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Pretty Little Liars - The Series Review + SpoilerTV Results: "Swear This One You'll Save"

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The Series Review + Results
By Gavin Hetherington

In less than a week, Pretty Little Liars will be over. I choke up as I write this - it will be a bittersweet and a highly-anticipated ending to an iconic show. There is no denying this show defined the decade, so it would be a huge crime to not do something special for the show's upcoming end.

There were nearly 20,000 votes cast in the polls from this article I made a week ago, so thank you to absolutely everybody who voted. Be sure to check out my latest review of the show, 'Farewell, My Lovely' on SpoilerTV.

This series review is more a general overview of my feelings of the show - and I implore all fans to do the same in the comments. Share the moments, seasons, episodes and characters you loved or hated in the comments and keep the flame alive for the show's final run.

SEASON ONE (2010-11)

The iconic first season - which is exactly what I want to call it - set the show off in the right direction from the moment the promotional poster was released. 'Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret'. Amazing. I had high hopes going into the show and I remember being so excited seeing the promos for the newest ABC Family show. I actually reviewed the pilot for SpoilerTV when it first aired, though I didn't continue with SpoilerTV for some reason (I returned in 2014 and took over reviewing this show from 5B when the previous reviewer left). I re-read my review of the Pilot (poorly written I must admit), and cry knowing I wrote that when the show was so young and promising and not about to end like it is now. The introduction of the main characters was really well done and I loved the mystery of A and Alison. I remember being so excited by the first half of the season, leading up to the moment of Hanna getting ran over in the mid-season finale. I was so shocked and I lived for it. I didn't anticipate getting carried away with the show by the end of its first season. I remember really liking all the love interests at this point too - boy how those times have changed. This season houses one of my favourite episodes - the season finale. It fortunately won the best episode poll, and it was closely followed by the Pilot. Both episodes ended on great cliffhangers, with the finale actually ending with someone hanging (and their body suddenly disappearing). This is certainly my favourite season of the show, and one that I will want to revisit whenever I want to recapture the glory of Pretty Little Liars.

(Voted by the people)

1. 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' - 22.8%
2. 'Pilot' - 20.6%
3. 'The Perfect Storm' - 7.7%
4. 'Keep Your Friends Close' - 6.3%
5. 'A Person of Interest' - 5.2%
6. 'There's No Place Like Homecoming' - 5.1%
7. 'The Badass Seed' - 4.8%
8. 'Monsters in the End' - 4.0%
9. 'The Jenna Thing' - 3.9%
10. 'Je Suis Une Amie' - 2.9%

SEASON TWO (2011-12)

Season 2 is when I started to really obsess with the show. I think 2012 was my peak year of total obsession - and why not. 2012 was the year of the Liar because we got to find out who A was. A, before all the B's, C's and D's started targeting the girls - I mean the OG. And once again, the finale wins the best episode poll because it really was the best episode of season 2, and quite possibly of the entire series. While Mona was A in the book, the show seemed to go in different directions before having the same result - but I still found myself shocked. Also the moment Emily discovers that Maya is dead hit me like a ton of bricks - one of the most heartbreaking moments in the show. The first of the annual Halloween episodes was good, though I wouldn't have said it was better than the mid-season finale, 'Over My Dead Body'. I loved that episode with the girls frantically trying to find Dr. Sullivan. A bit lower than I thought was the mid-season premiere, 'Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares', as the greenhouse scene with Emily was one of the most exciting scenes up at that point. Season 2 had a lot going for it with the mystery of Ian's body disappearing and the girls getting closer to finding out who A is. It was a well-rounded season that didn't have as many plot holes as the following seasons open up. If the show had of ended here, I would have been so upset at the time. But since A was unmasked, it would have been the perfect time to end. But alas, we have 5 more seasons.

