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Jane the Virgin - Chapter Fifty-Three - Review

Jane the Virgin “Chapter Fifty-Three” was written by Chantelle M Wells and was directed by Gina Lamar. It seems everyone is under some kind of pressure in this episode. Lots of great performances this week, but perhaps most notably from Ivonne Coll (Alba), Gina Rodriguez (Jane), and Yael Grobglas (Petra). I will say that I was a little disappointed not to have more of the magic realism that I love so much on this show. Though to be fair, I did love Jane getting rid of her stress at yoga – or at least trying to!

The flashback is really only to last week when Michael (Brett Dier) decided he was going to go to law school. First, of course, Michael has to study for the LSAT. He refuses Jane’s help in studying – except for making him a calendar, and then drives her nuts by “studying” while watching television! Meanwhile, Jane is trying to submit the first full draft of her novel/thesis. She manages to drive Michael crazy by obsessing over finding and then fixing the tiniest of details.

Jane has lots of other sources of stress, however. Mateo seems to be late in starting to talk. Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is on board with taking Mateo to Dr Garcia (Ana Dela Cruz), who says it could be nothing, it could be a result of a mulit-lingual house, or it could be something that they need to follow up in a couple of months. Rafael also tells Jane that he’s going to probate his father’s will and that could change things a lot financially for all of them. The good news is that he says he is going to break up with Catalina (Sofia Pernas).

Meanwhile, however, Catalina and Petra have found they have lots in common – both married for money, for instance. Petra offers Catalina $10,000 to take Rafael away for one night. Catalina refuses at first until she finds out that Jane told Rafael she’d be happy if he broke up with Catalina.

I loved the yoga on the beach scene. Jane has decided that yoga is the best way for her to de-stress – so naturally, Catalina arrives and sets up right next to Jane. Jane finally loses her cool and is actually thrown out of yoga!

Jane tries to go to Xo (Andrea Navedo) for help, but Xo is too caught up with Bruce (Ricardo Chavira) to even pay attention. Bruce is a lawyer, and he freaks Jane out with horror stories about the LSAT and how awful law school is and how awful your first few years of practice are – just and aside here from your friendly review narrator – everything Bruce says is true! And believe me, if I could disagree with the scumbag, I would.

Surprisingly, Xo does read Jane’s novel and tells her at the filming for the last episode of Tiago that she can’t show the novel to Alba because Alba will freak out over how Jane wrote about the feud between Alba and her sister. Jane insists that Alba knows the difference between reality and fiction.

Rogelio (Jaime Camil) is struggling over the ending of Tiago – and his relationship with Darci (Justina Machado). Rogelio keeps being unsatisfied with the ending and calling it off. I loved him referring to the show as much more that a cheap Quantum Leap!

Rogelio swears to Darci that he feels nothing for her – and then has to admit to an #emoner – and emotional boner. When she says they can’t have a baby then, he suggests that they do it the old-fashioned way. I absolutely LOVED Rogelio telling her that he wanted to kiss her when she agrees to a date – but that “Donald Trump has ruined romance for all of us!” Darci does allow the kiss…

Alba goes ahead and reads Jane’s novel before anyone can stop her – and once again, Xo is completely wrong. Alba tells Jane that she loved her book. It was difficult for her to read – but she does know it’s fiction! It’s a beautiful scene between Coll and Rodriguez as Alba tells Jane that she is a writer – an incredible writer.

Darci confides to Jane that she’s excited about the date, but it ends up being a disaster. When Rogelio cancels the ending of Tiago again, Dina (Judy Reyes) asks Xo to talk to Rogelio as Xo is the only one who can get through to him. Darci watches this play out and is clearly not impressed at the hold Xo still has on Rogeio. Rogelio is taken aback at how critical Darci is of everything he does. He tells her that if she’s always that critical, he doesn’t want to have a child with her!

