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2017 Character Cup - Round 2A

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With the start of round two, our 64 characters have been narrowed down to 32 with Lucifer, Lorelai Gilmore, Buffy, Jane Doe, Fitz, Veronica Mars, Spencer Reid, and The Doctor moving on. Who will make it into the Sweet Sixteen? At this point things usually start getting closer in the polls, so don't forget to tweet, post, and otherwise get the word out about your favorite characters' polls. After the first round, our biggest vote getters were Bellamy Blake and Alex Danvers. According to the prediction contest, that's probably not a surprise. Speaking of the prediction contest, a close set of polls in 1D have swiched our leaderboard again. In first place with 27 out 32 correct predicitons is Agent of Space. Second place currently includes Chestal and LBT with 26 out of 32. Congrats to all! To those whose brackets seem to be hopelessly broken, like mine, don't give up. Who knows what will happen in the next few rounds? Remember that this year every poll is worth 1 point so the later rounds are not weighted. That gives everyone more of a fighting chance.

Since we're now in round 2, rules have gone to a link instead of being posted. If you are just now joining, please make sure you click the link below. Stats will also be updated sometime today for those who like the numbers to geek out on. Thanks for making this tournament drama-free so far. I appreciate it. Just a reminder that it is still one vote per person per poll and polls remain open for about 24 hours each. Until tomorrow, don't forget to respond to the TV Talk Topic and as always, happy voting!

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Today's TV Talk Topic:

We Interrupt Your Program for This Very Important PSA - Generally we don't do highly controversial subjects or show-specific topics here, preferring the broader ideas that keep in the spirit of a "just for fun" contest. No, best ship conversations here. However this nominated topic is definitely thought-provoking and could have a much-longer reach than just the original topic. It spurs from the current debate over 13 Reasons Why and its depiction of teen suicide. I do not watch the show but the debate seems to be between people who think that it glorifies suicide and people who think that it humanizes it. The essential question is what responsibility does TV have when depicting sensitive topics? Does that responsibility change based on what demographic (adults, teens, kids) it is aimed at? What sensitive issues have your shows tackled? Which issues do you think should have more/less TV coverage? How does TV in general treat subjects like suicide, rape, racial relations? Which TV shows have covered these issues well and which ones were abject failures?

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