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Scene Of The Week - March 19, 2017 + POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

2 BROKE GIRLS, "And the Baby and Other Things", March 13, 2017, Actors: Kat Dennings, Christopher Gorham and more, The Scene: Max confronts Bobby
Max confronts Bobby at the Desert Bar over the text from his ex-girlfriend. I love this show. Not every episode is overly amusing which is going to happen in a comedy over 20 eps long a season, but when it turns up a gear it's absolutely hilarious. The back and forth between the different characters was great, but what made this scene so hilarious was Oleg, Sophie & Earl sitting down, eating popcorn and giving commentary.

BATES MOTEL, "Hidden", March 13, 2017, Actors: Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, Isabelle McNally, The Scenes: Norman and Mother argue in the woods & Norman's dinner date with Madeleine Loomis
Darth Locke:
Norman and Mother have a verbal blowout in the woods about Jim Blackwell's car. Both Vera Fermiga and Freddie Highmore have given phenomenal performances over the years, often in similar situations like this one, where their personalities compete and ultimately escalate, but there was something about this scene and the fun way it played with Mother "moonlighting", as I now realize how this manifestation of Norma only goes outside at night with her incognito spy-wear on, that makes this dynamic and scene all the more special as viewers approach midseason of the final season. DarkUFO: Norman's dinner date with Madeleine Loomis.

BLACK SAILS, "XXXV.", March 12, 2017, Actors: Toby Schmitz and more
The Scene: Jack talks with a young girl
Jack talking with a young girl who had only heard stories about the pirates, not realising that she was talking to Rackham himself.

ELEMENTARY, "Fidelity", March 12, 2017, Actors: Jonny Lee Miller, Ophelia Lovibond, The Scene: Sherlock confronts Kitty
Justyna K:
Years ago when Kitty's character was introduced I wasn't quite sure about this addition, especially since Sherlock and Joan were not in the good place and Kitty seemed like a replacement for Watson, one that wasn't easy to embrace at the start. I wanted to recall my first impression just to highlight what a wonderful job the actress and the writers have done to completely change my mind. Both the character and her friendship with Sherlock have really grown on me and I missed her after the departure back in season three. As it turns out, it wasn't just the viewers who lost the contact with Kitty since then, she hasn't been in touch with her friends as well. After telling Joan and Sherlock about her little son she becomes convinced that Holmes is angry with her decision to stop being a detective but he soon proves her wrong. As much as I enjoyed the final scene, it's the confrontation that got me the most. Sherlock rarely gets a chance to show his emotions and reveal his more vulnerable side but in this case he lets Kitty know just how hurt and confused he left him, years without a word, even when she created a life. As we could see in the show's third season, Holmes cared very much about Kitty's safety and happiness, trying to fix her broken spirit and help her find peace. Against all odds, she became whole again, she was finally happy, and she didn't even tell him. It's clear how hard it was for Sherlock to admit it and for Kitty to listen and understand where she went wrong. Both actors did such an excellent job in this scene. I've seen a lot of adaptations of Sherlock Holmes and there's something unique and special about each of them for me. I can certainly say that Jonny Lee Miller plays this version of Sherlock to perfection. Such an unexpected, powerful, well written and acted scene. Kudos to the entire Elementary team for this great episode!

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, "Moonshot", March 14, 2017, Actors: Victor Garber, Dominic Purcell and more, The Scene: Rory and Stein distract scientists from NASA
Stein singing the Banana Boat song in mission control just illustrated what a priceless gift Victor Garber is to this show! My favorite part though may be Rory's line "Nice voice, professor."
Donna: For sheer entertainment value. It was hilarious Stein and Rory breaking into "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)". In the middle of NASA control to distract them.
Milo: Rory and Stein distracting NASA's scientists by singing in the control room and then brushing it off as a "British Tradition".
Diana: That Banana's dance and sing scene was so hilarious!

LEGION, "Chapter 6", March 15, 2017, Actors: Aubrey Plaza and more, The Scenes: Opening Montage & Lenny's dance
Darth Locke:
Lenny plays psychologist and assess almost all of the other characters' vulnerabilities. Besides the cool fact that viewers were able to experience a kind of dreamscape alternate reality of previous events set at Clockwork, Lenny worked to try and take control of the situation, in which, like this opening montage, was at times hilarious, but also a bit scary, considering whom Lenny is! Aubrey Plaza just gave a stellar performance all throughout the episode, but it was the opening scene that showcased the actress' ability to play a very different character to the one we have seen in previous episodes that made the scene for me.
DarkUFO: Lenny's dance scene.

