Selina swear at them not realising she was exploding at the article was brilliantly timed comic perfection, and one of the best moments of an excellent episode for me. This further reinforces Catherine's belief that she can never do anything right because her mother is always putting her own self first, and was shown again in this episode.

YOUNG & HUNGRY, "Young & Amnesia", May 22, 2017, Actors: Emily Osment, Jonathan Sadowski
The Scene: Josh and Gabi admit their feelings for each other
Klutzy girl:
Josh and Gabi finally admit their feelings for each other after years of denial and kiss on the train. It was adorable!


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