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The Shannara Chronicles - Graymark - Review: "I Am Not The Enemy" + POLL

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The Shannara Chronicles continues as Allanon is taken to Graymark, the base of operations for the Crimson. Allanon is quick to point out that General Riga's base is that of his former enemy The Warlock Lord, and that thousands of druids died in the very same building. Allanon looks completely lost, and even he seems afraid. He has never feared death and still doesn't but what he does fear is people who are stupid enough to disregard magic so quickly as if magic never played a part in the previous battle. Riga is a fool, but has men at his back ready to obey and help his cause. He wants to destroy magic, but in doing that it would only further Bandon's chances of his plan succeeding, I believe. If magic is gone, does Bandon lose his abilities or will it just be Allanon? - since he is the last druid. At least we now know Riga's intentions since that was missing from when he was first introduced.

Wil, after being knocked unconscious by Bandon, awoke to find Eretriia looking down upon him. The writers wasted no time at all reuniting the pair, and I think I speak for many that have been waiting for it for a while, that it didn't disappoint. Their chemistry and their playful banter is fun to watch. I loved Wil and Amberle together but these two are the ones I really want to pair up. They are very fun together.

Wil and Eretria teamed up with Mareth and the unlikely Jax to rescue Allanon. Jax claims he's in it for himself, but I'm sure he has a secret agenda. Was Tamlin bluffing about her keeping eyes on Eretria or could it be our bounty hunter Jax? He's very unstable and very untrustworthy as we' saw this episode when he swapped sides so quickly. Sure, he didn't completely abandon them, but he was on the verge of doing so and now because of him Riga has the stones. Jax is a lose canon, but I do like his addition to the group. Though I would probably cut ties with him, because I can definitely see him betraying them down the line, well if he sticks around that is.

Speaking about Mareth, I can really see her becoming the new Allanon. She fits the part. I don't think it’s a coincidence that the show has introduced his daughter who has magic abilities as well as him. Wil still can't forgive him for what happened to them all, so I can definitely see Allanon sacrificing himself in some way, that is after training his daughter more. I would hate to see him go, but if you look at the variety of the group it now has too many people who are taught in the ways of magic. Just a thought. And also, even though it wasn't really addressed Allanon clearly knows who Mareth is already. The look he gave her was clear enough for him. I hope they get more time together and their relationship will be explored a lot more since we've not really had a parent-child relationship on this show. Well, not one where we like both characters.

Elsewhere, over on the secondary story line at the palace, Queen Tamlin is growing thirstier for power by the minute. I was reasonably correct to say that she wants her daughter to marry Ander just for more control, and that appeared that way by her forward thinking this episode. She wants control over the western lands furthering her position and stance and is using her daughter, who is a pawn in her greater plan. Tamlin is power-driven and I'm sure her daughter will somehow switch sides at some point, and warn Ander of what is about to happen. I really doubt Tamlin will get what she wants.

Ander's general we know is a plant by Riga. But I find it very interesting that Tamlin knows about him. I must wonder if she is somehow involved in Riga's plans? For her to know who General Dane(?) is she must be in on something. Why though has Riga planted a man in Ander's camp? Does Riga plan to takeover himself, or are him and Tamlin working side by side to take control of the lands. It will be interesting to see how that pans out. There are enemies all around our heroes, they really can't trust anybody. Ander, I fear for the most, as his last friend and trusting partner was murdered by his enemies. He has nobody around him he can trust and that worries me greatly.

This was a slow-paced episode but with a lot of action. There were fewer cut backs between characters and I prefer that. The show is best when we have one core group of characters and one secondary group, it makes it easier to follow what is happening. We now know Riga and Tamlin's intentions and we now have three villains on the go at once and that adds the fear factor to the show, wondering who is truly safe. Overall, it was a solid episode but with fewer revelations but far more action. We now have our core group together, so things will only get more interesting from here onwards.

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