(Voted by the people)

1. 'unmAsked' - 33.5%
2. 'The First Secret' - 9.2%
3. 'If These Dolls Could Talk' - 7.8%
4. 'Over My Dead Body' - 7.3%
5. 'CTRL: A' - 6.7%
6. 'It's Alive' - 5.8%
7. 'Touched by an A-ngel' - 3.6%
8. 'Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares' - 3.1%
9. 'A Kiss Before Lying' - 2.8%
10. 'A Hot Piece of 'A'' - 2.6%

SEASON THREE (2012-13)

Who murdered Alison is not the only big thing they explored in the first half of this season, but who killed my beloved Maya? I was still hit hard when this season rolled around, and I enjoyed the set-up for the season. Firstly, I was pretty shocked that it was Nate who killed Maya and I enjoyed Emily's story (for possibly the last time - after this season I don't think she was given any great material to work with, from memory anyway). 'The Lady Killer' - the mid-season finale when we found this all out - came 4th in the poll, though it would probably be my 2nd favourite episode. I'm not surprised that yet again, the season finale came top of the poll. The lodge fire was pretty exciting and the first credible hints that Alison could be alive are grounded here. I love that Mona also became part of the Liars as of this episode. Awesome finale. In this season I also really enjoyed the reveal that Toby is on the A-team, and even Spencer joined it for a brief period. Another episode that stood out for me was actually 'Misery Loves Company', when Aria is in the house with Meredith, and Meredith goes a little crazy. I don't know why but that one stuck with me. All in all, I loved this season yet again, but not as much as season two. A lot of shocking reveals were made and I think all the Liars had something to work with.

(Voted by the people)

1. 'A dAngerous gAme' - 21.6%
2. 'This is a Dark Ride' - 13.1%
3. 'It Happened 'That Night'' - 12.0%
4. 'The Lady Killer' - 9.7%
5. 'The Kahn Game' - 5.9%
6. 'Mona Mania' - 5.0%
7. 'Misery Loves Company' - 4.4%
8. 'I'm Your Puppet' - 4.0%
9. 'Stolen Kisses' - 3.2%
10. 'Will the Circle Be Unbroken?' - 2.8%

SEASON FOUR (2013-14)

Looking back on season four now, I think I like it way more than I originally thought I did. Spencer is my favourite character, and this was actually an interesting year for her as she helps investigate Toby's mother's death, and then thinking she might have killed Alison herself 'that night'. Does it really come as any surprise that the finale, yet again, wins the best episode poll? We got so many answers about Alison in the episode since she is back from the dead, and a lot of revelations that we needed since the first season. The premiere also rated highly with fans, though the pig in the trunk reveal from the season 3 cliffhanger was a little wtf. I think 'Grave New World' might be my favourite Halloween episode, so it's nice to see it do well. The mid-season finale, too, was awesome and the Ezra reveal that he had a lair (first thoughts went to A), was another shocker. Even though it was great at the time, it's had some awful repercussions later in the series since a lot of fans can't get over the fact that he took advantage of young girls to get a story. I always enjoyed the girls visiting Ravenswood, but having said that, I watched the spin-off show with Caleb as the lead and I didn't enjoy it. I wish they never made it. It was nice to see Hanna guest star in it, and I liked the premise, but it just didn't belong in the PLL world. Shout out to the special black-and-white episode 'Shadow Play'.

(Voted by the people)

1. 'A is for Answers' - 26.5%
2. 'A is for A-l-i-v-e' - 12.4%
3. 'Now You See Me, Now You Don't' - 10.0%
4. 'Grave New World' - 9.1%
5. 'Shadow Play' - 5.0%
6. 'Who's in the Box?' - 4.4%
=7. 'Free Fall' - 4.0%
=7. 'Unbridled' - 4.0%
9. 'She's Come Undone' - 3.1%
10. 'Hot for Teacher' - 3.0%

SEASON FIVE (2014-15)

