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Scene Of The Week - April 23, 2017 + POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

2 BROKE GIRLS, "And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie", April 17, 2017, Actors: Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, The Scene: Caroline and Max celebrate Max's engagement
It was only a brief scene but so much humor in it. Caroline's facial expressions as she pieced together the engagement and Randy returning were priceless. Bobby and Randy fighting outside in the background whilst the girls are in between being concerned over their fighting, and gushing over the ring was just brilliant. I love this show and I love their friendship.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, "No Regrets", April 18, 2017, Actors: Jason O'Mara, B. J. Britt, Chloe Bennet, Ming-Na Wen and more, The Scenes: Mace's sacrifice & Trip is revealed to be alive in the Framework & The final scene
Justyna K:
Here we are again, after another brilliant episode of Agents of SHIELD. It's been quite a season and things are certainly not slowing down anytime soon. This hour turned out to be quite an emotional rollercoaster for me. First of all, I can't express how happy I was to see Trip again, the scene of his death and Skye's transformation remains the best one of the series for me, and his character was such a wonderful and missed part of the team. His return would probably be my choice for SOTW if it wasn't for the part that followed. Mace's sacrifice hit me more than I expected. I've grown to like his character and I enjoyed his dynamics with the rest of the cast as well as his story and development. The man who became the face of SHIELD, an accidental hero at first who chose to follow this path and became the person others needed him to be the most. He's the only one who truly seemed to be himself, or rather what he always wanted to be, in world of the Framework. As the Patriot, the leader of SHIELD, the hero who saved not just one kid, but a building full of children and his friends, quite literally carrying the weight of the structure on his shoulders. His loss changes so much for the others, brings May to the right side, leaves Coulson to lead again and devastes Jemma. This world, their choices within the Framework, the people that make it, it all becomes far more real and painful for Simmons who started her journey there looking at things in terms of zero one code. Mace's last stand proved to be so much more than that. Seeing the confirmation that Jeffrey's death in the Framework caused his real self to die was heartbreaking to watch. The music, the direction and the cast on the show continue to be excellent. Jason O'Mara has done a wonderful work in the series and this scene, and he (+ Mace) will surely be missed. Kudos!
Milo: Jeffrey Mace sacrifices himself to save the team. The alternate universe hijinks here has really allowed for Agents of SHIELD to be at its best since the first moment that Grant Ward was revealed to be a traitor for HYDRA. Seeing Jeffrey Mace, The Patriot, forced to hold up a building with his superstrength to sacrifice himself so the team could escape and save children in the process was a great moment that really hit home emotionally, especially seeing how devastated Simmons was again at losing another person. The fact that his sacrifice forced May to change her mind, betraying HYDRA for SHIELD as well was a very awesome moment that really gave this episode an awesome ending, and I for one really can’t wait to see where they take things from here. Hopefully this won’t be the last we’ll see of Jeffrey Mace however, as he’s been one of the best additions to this season!
Klutzy girl: Trip is alive in the Framework. I've been expecting it but this was still a thrilling moment and I'm so glad to have him back! It was fantastic to see him again.
DJRiter: The final scene, where Hydra May, gives Daisy the crystal to restore her powers as Quake.
Aimee: May doses Daisy with Terrigen to change her back into Quake. This scene marked a major shift in the Framework story. After the tragic loss of Mace, they needed something to go right for them. After what May saw with the children and the lengths the team went to save them some part of her started to reawaken. She took the terrigen crystal and with firm intent, she went to seek out Daisy. May finally started to realize that the organization she was working for didn’t fit with her morals. She knew the best chance any of them had was to pull out a very strong and motivated weapon, in this case, an extremely powerful inhuman. It was great, that during this terrigen transformation, Daisy fully embraced what was happening to her. She was in pain and hurting, but the moment the transformation began she straightened up and clenched her hands at her side. When she comes out of the terrigen she’s ready and prepared to come out swinging. It was a nice touch that May gave her a knowing nod of reassurance and that Daisy returned it with a smile. May still isn’t fully back to herself, but she’s very close to rejoining her team. A great and epic scene perfectly acted by both Ming-Na Wen and Chloe Bennet.

ARCHER, "Archer Dreamland: Jane Doe", April 19, 2017, Voiced by: H. Jon Benjamin and more, The Scene: Archer runs into the Dreamland band in the jail
Man, this was a fantastic episode, my favourite outing to Dreamland so far. Almost entirely because we get to see my favourite character, Ray, actually do something in this episode. We find out more about him and the band, and how they ended up in the cell, and that was hilarious. But it's when we find out more about his bandmates that really struck me. Archer has normally tiptoed around the lines of political correctness and has never really cared about racism that much before, especially with Archer himself. So when he starts being an ass, they start talking to him about how they served in WW2 and just how helpful they were. It took Dreamland of all places to get Archer to realize how much of a dick he was being. Well done, Archer.

