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Salem - The Witching Hour (Season Finale) - Advance Preview: "I. Am. Dead."

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Directed by Brannon Braga
Written by Adam Simon
Previewed by Gavin Hetherington



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This finale has absolutely winded me. I cannot breathe. My emotions were obliterated throughout this intense 45 minutes of Salem. I don't even know what to say. I feel like I can't even say anything without it being a spoiler, so I'm going to be careful about how I convey my feelings. I have so many feelings. Oh my God where do I begin? If you guys are wondering about how the Dark Lord fits into being in Salem, let's just say he is probably the most ruthless villain to ever grace Salem - far more villainous than Increase Mather and the Countess Marburg and this is just from 1 episode. Should Salem be renewed for a third season, and I am hopeful that it will, this Dark Lord is going to be the biggest thing to hit Salem and it's going to be epic. This season finale was epic. Epic in every sense of the word. Jesus, I still need to sort out my feelings.

The Dark Lord is a force to be reckoned with. He gives out punishments to those who wronged his mother, including Tituba and Mercy. His punishments are cruel, to say the least, and despite both characters having been wicked in the past, you do feel for them both. It does offer both characters some of their best scenes this season though and I am so excited to see what the hell happens next! The Countess and Mary face-off is just as scorchingly hot as the promo suggests. It's a scene I absolutely love and can't wait for you guys to see! Really cannot say anything more without spoiling things, but I just know you guys are going to be brutally shocked by the outcome of it and what transpires during it.

Some of the highlights of the episode comes from Anne and Cotton. Anne really does shock you in the finale as Adam Simon said in his exclusive interview with me, and I really did not expect what happens between the married couple. I know for a fact you guys will sit watching what happens between them with complete and utter horror. For those who wanted more of the love spell and its consequences, you will definitely see this come to a head. Isaac had a pretty minimal role in this episode but his scene is a fantastic one, and Sebastian will surprise you in this episode too. So this leaves John - following on from running away from the consecration the night before, John has some great scenes with the Indians. You'll also be blown away by a development between them, and even Mary, that will set up huge storylines for the third season.

This episode is the definition of fantastic TV. 'The Witching Hour' excited me, thrilled me, terrified me, mortified me... and that was just the first 20 minutes. It continued to deliver, right up until the very end. There's a cliffhanger - a huge, HUGE cliffhanger - and you seriously won't know anybody's fate come the end credits. To put things into perspective, this was Salem's Red Wedding. You may think you know what's going to happen, and I thought I had it figured out, but at every single turn, the finale surprised me. Enjoy this ride on Sunday Heathens, I'm still reeling from it.


- I know I said this about the episode before, 'Midnight Never Come', but this was the best episode of Salem so far.
- There are a number of casualties in the climax of the witch war.
- Anne will definitely shock you with what she does, not just to Cotton, but to others.
- Mercy's world comes crashing down around her.
- Tituba suffers the consequences for her lies.
- This is literally all the character's biggest episode all season.
- We will see just how much power the Dark Lord has.
- The Mary and Countess face-off will be hot as hell.
- This episode promises season three to be off the wall amazing. It shows us why this show needs to be renewed. It's now not just a want, but a fundamental need.
- This finale blew season one's finale out of Salem.




With the Starry Messenger comet drawing ever closer, John Alden fights for his life while Anne Hale works to comfort and protect one whose life or death brings with it great consequences for Witch and mortal alike. Mary, palpably affected by recent events, finds herself in a wholly unfamiliar situation, leading her to try a risky gambit. When John shares shocking and unbelievable information with Cotton, it leads the younger Mather to seek out answers.

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the creators of Salem, Adam Simon. Be sure to read the interview as it was very insightful. Adam discusses the beginnings of the witchy show, the writing process that goes into each and every episode, the developments of his mesmerising characters, what's the come in the finale and whether we should be hopeful for season 3.

Have any questions about the intense season finale of Salem? Obviously I can't give away any spoilers, but let me know what you're most excited about seeing in the comments and be sure to watch the season two finale this Sunday on WGN America at 10PM! You DO NOT want to miss it!

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