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Young Sheldon - Poker, Faith, and Eggs - Review: "Is Dad Really Ok?"

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Young Sheldon continued with an emotional and heartfelt episode. The famous Meemaw appeared for the very first time in this prequel, played by the wonderful Annie Potts. She is in everything from The Fosters to Toy Story, it was a delight hearing she will be playing such a loved person from the show. Meemaw has a soft spot for Sheldon, as we could tell in The Big Bang, Sheldon is her favorite.

Meemaw is easily irritated by George and Missy, but she bonds well with Sheldon, she seems to enjoy his company more than the rest. Sheldon is unusual, but I think she enjoys teaching him new things and helping him to understand more about everyday life - which obviously he has a hard time doing. Sheldon gets taught this episode how to bluff, something he doesn't really pick up straight away but gets the hang off later. I'm not sure what role Annie Potts has in this show, but I hope she sticks around. She would be an excellent addition to the regular cast and an even better role model for Sheldon.

Sheldon has a question of faith this episode. He doesn't believe in faith, rather fact. Sheldon wants to be a scientist and naturally their world revolves around fact. Sheldon has a one on one with the pastor, and comes to blows with him. He questions everything the pastor believes in - much to his family’s horror. This moment was needed for Sheldon, as it was the first time we've got to see him question someone's belief. Sheldon loves to do that, and watching him take the pastor on made Young Sheldon feel real, kind of like watching the grown-up version.

Much later in the episode Sheldon does try to connect with god, to help save his beloved father, George. George gets rushed into hospital with an unknown problem - well one that we don't become aware of. George is the centre of the Cooper's family. He has an adoring wife and children, but the show is building up to a family tragedy. You can see this, and this hospital visit for me signalled the beginning of the end for George.

We all know he doesn't live past Sheldon at 14. Sheldon may only be 9 years old, but we still don't yet know how the show's going to handle the character's growing up. There might be a time jump every season, we might get George for 5 seasons. Whatever happens, we will be saying goodbye to this face. The Big Bang hasn't addressed George's death, but I hope this show will do. It's important to include it. This episode became emotional because of George and the impact him in hospital had on his family. This is by far the show's best episode, and that is down to the show adding a bit of emotion and sadness and blending it with comedy. Perfect.

Lastly, something I kept on mentioning is the lack of screen time given to the supporting characters. Well this episode just changed that. We finally got to see more of the family, and this show is starting to become one of my favorite shows. It’s becoming more family driven and it's showing its warmth, just like The Middle - which I adore.

This was the show's best episode yet. We got an introduction the famous Meemaw who added something extra to the family, a little bit of wit. Annie Potts is perfect in this role. The show shifted its focus onto George, and made this episode more emotion than comedy which is something a family driven comedy needs. It showed the importance of family and how much they all mean to one another. The show is starting to gets its footing and for the first time yet, I really am liking the direction the show is taking.

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