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Supernatural - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell - Review

Supernatural “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” was written by Davy Perez and was directed by Nina Lopez-Corrado. The episode begins with yet another secret between the brothers, but I was delighted to see the secret revealed by the end of the episode and a rationale compromise be the end result! Thank you for again to the writers for forging actual new territory for these characters! And who doesn’t love an episode that features this much of Mark Pellegrino’s delicious portrayal of Lucifer? Complete with a return to evil power by Crowley (Mark Sheppard) – who suddenly doesn’t seem to be the definition of stupid anymore!

I loved the opening teaser because it reminded me a lot of the opening of “Wendigo” and tied into the overall nostalgia nods to the earlier seasons we’ve been getting this season. The campsite looked like they were right next to a farmer’s field, definitely not deep in the woods, but hey, A for effort. It’s clear that there is some kind of subtext going on even before Ramsey, the Hellhound strikes – and who didn’t love the shout out to Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton?

Back at the bunker, a tired, gore-covered and entirely happy and satiated Dean (Jensen Ackles) returns with Sam (Jared Padalecki) from a series of successful hunts. And… we get a beautiful shout out to The Walking Dead as Dean is carrying a barbwire adorned baseball bat – the preferred weapon – Lucille – of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s (John Winchester) character Negan on TWD. Dean even says, “Dad would love this thing! If you don’t watch TWD, you may have missed what I swear was a return shout out to Supernatural in a recent episode that featured “DEAN’S Appliances” store in the background…

The beauty of this little scene is the masterful way that Sam is winning Dean over to the British Men of Letters. He’s demonstrating how easy it is for them to find hunts – so Dean can whack things. Let’s not forget that the research has never been Dean’s favorite thing. I also love that Sam has the BMoL on his phone as “Frodo” – nice Lord of the Rings reference! And I love that he tells Dean that he’s used an algorithm to create a hunt-finding app on his phone!

I liked that as they arrive at the crime scene, both brothers are on their phones, checking in with the rest of the family – Mary (Samantha Smith) for Sam and Cas (Misha Collins) for Dean. Cas is following up on the angels being killed at the diner in Idaho. Cas follows the tried and true National Enquirer research trail. The manager, Herb (Gabe Khouth) thinks he knows why Cas is there. Herb is a conspiracy theorist. There’s a great shout out to Collins’ interesting relationship with the Queen of England. Herb accuses her of being a reptilian alien, and Collins always has an item in his yearly GISHWHES scavenger hunt that involves drawing him with the Queen of England on some sort of adventure…Google Misha Collins and the queen in images - totally worth it...

Herb’s footage shows Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) and Dagon (Ali Ahn). Cas doesn’t recognize her but knows what her yellow eyes mean. While leaving the diner, Cas is accosted by Kelvin (Nathan Mithcell). Kelvin tells Cas that Lucifer’s baby has all hands on deck in Heaven. Cas now has more “field” experience than anyone else in Heaven. Kelvin actually does love earth – but it’s not home, and he asks Cas if he misses it. He offers Cas the chance to return to Heaven – all sins and mistakes forgiven. Cas accuses him of lying. Kelvin tells him if Cas helps them track down Kelly Kline, Joshua will make it happen. I’m excited to see Joshua back! They have a plan; they just want Cas to hear them out.

At the crime scene, Sam and Dean quickly realize the attack came from a Hellhound, and go to visit the survivor, Gwen (Angelique Rivera). I did find their discussion outside Gwen’s door over what to say utterly pointless. Haven’t they done this literally thousands of time before? It’s so rare that this show has an utterly pointless scene, it very much stuck out for me. And yes, we did get some cool shots from Ramsey’s point of view, but not enough to make the dialogue meaningful.

They tell Gwen that a bear killed Marcus (Connor Paton) and that they’ve put it down. Interesting side note, Reign currently has a storyline in which King Charles is rumored to be a monster – eating children and other abhorrent acts in his free time – and there was in fact a bear doing it that was put down – but the peasants still think King Charles a monster… just a fun fact… I don't believe either writing room is trading plots - though maybe having some fun? Gwen tells the brothers to get out because she knows what she saw and she’s having none of what they are selling.

Dean and Sam leave – but they’ve let Ramsey into Gwen’s house – luckily, for some reason, they didn’t just run off and come to Gwen’s aid when she is attacked. Dean shoots Ramsey who jumps out the window.

Crowley and Lucifer trade insults. Lucifer is sure it’s just a matter of time before he gets the better of Crowley, but Crowley assures him that he’s 10 steps ahead of him. Crowley is interrupted by two of his demons – Thomas (Paul Piaskowski) and Victor (Marc Senior) – with business that needs to be attended to. Clearly, Crowley has let the business of Hell slip again. Crowley is interrupted by a call from Dean.