Honest opinion here, I think this season was the beginning of the end - and was it because of Alison's return as an alive-and-kicking main character? I love Alison to bits an I still do, but her integration back into the show changed the entire course of the show and a lot of the times, I felt like the writers didn't know what to do with her after her initial return. What I did love is that the Liars had a suspicion that Alison could be A, and the chaos that ensued out of that. The finale, for the last time, won the poll for best season five episode. It is the clear winner for me too, and I loved the finale so much. The dollhouse was a terrifying addition to the show and one that promised a fantastic start to the following season. The show also celebrated the 100th episode this season, which came second in the poll. As far as 100th episodes go, it was good, though it would have been lower for me. Ever since the Halloween episodes began, I always wanted a Christmas one. This one is a little weird though, with a dead Mona (who turns out to not be dead) in a Christmas Carol-esque role. It was a nice change from the Halloween episodes. Another mention is the mid-season finale coming in fifth - with the shocking moment of Mona's murder (at the time, anyway, we were so convinced). I had never been more shocked and upset before, but by the time the finale rolled around, I was living. I find this to be a very uneven season and perhaps a bit too much time was spent running around in circles for Mona in the second half, but it holds a bit of a special place in my heart since 5B was when I took over reviewing this show for SpoilerTV. I've never looked back.

(Voted by the people)

1. 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' - 31.5%
2. 'Miss Me x 100' - 15.6%
3. 'EscApe from New York' - 12.4%
4. 'How the 'A' Stole Christmas' - 10.8%
5. 'Taking This One to the Grave' - 6.6%
6. 'I'm a Good Girl, I Am' - 4.9%
7. 'Run, Ali, Run' - 2.8%
8. 'A Dark Ali' - 2.2%
9. 'The Silence of E. Lamb' - 1.9%
10. 'Through a Glass, Darkly' - 1.8%

SEASON SIX (2015-16)

It's such a shame that after such a promising start, season six would turn out to be the show's worst season (as voted by the people, and I think it's also my least favourite too). I'm not entirely sure why as we had the season split into two very defining stories. The first half dealt with Charles and the second half with the time-jump that promised exciting new stories. This should have made a more cohesive, stable season, but it didn't become the case. I did love that they dedicated the first 10 episodes to discovering who Charles is, and I would say I preferred the first half way more than the second. I loved the exploration of the girls' PTSD and discovering what happened in the dollhouse, and the eventual reveal of CeCe aka Charlotte DiLaurentis aka Charles. The premiere episode, with the girls still trapped in the dollhouse, won the best episode poll, with the mid-season finale coming in a close second. I did enjoy the mid-season finale even if I did think it was all just standing around and talking. The finale took a tumble to the third spot, after it winning the poll for the past five seasons. I'm not surprised - I wasn't a fan of the season 6 finale as I thought it was total fanfare for shippers, and some downright bad decisions happened between ships that affected the next season. A lot of the season was not as memorable as past seasons, and while I initially enjoyed the different take on the show that the time jump offered, I found it didn't last. To be fair, it happens to all my favourite shows when they encounter a time jump - they turn out to be a temporary fix. And don't get me started on that big cliffhanger to the mid-season finale with the classroom scene that was finally resolved in season 7's penultimate episode. It just unravels season 6 and its flaws even more.

(Voted by the people)

1. 'Game On, Charles' - 23.7%
2. 'Game Over, Charles' - 19.9%
3. 'Hush... Hush, Sweet Liars' - 18.2%
4. 'Of Late I Think of Rosewood' - 7.6%
5. 'Last Dance' - 6.5%
6. 'Did You Miss Me?' - 5.1%
7. 'Songs of Innocence' - 2.9%
8. 'FrAmed' - 2.2%
9. 'O Brother, Where Art Thou' - 2.1%
10. 'Charlotte's Web' - 1.5%

SEASON SEVEN (2016-17)

