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Colony - 2.05 Company Man - Advanced Preview

Last week's episode might have been a bit of a let down for the more sci-fi and action heavy viewer, but without missing a beat Colony goes right back into the show it has been for the first third of the season.

Without giving too much away, the opening scene is a great one that features the drones! The special effects are rather good and continue to give the drones this very intense presence.

For those also waiting to see what's going on with Broussard and his resistance team (the one introduced at the end of last season), your patients will be rewarded. This also includes the character Morgan formerly played by Thora Birch and now recast with Bethany Joy Lenz. As much as I was looking forward to seeing Birch on screen, I have to say that the recast with Lenz may turn out to be a better fit for Colony, as this version of the character feels more natural to this world. 

Viewers also catch up to Bram and Snyder at the labor camp where bomb-making becomes the subject line. Bram ends up feeling a bit pressured, as Maya takes note of his treatment from Snyder, in which she pushes him to keep his promise to help them instead. Sgt. Jenkins however continues to wreak havoc for all parties involved.

As for the Bowmans, Will decides his best recourse is go to work and act like he was just doing his job, which leads to him getting a new partner, but things at work take an explosive turn. As for Katie, she gets torn between trying to teach Charlie the ways of the LA Block and protecting her son from a social-excluding Lindsey, which results in Katie having to apologize to Maddie for her behavior, but her visit ends up being productive in other ways.

Also, the mystery of what exactly happened to Jennifer is not resolved, but is touched on as Will tries and find the answers himself with some disturbing results along the way. The episode also makes point in introducing a new group of people that relate to an event in episode 2.03.

It's true the episode doesn't get to everything on Colony's plate, but it's still doing a much better job of pacing, execution, cinematography, acting, world building, and being able to better string it's mysteries along in a way that are more intriguing, but also not forgetting this is a story about people. 

Don't forget to check out Colony Thursdays at 10:00 on USA Network.