LETHAL WEAPON, "Commencement", March 15, 2017, Actors: Clayne Crawford, Damon Wayans, Tony Plana and more, The Scenes: Riggs finds out the truth about Delgado & The final confrontation with Gideon
Justyna K:
It's been a fantastic first season for the show. I'm so glad to be right about this one, being able to follow the series from its great beginning. The cast & crew did their best to tell a powerful story with a beautiful balance between heartbreak, action, love and humor. It could have been done differently yet it ended up just right. At the centre of this story there's an unexpected friendship between two cops who seem to have almost nothing in common. That is, until you take a closer look and realize just how well they work together and care about each other. And both characters are written and played the way I hoped they would, with Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford really stealing the show for me, despite so many other things to love about it. As for the scene, it wasn't easy to pick just one, there were at least a few moments I'd love to highlight here, including the truth about Delgado and Riggs coming to Murtaugh's house, but in the end I had to choose the sequence with the final confrontation with Gideon and Roger's and Martin's quiet goodbye. Ever since Miranda's death, Riggs has been slowly falling apart. Like most people struggling with such cruel circumstances, he's had his better and worse days. But nothing quite the same like in this episode. When he finds out Gideon is behind Miranda's death, Martin risks everything, his job and friends, to find the justice he needs to breathe again, and things quickly take a turn for the worse. In the end, Gideon captures both Roger and Martin and almost kills Murtaugh trying to break Riggs, and get him to tell everything he knows. And as if hurting his best friend wasn't enough Gideon also finally reveals his part in Miranda's death. It's truly hard to watch this part, see these characters in such a terrible pain (both physically and emotionally), but the scene doesn't end there. Martin finds his strength and fights back, saving Roger and confronting Gideon one last time. And then, with the train separating them, Riggs and Murtaugh part ways and the quiet nod, the understanding between them and the theme playing in the background say it all. The music chosen for the show here is absolutely perfect. It's such a powerful, emotional and memorable scene. The final confrontation and goodbye. And once again Clayne Crawford's performance is outstanding. Kudos to cast & crew for their incredible work. Already miss the show & hope to see more of it in the future!
DJRiter: In a powerful first season finale, Clayne Crawford was outstanding as Martin finally learned he wasn't responsible for his wife Miranda's death. Seeking consolation from his father-in-law, Ronnie, he gets absolution and is devastated at the same time when a slip of the tongue leads him to realize the cartel didn't order the hit on his pregnant wife because he had arrested some of their members, the hit had been ordered to force her father to work for them. Crawford was masterful in that heartbreaking moment when he realized the truth.
Samantha: This scene absolutely gutted me and was so well done. I knew the flashbacks to the blueberry pancakes had to mean something, but never did I guess Ronnie was involved in the hit. The way Riggs was so calm as he pieced all the pieces together was nothing short of terrifying, as I was convinced he was going to kill Ronnie right there and he probably would've at the beginning of the season. Ronnie noting that he had other daughters and grandchildren to protect was an absolute sucker punch, and the icing on the cake was when he tried to claim Riggs had no idea what the cartel was capable of.

ONCE UPON A TIME, "Murder Most Foul", March 12, 2017, Actors: Josh Dallas and more, The Scene: David falls apart in the police station
Klutzy girl:
Coming from the always optimistic Prince Charming, this scene broke me. This has clearly been building up for a while, and it hurt so much to watch. Josh absolutely knocked it out of the park. And the way David just falls to his knees as he continues to melt down gets me every time, as does the fact that he practically clings to Hook.

SLEEPY HOLLOW, "The Way of the Gun", March 17, 2017, Actors: Janina Gavankar, Seychelle Gabriel, Tom Mison, The Scene: Lara is revealed to be Molly from the future
Throughout the episode, there were serious hints that Lara was far from whom she claimed to be. On second watch the breadcrumbs were laid every time Lara and Diana crossed paths. Prior to the interrogation, Diana noted that Lara looked familiar to her. Then during the interrogation, Lara mentioned growing up without her mom while stealing a quick sorrowful look at the woman before her. Though, through great writing and phenomenal acting, they were able to keep the whole truth just outside the grasp of the audience before the big reveal was made. When Lara began to tell the truth she was clearly unnerved to be standing before Diana. Then it all made sense as Lara began talking about losing Diana. The warrior woman who knew too much and had more power than she should was revealed to be Molly from the future. The shock on Diana’s face mirrored the looks of the audience. Lara aka Molly seemed like she wanted nothing more than to find a way to reconnect with her mom in that moment, but to do so she first had to find a way to save her. Molly held herself together and bravely stepped between her mom and imminent danger. She wasn’t going to lose her mom again without a fight and she succeeded in saving her only to lose someone else equally important to the future when Crane was shot in place of her mom. If the show is smart they will find a way to keep Seychelle Gabriel around should the show get a fifth season. Having grown up Molly working with her mom to help craft a better future is ripe for some great stories. Gabriel and Janina Gavankar didn’t really get to explore that bond too much outside of this scene, but both are very talented performers who have great emotional range so this could be a really brilliant storytelling angle to help further reinvigorate and reinvent the show. While a big emotional embrace would have been great to see it would have been out of character for both characters. They need to learn who each other is and try to reconnect as mother and daughter which could prove tricky given that Young Molly is still a factor in everything. Diana is certainly going to have her hands full trying to juggle saving Crane, saving the world, and being a mother to her daughter as well as the future version of her daughter. Sleepy Hollow might have just hit on the storyline to kick the show back into high gear. It was a great scene with a perfectly paced lead-up accented by spot on performances.