I was surprised to see the seventh season announced early on that it would be the last. I imagined Freeform would milk the show even further, but I know for a fact I could not have handled another season. As much as I love the show, the characters, etc., another season of watching the girls chase their tails would have killed me off. I have been enjoying the final season a lot more than season six, and slightly more so than season five. Still problematic a lot of the time, the standout storylines of the show have come from this season - such as Mary Drake. I was worried about the twin story, but they pulled it off, and they twisted it further by having Mary as Spencer's biological mother. I expected a red herring, but the show actually managed to see a twist through, and it has led to some emotional, beautiful scenes lately. I have loved Aria's turn as an A.D. team member, and the board game in the second half was pretty exciting for me. The murder of Archer Dunhill at the start of the season set up the stakes as pretty high for this final outing, even if it is a carbon copy of the final season of Desperate Housewives. Due to voting for the best episode happening before the airing of the final two episodes, the results before only cover the premiere through to the eighteenth episode. The eighteenth episode actually topped the poll by a lot, which is a good sign for the finale. The mid-season finale, with the Noel Kahn and Jenna Marshall showdown, came second. Looking back it was a good episode, even if I found some of it problematic. The premiere, which to me was a truly awesome premiere and set the tone for the season, came third. I may have to re-do this poll once the finale aires to see if anything changes in the top five. The finale might win the poll, or it might not.

(7.01 - 7.18, Voted by the people)

1. 'Choose or Lose' - 23.5%
2. 'The DArkest Knight' - 14.9%
3. 'Tick-Tock, Bitches' - 11.6%
4. 'The Glove That Rocks the Cradle' - 7.9%
5. 'Hit and Run, Run, Run' - 6.2%
6. 'In the Eye Abides the Heart' - 5.7%
7. 'Playtime' - 5.4%
8. 'Driving Miss Crazy' - 5.2%
9. 'Power Play' - 4.5%
10. 'The Wrath of Kahn' - 2.7%


1st Place
Season 1

2nd Place
Season 7

3rd Place
Season 3

4th Place
Season 2

5th Place
Season 5

6th Place
Season 4

7th Place
Season 6

Do I agree with these? I agree with number one, season one is definitely my favourite season. But I don't think I would call season 7 my second favourite. To be fair, the votes in the polls between Season 7, 3 and 2 were very close, but Season 7 edged those seasons out by a mere few. This is probably my order of favourite to least favourite season: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 7 > 5 > 6. I just realised that's actually rather linear, like each season I didn't enjoy as much as the one before, but with Season 7, I actually have enjoyed it more than Season 6 and what I remember from Season 5.

The Women of Pretty Little Liars

We wouldn't have a show without these incredible women. This was probably the hardest and most-voted on poll out of all of them, and to be honest the results don't come as a shock.

The woman to come in 1st place in the poll, with 24.1% of the vote, is Spencer Hastings. I have to say, she is my favourite character, and has been since the very first episode. While she is flawed and makes mistakes, I love how, out of the other main liars, she takes a lot of the initiative to do things. She's smart and reliable and a great leader to the girls. Troian Bellisario, whom I did not know before the show, blossomed before my eyes on this show and has become one of my favourite TV actresses. In 2nd place is Hanna Marin, with 17.2% of the vote. Hanna is another one of my favourites and I thought either Hanna or Spencer would win. Her humour is one of the best aspects of the show and she really balances all the girls out. I'm in love with Ashley Benson, ever since her stint on Eastwick, and she has done a lot of growing up on the show. In 3rd place, with 15.8% of the vote, is Mona Vanderwaal. It did initially surprise me at first that she would beat out two other main characters who have been leads since the first episode, but considering the show in the past few seasons, Mona has really come out on top. I have to hand it to her that in the most recent episodes, she has dominated the screen and all attention does go to Mona. She is such a scene-stealer and truly deserves to be high among the ranks. I love her so much. In 4th place is Alison DiLaurentis with 11.2% of the vote. Considering she wasn't found out to be alive until the fourth season, she really made an impression in all her appearances beforehand as the mean Queen Bee who made a lot of people's lives hell. If it wasn't for her, we wouldn't have had a show in the first place. While she has been more passive in the show's final season and doesn't have as much control as she did in the earlier seasons when she wasn't there, she's still an iconic character. Rounding out the top five then, in 5th place is Aria Montgomery, with 10.9% of the vote. I love Lucy Hale myself so I thought I'd see her higher in this list, but I can also see why she didn't beat the likes of Mona or Alison. Aria has had a pretty problematic run in recent years and her storylines have mainly been dictated by her love life, so a lot of her agency has been dependent on that. I mean, all of the girls have the same issue, but not nearly as much as Aria. Unfortunately not making the top five is Emily Fields in 6th Place with 10.0% of the vote. While I will always have a soft spot for Emily, she has been made a little more redundant in the past few seasons - in my opinion. It became apparently clear when she was becoming dominated in scenes recently by Mona, who isn't considered a main character in the same vein as Emily. The writers just didn't really know what to do with her, I think, and while she is a good character, she just didn't have the same impact as the others.