BATES MOTEL, "Visiting Hours", April 17, 2017, Actors: Olivia Cooke, Freddie Highmore
The Scene: Emma asks Mother to tell Norman that she misses him
Darth Locke:
Emma returned just to kind of move in and out of the episode, as she dealt with her mother's remains, but after being so distant and so angry, it was a surprise to see the better part of Emma shine through and remind the audience the sad truth about what happened to Norman, as his persona still lays dormant.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, "Serve & Protect", April 18, 2017, Actors: Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Joe Lo Truglio, Andre Braugher, The Scenes: Jake reassures Rosa about their friendship & Boyle shows Holt how to enunciate with his eyebrows
Justyna K:
It was a brief yet lovely moment. Faced with the possibility of 99th Precinct being closed soon each of the characters has their own worries and plans for the future. When Jake lists all the awful things that could happen to him Rosa focuses on just one thing, that they're never going to see each other again. Even going as far as saying that they're not going to be friends anymore. That's when Jake finally hears her and understands what she's been afraid of. Rosa rarely expresses how she feels and she's known to be very guarded, even in front of her friends. So it was quite a surprising part when she lets Peralta in for a moment, letting him know that she doesn't want to lose him as a friend. As mentioned over the course of the series these two have been friends for years, going back to the police academy and they've grown quite close, especially by Rosa's standards. I always enjoy the episodes focused on their friendship as their dynamic is absolutely brilliant and fun to watch. It's no wonder then that I loved this short scene when Rosa admits that their relationship is important to her and Jake immediately reassures her that no matter what, they'll always be friends. The cast & crew on the show is great and I highly recommend the series to you all. It's fantastic and definitely one of my favorites. Kudos!
Laura: Boyle shows Holt how to enunciate with his eyebrows. Hilarious scene. Give these men an Emmy. That's really all I need to say. Go watch a clip on YouTube or something. You know what, just watch this show to find out what I mean.

FARGO, "The Law of Vacant Places", April 19, 2017, Actors: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ewan McGregor and more, The Scenes: Nikki and Ray kill Maurice & The bathroom scene
Darth Locke:
Nikki and Ray kill Maurice with an air conditioner. I had a feeling that Ewan McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead would make a great pairing in the meandering winter-world of Fargo, but nothing could prepare me for how horrifically funny and whimsically-wordy some of these characters were going to be. I chose this scene because of the absurdity that there would even be a window with an air conditioner in it at this time of year, the fact that Nikki could so quickly strategize a plan, that Ray just sealed the deal with one mighty kick, and the fantastic looping aerial shots of the air conditioner spinning in near animated suspension before it comes plummeting down on Maurice head! As Nikki said, She's the glove and Ray's the hand!
DarkUFO: The bathroom scene.

FEUD, "Abandoned!", April 16, 2017, Actors: Jessica Lange, Susan Sarandon, The Scene: The confrontation between Bette and Joan
I'm so in awe of this mini-series, particularly after learning it had been in development 7 years before making it to air. I firmly believe they could have given Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange a phone book to read and they would have made it mesmerizing. They were at their very best in the scene in this episode when on location in Louisiana their feud erupts into a confrontation where they talk about what kind of actresses they were. Bette accused Joan of trading on her looks, "How did it feel to be the most beautiful girl in the world?" To which Joan, replied, "It was wonderful, but it was never enough." Then she turned the tables on Bette: "How did it feel to be the most talented girl in the room?" To which Bette, in a moment of honesty that showed great insight into both actresses: "It felt great, but it was never enough."

iZOMBIE, "Eat, Pray, Liv", April 18, 2017, Actors: Rahul Kohli, David Anders, Aly Michalka and more, The Scenes: Blaine takes the potential cure & Peyton confronts Ravi about Blaine
This was a very interesting scene indeed. The whole gang (minus Clive) was together discussing how Ravi could get someone to take his cure for the memory loss. Blaine doesn't wanna take it because he doesn't want to remember who he was before, and somehow Peyton's all good with this. But Ravi, man...he brings out the big guns. He's furious at Blaine and in all the madness he confesses his love to Peyton, which I couldn't care less about but it was still Rahul acting in full form. Blaine decides to take the cure and Liv and Major were kinda just standing there awkwardly throughout all this. And Major decided he's going to take the cure regardless after he takes the first cure, because he doesn't care about getting his old self back. That was nice. I'm really wondering, at the end of the season, who's gonna be zombie and who's gonna be human after all.
Samantha: Peyton tells Ravi his opinion over her relationship with Blaine is irrelevant. I absolutely loved this scene. Ravi actually started off well apologizing for his attitude, acknowledging Peyton hadn't done anything wrong in hooking up with Blaine and it was his issue. But then he had to go on and say he always has adult movies of Peyton & Blaine doing stuff playing in his head, and that's the moment Peyton rightfully flipped. It was wrong she had to justify her relationship with Blaine, but excellent when she pointed out she's already beaten herself up over it, Ravi doesn't get to do that & her relationship with Blaine isn't his business, Ravi spends too much time pining over Peyton & being a jealous idiot, than he does actually being honest over how he feels.