Jane tells Rogelio that Darci had been really excited about the date when he tells her that is was a disaster. Rogelio tells Darci that she pulled back. Darci admits that she has feelings but he’s too attached to Xo. Rogelio points out that that is just baggage – inevitable with people who have lived! He tells her that they can’t be Adam and Eve with no one before the other – and he’s inspired for the ending of Tiago. It turns out to be the “Dawn of Time” – they get a clean slate for love. It’s hilarious when Tiago crushes his love a gigantic diamond!

Xo, Alba, and Darci are all there for the filming of the finale. Darci is convinced and tells Rogelio that she wants to give it a try. And then she asks for permission to grab and kiss Rogelio – which he grants…

Jane and Michael continue to deal poorly with their stress. Michael has gotten an interview with a law school (sorry, but fyi? Not likely before the LSAT). However, the two try essential oils to destress before bed. Michael sleeps – Jane does not – but Michael wakes up with a hugely swollen eye! Rogelio’s make up team try to make it look better – and it just makes it worse!

Catalina takes Rafael to a sweat lodge for their last adventure away together. Rafael almost passes out, and it’s clear that he was affected by the ceremony – though he denies it. He tells Catalina that he doesn’t believe in that “hippy-dippy” stuff. She tells him that she likes the idea of re-birth – and then she sees that Rafael is really upset. He confides in Catalina that he just found out his parents aren’t his parents – not a very happy re-birth!

Catalina confides that she can’t have children – and Rafael points out that he can’t either. But Catalina does make herself a bit more sympathetic by explaining why she didn’t want to get attached to Rafael’s kids.

While Rafael is busy with Catalina, Petra manages to break into Rafael’s and steal the will. Catalina keeps Petra distracted on the monitors while Rafael surprises her and finds the cameras – Catalina told Rafael the plan and helped him expose Petra.

Even Petra comes off ok, though, because it’s clear that she’s suffering from PTSD and now she can finally get some help. She’s also destroyed the will – because of course she would! The twins will be out a lot of money too! There’s a really nice moment between the two as Rafael holds Petra and tells her that it’s going to be ok.

Catalina apologizes again to Rafael. He tells her that he’d like her to leave. He likes her, but he can’t trust her 100% and that’s not what he needs.

While all this is going on, Michael and Jane get trapped on the highway on the way to his interview – which they naturally miss. The two start fighting which results in Mateo crying. Michael suggests camping – which Jane hates remember! Michael and Jane fight over putting the tent together, and Michael admits that he’s failed all the LSAT prep tests – it’s the timing of them! Again, trust me when I tell you that the LSAT is possibly the most uncomfortable test I’ve ever taken – and it was totally the timing aspect! It’s a horrible experience! But Michael and Jane finally agree that they need to handle their stress better as a couple.

Shockingly, Jane discovers that camping actually de-stresses her as she and Michael lie together looking at the stars. It doesn’t hurt that Mateo also says his first word – tent!

The episode ends with Catalina saying her goodbyes to Jane – Xo and Alba in the background are still not impressed by her! Jane submits her novel. Michael does ok on his LSAT. And Petra promises to see a therapist about her PTSD – Grobglas was just excellent as she tells Rafael about having just started bonding with the babies when Anezka paralyzed her.

And that’s the one thing that happens at the end of the episode that isn’t entirely happy. Scott (Wes Armstrong) went to Petra to try to keep her from sending Anezka out of the country, but she said Anezka was already gone – or so she thought. Anezka has been hiding with Scott – and the episode ends with the two getting married – and that seems like a happy ending for them, but Scott has managed to get the shredded will and tape it back together! He’s going to use it against Petra – and gives it to Anezka as her wedding present!

What did you think of the episode? What will Jane’s new challenge be now that she’s finished her novel? What is Rogelio going to do now that Tiago is done? Will Rogelio and Darci make a go of it – or at least a baby? Will Anezka really let Scott go after Petra? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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