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Penny Dreadful – And Hell Itself My Only Foe – Advance Preview

We are in for one hell of a season finale if the events of this episode are anything to go by. The cards are all out on the table in “And Hell Itself My Only Foe” with secrets and intentions being revealed left and right. New alliances are being formed and friendships are destroyed in this penultimate Penny Dreadful hour. The tension ramps up higher and higher until the very last moments and I have to say I’m shocked by what happens.

Ethan and Vanessa return from their sabbatical at the behest of their allies in an effort to save Sir Malcolm, but it is still unclear whether our heroes’ faith will be enough to best the power of the Nightcomers.

“And Hell Itself My Only Foe” begins with a bang and while I wouldn’t call the entire episode “shocking”, there are a few twists and turns that truly shocked me. Their were revelations I wasn’t expecting from every plotline. We see in this episode just how close Sir Malcolm’s team has become in their struggles with their individual secrets when they must face evil head on to save one of their own.

The thing I enjoy most about this Penny Dreadful episode is, as I mentioned above, everything is starting to be laid out in the open. It’s as if the demimonde is taking over and our heroes’ awareness of that grey area between light and dark is the only thing that will save them, though none of them are safe. I’m not pleased with a few outcomes, not from a storytelling standpoint, but as a fan rooting for these characters.

“And Hell Itself My Only Foe” is another great installment of Penny Dreadful, one that will leave you wishing the episode didn’t have to end.

Be sure to tune in Sunday for the new episode!

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