Sam and Dean tell Gwen the truth. Dean gives us all the run down on how to deal with a Hellhound. Gwen accepts the truth, even if it sounds insane. Sam tells her that Hellhounds only come after those who have made deals. Even if Marcus had made a deal, why would it come after Gwen? And Dean calls Crowley – who is still pissed over Gavin. However, Thomas and Victor admit that Ramsey has gotten out.

Crowley fills them in on Ramsey. He can’t control her – only Lucifer can. Rivera is excellent in the episode – one of the best guest stars they’ve had in some time. I loved her reaction to Lucifer’s name coming up! It’s clear that Ramsey is holding a grudge because Gwen hit her with an ax. Crowley agrees to help – it’s bad for business if there’s a Hellhound running around – looks like he’s not in control!

Back in Crowley’s lair Thomas and Victor make a tactical error by opening the door to Lucifer’s “hiding” spot. Kudos to Mark Pellegrino for agreeing to wear that Scold’s bridle! Though technically, the didn’t have an actual bit. Thomas immediately debases himself a la Wayne’s World with an “I’m not worthy” and Victor explains they knew something was up when Crowley had everyone from the “cage project” killed. Thomas says that a lot of them don’t like Crowley – “he’s too prance-y.” Victor admits that they released Ramsey to act as a distraction. The two think that they can make demands of Lucifer!

It’s pretty amusing to hear Thomas say he just “wants to make Hell great again.” Lucifer makes short, dusty work of Victor and Thomas.

I loved that we got the holy-fire-treated glasses back to see the Hellhound. Dean teams up with Crowley – to go after Cujo – of course we get the Stephen King reference because… Stephen KING! – and Sam stays to keep Gwen safe. Dean is more worried – it seems – about Baby – and as it turns out rightly so! However, I’m not entirely sold on how much they seem to have regressed Dean again. It was amusing that he played a man-child in his twenties, now well into his thirties? Not so funny. It’s another one of the things in the show that has widened a divide as the years go on – such as the broadening of the humor – that make the horror of the show so much less effective.

I will admit that having Crowley and Dean acting like children is hilarious, however, especially Crowley being an irritating toddler, just repeating everything Dean says. It’s also hilarious when Dean says “who would’ve thought a few years ago that you’d be helping us save the girl of the week.” Ah Show. Always so meta! Dean also thanks Crowley for saving Cas. Crowley puts the other spin out there – who would’ve thought a few years ago that you’d be working with the King of Hell – who has rubbed off on whom here?! The two find Ramsey’s empty den.

Gwen tells Sam that it’s all her fault. And we finally get the story of the subtext. She tells Sam that they’d gone camping because it was her idea and she knew that it was over. Marcus was sweet and kind and loved her – more than she loved him. She tells Sam that she lied to make things easier – and Sam clearly identifies with what he’s doing with Dean.

Before the two can drive off, Ramsey attacks – and brutalizes Baby! Sam gets out and manages to lose his glasses pretty much immediately. He still manages a lucky stab to the heart. Dean is pissed about Baby. Sam struggles to thank Crowley after Gwen thanks him with a hug – and Crowley disappears.

Back in his lair, Crowley finds Lucifer sitting on his throne. Lucifer punches Crowley across the room, and we get a gorgeous display of Lucifer’s wings which Crowley takes back down with a snap of his fingers! Crowley points out that Lucifer wasn’t paying attention earlier – he’s not 2 steps ahead – it’s 10. Crowley merely needs to snap his fingers to cause Lucifer pain – and apparently broken bones. Lucifer’s true prison is his vessel! I really loved this twist! The chains were just for show. Crowley taunts him that he’s going to go and get his baby and rip him apart in front of Lucifer… and he’s still just getting started…

The brothers return to the bunker, and Dean gets a call from Cas. Kelly is with Dagon – a Prince of Hell. She’s mostly known for her psychotic savagery. But Cas is actually about to head to Heaven! Dean asks Sam if Cas sounded weird to him – Dean clearly thinks something is up.

When Sam’s phone buzzes, Sam admits that it’s Mick on the other end. He doesn’t have a computer app – their cases have been coming from the BMoL. Dean points out that they both hate them. But Sam points out that if they can save people… but he does apologize for lying to Dean. Dean doesn’t like it or trust them, but Sam is right. They work with people they don’t trust all the time – like Crowley! Dean agrees to keep working with them, but the moment something feels off, they bail. Sam agrees. Even though he insists that Sam answer the call, Dean still doesn’t look happy when he does.

This was another interesting episode that managed to somewhat integrate the various storylines. It’s impossible to imagine that Crowley is going to be able to keep Lucifer on a short leash for long. Is Cas heading into a trap? Is this the beginning of the end of Cas’ story? I did like that Sam and Dean’s relationship has finally matured this season – please, Show, don’t wreck this. What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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