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2 Broke Girls - And the Minor Problem - Review: "Committing a Heche Crime"

4.20 - "And the Minor Problem"
Directed by Fred Savage
Written by Liz Astrof
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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'And the Minor Problem' Recap and Commentary

At the Diner, a man named Leo who looks pretty Amish (but has gayed the look up according to Max) apologises to Max that he doesn't have enough money to leave a tip and offers to tell her her future instead. She refuses but Caroline takes the bait and he tells her he sees two M's. At the High, Nash wants to eat some of Max's dessert as Caroline has been refusing to let him eat anything bad. Joe is grateful to Caroline and makes her the new manager of a new location of the High. She doesn't tell her where but it's international and going to be the hub of the business. Caroline is able to poach Max and even asks John to be part of the new team. At the diner, Caroline is excited to tell them all when Oleg and Sophie come from the back after having sex. Oleg pulls one of her extensions out of his pants, which is honestly vile but hilarious at the same time as Sophie puts it back in her hair. Caroline eventually tells Han about the job promotions.

At the photoshoot, while Nash is getting photos taken, Marie approaches Max and Caroline about wanting Nash's penis to look bigger for the ad campaign. Max goes out back to help "fluff his nutter" while Caroline talks to Marie. Max helps Nash but his mother walks in demanding to take her son home all the while revealing he's just turned 18. This shocks Max and Nash's mother eventually takes him away from the shoot, meaning Marie doesn't have a model and threatens to tell Joe about it. At the High, Caroline worries about Joe who does indeed fire them. Caroline pleads with her and Joe tells them if they can get Nash back to the photoshoot then they're back in business. At the diner, Max worries that Caroline won't be able to convince Nash's mother to let Nash stay but Caroline thinks they have a lot more in common than they realise.

Sophie and Oleg are in the diner sorting out the seating arrangements for the wedding where Sophie has way more friends and family than Oleg. Max gets a message from Nash that they aren't going to the diner anymore as his mother found the racy photos Max sent him. Caroline concocts a plan to buy plane tickets and return them so they can go to the airport to stop Nash leaving. At the airport, Max is agitated and says "it's not like I screamed I have a bomb" which gets the security guard's attention. Caroline doesn't make it any better by telling her the reason they're there is to stop an underage kid Max had sex with from leaving the country. The security officer asks the girls questions though they get through pretty unscathed. I can't imagine airport security being that lenient when someone says they have a bomb but who knows what happened in the time lapse between being questioned and Max and Caroline making it to the departure gate.

Caroline seems to get swept up in the idea of going to Paris which Max has to snap her out of. They find Nash and Caroline pleads with them as their entire lives depend on the photoshoot. Nash's full name, we find out, is Nash Terrence O'Brien. I guess they really have dropped the Nashit name. Caroline gets to talk to Nash's mother without Max there, but Max bribed a guy at the checkout with a joint to distract his mother so they can take him to the shoot. Nash apologises for not telling Max his age but thought it didn't matter since she was "so immature". Caroline reveals Joe was so impressed with them kidnapping him that she gave them their jobs back but tells them they have a new model to replace Nash, so Nash leaves to go back to Ireland. Caroline is excited about the new location that Caroline will be running and she wonders where it could be, all the while passing a huge poster advertising the High is coming soon to the airport. Max sees it and the two are devastated at where they're going to end up.

Cupcake Total: $2,261.00 (up from $1,211.00)

Funniest Quotes

Caroline: Sir, coming over here right now was not a good idea. We don't like to be stiffed by strangers. In six months, maybe, but we're not there yet.

Leo: I see two M's.
Max: You bitch, have you been holding out on M&Ms?

Leo: I see a small failure.
(Han walks in)
Max: I take it back, you are good!

Max: It's the Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga of desserts.

Caroline: This morning he was trying to swallow his toothpaste but I was right there to stop him.

Joedth: Honey, I get that you're happy but enough with the eye contact. No one can look me in the eye. I'm the Medusa in Chanel.

John: I'll take it. But I have to be upfront with Max. I don't like it in the back. Which by the way is what I say to all my dates.

Han: And I'm playing center for the Nicks.
Earl: Have you seen the Nicks lately? He can help.

Sophie: I came over to discuss wedding details with Oleg while he had intercourse.
Max: What is this, the Bunny Ranch?

Han: Can we make it a general rule that there is no fornication in the diner?

Sophie: Oleg! You crushed my seating arrangement!
Oleg: I'd like to think so.

Han: If you two leave the diner, how will I replace you? Unless I hire literally anyone else.

Caroline: We have more debt than Jada Pinkett Smith has excuses for Will not being home.

Marie: Wow. Do girls eat now? Lena Dunham changed everything.

Max: How professional can I be? She's asking me to fluff his nutter.

Marie: We're lesbians, talking is most of what we do. It's why we rule daytime.

Nash's Mother: Ya checked into America on Facebook ya bleedin' idiot.

Max: I can't believe it! I had sex with a teenager! Who am I, Woody Allen?

