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The Bastard Executioner - Broken Things / Pethau Toredig - Review: "We Need a Warrior"

The Bastard Executioner - Broken Things / Pethau Toredig - Review

Last week on The Bastard Executioner, Wilkin confessed all to Lady Love about whom he truly is, Milus killed Calo as a result of Wilkin's disobedience despite him not actually committing a crime. Father Ruskin continued to help Annora and slowly started to understand who and what she is involved in and Absolon managed to track and find Annora.

"This blood for blood serves neither god nor country. There will be no one at your table better versed in the complexity of this issue than myself. Give me the authority to handle the rebellion as I see fit." Lady Love

‘Executioner’ continued this past Tuesday with a season changing episode. The series has always been a slow burn, but I feel we are now starting to hit the central points in these storylines and some are starting to come to a climax. The lack of continuation regarding character development is worrying, but it's good that the show hasn't forgotten past storylines or characters such as Gaveston and everything he did.

Lady Love and Wilkin continued to show their affection for one another resulting in Jessamy catching them in an embrace. Jessamy was always going to catch them - this became apparent episodes ago when they started getting closer, and she started getting more paranoid - but it was just a matter of when and how she would. This scandalous act can give Jessamy real power that she can hold over both Love and Wilkin so that she gets what she wants, which is Brattle. Her need to hold onto her past has driven her down a tragic path, but I still want to see her be more than a 'devoted wife.' This act allows her to do just that.

Lady Love has held her lie for 2 months now that she is pregnant and she needs a solution. Her and Wilkin are getting no closer to fulfilling the premonition they both saw, so I strongly believe that she will somehow find a way to take Jessamy's baby and make it her own. She had a keen eye for it this episode, and in desperate times people do drastic things and she is becoming desperate by the day. If she did take the child, what would become of Jessamy? I can't see her willingly giving up her baby.

Meanwhile, Edward II has been degraded by a group of Barons known as the Ordainers who have seized his power. They need militant support, and met with Love in order for a deal to be made. Her support in exchange for a seat at this newly formed table - like a roundtable. Love agreed to it, and to be honest it will be a beneficial arrangement to her and Ventrishire. She will keep her power, and won't have to continuously worry about Edwards hold over her.

She can also give her beloved brother, The Wolf, a pardon - by having complete control over what to do about the Welsh rebellion - if she can deliver Gaveston to them. It wasn't part of the agreement originally, but Love is intelligent enough to realize the fate of her brother would be in jeopardy if anyone but her was to decide the proper action of how to handle the rebels. Lady Love is by far the most interesting character, how she has gone from a woman under a grip of her husband to an independent and strong leader. She doesn't like violence which is why she's best fit to lead. She thinks of other alternatives which is also why she proposed to take charge of the rebellion. Every life is precious and she sees that.

"We do not need a scholar or a prophet. We need a warrior." Annora

Elsewhere, Father Ruskin started to doubt his faith which meant he was starting to believe Annora and everything he was reading. He read yet again the scriptures that were hand-scribed by the Nazarene. Though, now that he is entwined into it all, he is in danger like we saw. The real test will be if he stays loyal to her and doesn't confess anything to the soldiers. Annora needs him but she is cautious, so he passing her test - which is to not give the soldiers anything - without them helping him would make him trustworthy.

Annora is one of several Seraphim. The writing on her back is scripture from the book of the Nazerine or that's at least how I interpreted it. The descendants of the soldiers who killed Christ are the people hunting her, and they want to translate the book which is why they want to capture her and all those like her because it's inked on their backs. It's all very complicated, but the faith and mystical elements of the show are actually rather intriguing now that we know a bit more about it; Annora's storyline has become the best thing about the show.

Annora also shared with Wilkin a vision of her past or so we are meant to believe it's her past. A nun was drowning a baby boy and a Templer Knight killed that woman, and another nun nurtured the boy. I thought that The Dark Mute and Annora could be Wilkin's parents, but they're not. They appear to be the Nun and Knight who saved him and they might have cared for him and took him in as their own but they are not his family. Still, it will be interesting to learn about how they got separated and why Wilkin doesn't remember them if they are indeed connected - which all signs point towards.

The Dark Mute also had a hero moment this episode as he protected Annora from Nomads. Watching his devotion to her as he put his life on the line was touching. The Mute won't get many moments to shine, but he did this episode, and I'm glad we finally got to see his true skill. He is honorable and a proud man and we witnessed that.

‘The Bastard Executioner’ continued this past Tuesday with a fascinating and slow burning episode. The lack of continuation of character development from the previous episodes is worrying, but I'm pleased the show is revisiting some old storylines. The faith and mystical elements to the show are becoming a central focus and we are finally getting to know Annora and the Dark Mute after weeks of mystery surrounding them. Love continues to show her intelligence and is becoming the leader her people needs, she is showing strength and courage when facing tough decisions, and something I've wanted to see for a while with her. Overall, it was a solid episode but was far from the best one that's aired.

As always, thank you for reading. Let me know in the comments what you thought of Broken Things / Pethau Toredig!

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