THE 100, "We Will Rise", March 15, 2017, Actors: Marie Avgeropoulos, Henry Ian Cusick and more, The Scene: Kane stops Octavia from killing Ilian
This scene was the culmination of the spiral that Octavia has been on since Lincoln was murdered by Pike. When Clarke breathed life back into her last week Octavia was not just clinging onto life, but she was also just barely clinging onto her humanity. When she was unable to stop Ilian from destroying the last known shelter for humanity she lost another part of herself to the darkness. For a warrior like her, it was devastating to be incapable of stopping Ilian. Had she not been so badly injured there is no doubt that she would have found a way to stop him and the fact that she wasn’t able to hit her very hard. It caused her to shut down further and go numb. She turned all of her inward pain into calculated outward anger with Ilian as the target. It was clear when Octavia chose a gun over her treasured swords that she wasn’t in a clear mindset. She was about to do the very same thing that Pike had done to Lincoln. Whether she realized it or not she was repeating almost everything that Pike did. Thankfully Kane got to her in time and was able to dig deep and find the tiny bit of Octavia’s humanity that was barely clinging on. He had to force Octavia to remember Lincoln and that awful event that she witnessed in order to have her reconnect with her humanity. It was a jarring moment when the scenes of Lincoln’s execution started to play, but that seems appropriate given how jarring it had to be for Octavia to remember. The juxtaposed image of Lincoln’s death was powerful imagery. Those memories pulled Octavia back from the edge of a dark all consuming abyss. The acting by Henry Ian Cusick as Kane desperately tried to save Octavia’s soul was powerful. Kane has taken a lot of lives and had to fight to redeem himself and he was trying to protect Octavia from the same mistakes he’s made. Marie Avgeropoulos is an unsung hero on this show. Her acting is always spot on and never fails to impress and while all the characters have evolved tremendously none quite as much as Octavia has. Avgeropoulos has been phenomenal in her portrayal of this deeply complicated character. As Octavia fought a fierce battle within her the pain was evident on her face. When she finally dropped the gun Kane wanted to comfort her, but Octavia wasn’t ready for comfort, so she took off. Make respect is due to both of these performers, but Avgeropoulos, in particular, was a standout in this scene. She is doing amazing things with Octavia and I for one can’t wait to see what comes next in her journey. In the exceptionally capable hands of Avgeropoulos, the writers really can do just about anything with the character and she’ll execute the story with extreme acting precision. This was an incredible episode, but this scene was truly powerful.
Milo: Kane and Jaha talk Octavia out of killing Ilian in the same way that Pike killed Lincoln.
Diana: When she decided not to kill Ilian, that was the moment when Octavia has finally accepted Lincoln's dead as she started crying for him and elaborate her grief. Also picked by Marko

THE AMERICANS, "Pests", March 14, 2017, Actors: Keri Russell, The Scene: Elizabeth is stung all over by insects
Darth Locke:
Elizabeth is stung all over by insects when she investigates a greenhouse full of allegedly bad wheat. Although the Americans is no doubt a great show, it has failed to really captivate me over years. Maybe because it's been such a slow burn, but I find myself really fascinated by both the ongoing plot with the virus from last season and the agricultural conspiracy plot this season has introduced. Elizabeth is character that has had some seriously close calls and it seems apt that maybe this event with the insects is the start of some major turning point for character, since viewers know there is only one season left after this one.

THE WALKING DEAD, "Bury Me Here", March 12, 2017, Actors: Lennie James, Karl Makinen
The Scene: Morgan kills Richard (picked by DarkUFO)

THIS IS US, "Moonshadow", March 14, 2017, Actors: Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, The Scene: Rebecca and Jack get into a fight
It's impressive how lived-in their marriage feels just after one season. All their frustrastions with each other that have been building up come flooding out all at once and it was so uncomfortable to watch because a lot of stuff they brought up was pretty hurtful and having it all happen in a two-minute long take made the scene even more intense. Also picked by Marko
Diana: This season finale was heartbreaking. Applause to Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore: they showed the ups and downs of a normal couple with such realism that it works perfctly. They work perfectly on screen.