ONCE UPON A TIME, "Awake", April 16, 2017, Actors: Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas
The Scene: Snow and David reunite
Klutzy girl:
Snow and David finally break the sleeping curse with the help of their family and friends, and reunite. I'm so glad this storyline is finished but it was great to see them hug and kiss each other after so long apart.

SCANDAL, "Trojan Horse", April 20, 2017, Actors: Kerry Washington, Scott Foley, Bellamy Young
The Scene: Liv and Jake show up to help Mellie
Klutzy girl:
Liv and Jake show up to help Mellie after Elizabeth North's murder. Bellamy, Kerry, and Scott all knocked it out of the park during this scene. Mellie's fear and shock was palpable, as was Liv's. And I loved Jake trying to help and comfort Mellie.

THE AMERICANS, "The Committee on Human Rights", April 18, 2017, Actors: Matthew Rhys, Frank Langella, The Scene: Philip and Gabriel say their goodbyes (picked by DarkUFO)

THE BLACKLIST, "Requiem", April 20, 2017, Actors: James Spader, Susan Blommaert and more
The Scene: The final reveal
The episodes final moments depict how Kaplan and Reddington's difference of opinion resulted in Reddington handing himself into the FBI, which was the opening scene in the series premiere.

THE GOOD FIGHT, "Chaos", April 16, 2017, Actors: Rose Leslie, Cush Jumbo and more, The Scene: Maia is arrested
Darth Locke:
Maia is arrested after her father chooses to flee. Robert and Michelle King continue to write a wonderful counterpart to their seven year running The Good Wife. This scene, serving as the final scene for the season one finale, was just a great cliffhanger and shows the King's talent for table turning plots where one never knows just where the chips are going to land, let alone what chips are going to be important! I can't wait for the series to come back so I can find out how Maia proceeds from here.

THE LEFTOVERS, "The Book of Kevin", April 16, 2017, Actors: Ann Dowd, Christopher Eccleston and more, The Scenes: Opening Scene & The holy intervention
This haunting opening scene immediately served as a fascinating introduction to the series. Apparently disconnected from modern-day events it still remained as captivating as ever with a fascinating montage, shot beautifully and with the added bonus of Good News Circle’s "I Wish We’d All Been Ready" playing in the background it does a great job of reminding the audience what they’re going to get in this show, and draws audience again right from the start. Also picked by DarkUFO
Luana: I'm so glad this amazing show is back, it's always brilliant and funny, and dark, all at the same time. In this scene all of those things shine as Levin confronts Matt about his attempts to make him into a saint, and he gets reminded of every crazy thing that has happened, they don't let him ignore it. I'm so excited to see how this ends but I'm dreading it at the same time.

THE WHITE PRINCESS, "In Bed With The Enemy", April 16, 2017, Actors: Jodie Comer, Jacob Collins-Levy, The Scene: The private dinner
At a private dinner with her unwanted betrothed, King Henry, Princess Elizabeth plays off his metaphor of them not needing a chaperone to close the stable door, that the horse had long since bolted. (Expressing his disgust that Elizabeth and his enemy, Richard, whom he killed in battle, had been intimate.) Elizabeth pointedly came back at him, showing her spirit and defiance with, "That filly loved her stolen freedom more than you could ever know. In fact, she spent herself so fully on that gallop that its memory would sustain her til she died." This was one of the best scenes of this young series premiere and highlighted the chemistry between the two leads.

VEEP, "Omaha", April 16, 2017, Actors: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tony Hale and more, The Scene: Selina announces that she is running for President to the Meyer family
This is the best comedy show on television and when the actors are on their game it is great to see them do their thing. Selina’s failed first run as President has left her daughter Catherine with emotional PTSD to the point where she emotionally breaks down when Selina announces that she’s running for president again, but this was handled so well that it couldn’t help but be hilarious with some perfectly timed delivery. The fact that Gary was the only person in the Meyer family (and including Marjorie) who wanted to support her plan to run for President again was a great moment as well, especially as Selina was expecting her family to be 100% on board with her. But of course, things didn’t turn out that way, and as a result it’s going to be very interesting to see how this Catherine/Selina divide continues over the course of the season and what direction it takes. Welcome back, Veep. I’m sure you’ll be getting most of my scenes of the week each episode.


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