Honourable mentions to Melissa Hastings (2.5%), Charlotte DiLaurentis (2.1%), Maya St. Germain (2.0%), and Jenna Marshall (1.2%). And to the 0.3% that voted for Sara Harvey - why?


Ashley Marin, with 30.8% of the vote! Rounding out the top five are Ella Montgomery (17.4%), Veronica Hastings (15.4%), Pam Fields (12.5%), and the only likeable dad, Wayne Fields (10.3%). Honourable mention to Mary Drake who came in sixth with 4.3% - after the most recent episodes, it's not hard to see why.

The Men of Pretty Little Liars

Caleb Rivers, who comes in 1st Place with 23.6%, has been a staple love interest in the show since the very first season. His relationship with Hanna was actually one of the greatest things to watch back in the day. Caleb even got to star in the short-lived spin-off Ravenswood, and he ended up dating another liar - Spencer - after the five-year time jump. Guy gets around. In 2nd Place is Toby Cavanaugh with 21.2% of the vote. Another original character from the early days, Toby grew from a person the liars tried to avoid to someone who became much loved by them. He's barely been in the show in recent times, but he's sure to make an impact in the final episode. In 3rd Place is Ezra Fitz with 13.8% of the vote. He definitely made some waves in the world of the liars when he slept with his student, and then turn out to have been writing a book on her and her friends later on. That hasn't gone down so well with fans, though a lot of Ezria scenes have become iconic moments in the show. In 4th Place is Jason DiLaurentis with 13.7% of the vote. Super close to beating Ezra despite him not being a main part of the show in a long time, Jason definitely proves to still be a fan favourite. He's been a miss on the show actually, though I very much enjoyed the actor on Devious Maids (R.I.P.). The final guy to make 5th Place is ... (drum roll) ... Wren Kingston, with 8.4% of the vote. He was a major ship of mine back in the very, very early days, and it was great to have him back in 7.15, and he will be a huge part of the series finale. In what way, who knows? But it's nice to see a British guy make the top five, and he is a pretty good character.

Honourable mentions to Mike Montgomery (4.8%), Lucas Gottesman (3.6%) and Noel Kahn (3.3%). If I was to vote for hottest guy, Noel Kahn would have been my top choice out of all the men in PLL. He does something to me.


The winner of Best Ship goes to Haleb, with 21.3% of the vote. Not too surprising since they are the first main couple on the show to actually get married. In 2nd Place is Spoby, with 18.4% of the vote. Considering Toby has been absent for a lot of the newer episodes and he has been in a relationship with someone else, runner-up is a good place to end up. The much-anticipated Emison ended up in 3rd Place with 14.6% of the vote. They really were a long time coming and it's nice to finally see Emily settle down with someone after years of a turbulent relationship. In 4th Place is Ezria, with 12.7%. I think if this poll came years sooner, they would have probably had a shot of winning. And finally completing the top five, in 5th Place, is Jaria with 6.7% of the vote. It seems that a lot of people found the steamy relationship between Aria and Jason enjoyable - myself included! Had Ezria not been endgame, I would have liked to have seen Jaria happen.