Nash: But ma, I like New York. People want to take pictures of me willy here.
Nash's Mother: It's all my fault. I never should have let you watch that Magic Mike.

Caroline: (about Joedth) I'm sure she'll be professional.
Max: Professional? Yesterday she slapped a woman for wearing cheap heels.
Caroline: I know, my face is still red.

Joedth: Hey ladies. Obviously you're both fired.
Max: Obviously. Can I keep the hat? You are not gonna want this back.

Joedth: You two embarrased my girlfriend. And embarrasment in the lesbian community is worse than not owning a dog. It's worse than dating Anne Heche.
Caroline: Oh my God, we committed a Heche crime.

Max: Han, do you want to spend another night in this coleslaw bucket?
Han: No, and had I not been able to roll myself out onto the street, I might have suffocated!

Max: (about her breasts) The right one just started a Fleetwood Mac cover band. You know how I know? When I take my bra off it goes its own way. Do you really think you can get Nash's mother to change her mind when they come in to pick up the rest of his stuff?
Caroline: Yes I do because she and I have a lot in common. I may not be Irish but I'm dirt-poor and I'm living with someone who drinks way too much.

Earl: A little morning Air Lingus? Isn't that what got Max into trouble in the first place?

Max: This line is longer than the movie Gone Girl.

Security officer: Do you have any explosives?
Max: I had leftover chipotle for breakfast, does that count?
Security officer: It does to whoever's sitting next to you.

Caroline: I bet on the plane they'll have caviar and palinis.
Max: You know who won't be on the plane? US!

Caroline: YOU HAVE A JOINT... Bank account?

Caroline: Wow, he is young. So young Bruce Jenner has been a woman for most of his life.

Nash's Mother: Nash Terrence O'Brien, you are not going anywhere or I'll take you over my knee right here.
Max: Well he likes that.

Caroline: Max, let me talk to Mrs. O'Brien. Go up to the gate, ask what movie they're showing on their flight.
Max: Okay, but if they're showing anything, I mean anything from Mr. Adam Sandler... I'm getting on the plane too.

Nash's Mother: Oh Nash, maybe they're bumping us up from the last coach row to the second-to-the-last coach row. I knew I'd be rewarded for not having any abortions in spite of me circumstances.

Max: When I was his age I had already robbed three Blockbuster Video's.
Nash: What's Blockbuster Video?
Max: Oh my God, I screwed a baby.
Caroline: Okay, I'm gonna text Joedth and tell her we have Nash in our custody. No I'd better call, that text won't play well at our trial.

Max: I'm gonna miss him, especially since kids eat free at Quizmos before six.

Episode Verdict

Ahh, I wasn't the biggest fan of this episode. I really wanted to like it more than I did but I think there wasn't enough about what I love about 2 Broke Girls in this episode. There was no progression for the cupcake business though there seems to be progression with the High storyline, which was fine and all but it wasn't as interesting as I would have liked. It will set up some funny things in the future if Caroline and Max really do have to work at the airport.

I don't ever want to be critical of 2 Broke Girls but sometimes I just have to. There wasn't enough funny here to sustain the entire episode. I think the episode relied a lot on shocking celebrity references like Anne Heche and Bruce Jenner. They were funny but there wasn't a consistent flow of comical delivery that I love this show for. Some of it felt a little like it was putting on a show, like the Fleetwood Mac reference which kind of distracts from the reality of the show. Still a good reference but I don't know, I just think the episode was a little off in its comedic timing. I do apologise if you guys loved the episode - I just found this to be one of the weakest of the season. There have definitely been consistently funnier episodes in season four.

I did like the storyline of the girls having to save their jobs at the High by stopping Nash's mother from taking Nash away. I was pretty shocked when it turned out he had just turned 18 and I guess now this really was the end of Nash. He came and went in a flash. I'm gonna miss that gorgeous face and gorgeous body. There's always the next guy, I suppose. The show needs to cast some stable, permanent love interests for our main girls. What I do love about this show though is that they don't need men. Sure, for pleasure and fun, but they're not all about men. They're driven women who are succeeding (it's a rocky road but they are still moving forward) so I guess having stable relationships would distract from that. As a side note, I wonder what the two positions named after Max are.

I did think the episode got a little better when the girls arrived at the airport to stop Nash. The security officer was funny though I doubt they'd be so laid back if there was an actual bomb threat. That was a little unrealistic that they weren't tackled to the floor but anyway, I digress, the airport part was a better part of the episode. It was a shame that Sophie, Oleg and Earl were pretty much underused here, though Han got a few good kicks in. I hope that, as we move into the final two episodes of the season, there will be more emphasis on the existing characters and now that Nash is gone and Sophie's and Oleg's wedding is literally right around the corner, I think it will.

A bit of a disappointing episode but I guess we needed that out of the way as we head to the end of season four. Only two episodes left people and I cannot believe it's going to be over in two weeks!

What did you guys think of 'And the Minor Problem'? Let me know in the comments and be sure to watch the next new episode of 2 Broke Girls on May 11th on CBS!

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