Honourable mentions to Mina (Mike/Mona) with 5.7%, Wrencer (Wren/Spencer) with 4.4%, Emaya (Emily/Maya) with 4.2%, Pailey (Paige/Emily) with 4.0%, and Spaleb (Spencer/Caleb) with 3.4%. Whoever wrote Pike (Paige/Bike) in the Other box, I applaud you.


Haleb's Wedding from 'Choose or Lose' with 11.4% of the vote. The Haleb fans really were out in force during voting after winning Best Ship and Most Romantic Moment. In a close 2nd Place is Alison saying I love you to Emily in 'The Glove That Rocks the Cradle', with 10.7%. Right behind in 3rd Place is Haleb's Shower Scene from 'A Badass Seed' with 10.2%. Talk about steamy. In 4th Place is Spoby's First Kiss in 'A Person of Interest' with 9.5%. And another Haleb scene steals away into 5th Place with the Tent Scene from the same episode, 'A Person of Interest', with 8.4%. While no Ezria scene made the top five, the Rain Kiss in 'The Jenna Thing' came 6th Place with 7.9% of the vote. Notice how these moments are all from the first season and the final season? For the Emaya fans, the Photobooth Kiss in 'To Kill a Mocking Girl' came 12th Place with 3.4% (even though it's one of my favourite romantic moments). Pailey fans didn't manage to edge this when the Midnight Swim in 'Stolen Kisses' came last in 16th Place with 1.9%.

The Show's Iconic Moments

Was the Best Reveal ever in question? In 1st Place is an obvious winner - the Mona is A reveal - from 'unmAsked' with 18.1% of the vote. That moment itself is just so iconic in the show as she was the first A to ever be revealed and it made for a brilliant episode. In 2nd Place is another A reveal - Toby is on the A Team - with 12.4%. While it turned out to be a plan on his part to help the girls, it was still such a shocking moment on the show. Very close behind in 3rd Place is Alison is confirmed to be alive, with 12.1%. It was certainly a turning point in the show as the entire premise and who killed Alison mystery - both huge stories - were turned on its head. Was the show ever the same after this shocking reveal? In 4th Place is a more recent moment, where Mary Drake turns out to be Spencer's birth mother, with 11.0%. I was more shocked that they didn't make this a red herring, so props to this for making the top five. And finally, in 5th Place, is the revelation that Mona is alive in the dollhouse, with 10.5%. Mona sure likes to have her shocking moments, especially since her fake death in the season 5 mid-season finale was pretty shocking in itself. If you're wondering where the Ezra Reveal is, it came in 7th Place with 7.8% of the vote.

The show wouldn't have been as exciting if it wasn't for its blend of Creepy Moments throughout. The dollhouse, introduced in the season five finale, proved to be a runaway winner for housing some of the show's creepiest moments. In 1st Place was the girls' initial entrapment in the replica bedrooms in the dollhouse, with 15.0% of the vote. It also stole the 2nd Place title when, in the season six premiere, the girls are tortured within it, with 11.3%. Breaking away from the dollhouse, in 3rd Place, Aria waking up next to Garrett's dead body creeped 10.8% of voters out. Then, in 4th Place is that iconic reveal again, with Mona as A in her lair as Spencer discovers who their enemy is, with 7.1%. And in 5th Place, the opening of the boot in 'Taking This One to the Grave', revealing Mona's body, was enough to get 6.9% of the vote - despite her turning out to not be dead. To be fair, she looked realistically so at that time. An honourable mention goes out to a moment that I didn't include in the poll, but a few people voted for it in the Other box and in the comments, and that is 'Follow Me, End Up Like Me' from 'If These Dolls Could Talk'. I never want to see that Alison doll in her grave with blood on her head ever again. Nightmares were induced.

The final poll, then, for the Best Death, which also included death reveals and fake deaths, are as follows. In 1st Place is the shocking beheading of Noel Kahn, with 13.8% of the vote. While it may not be my favourite death, it is certainly the most gruesome. In 2nd Place is Mona Vanderwaal's fake death in the season 5 mid-season finale, with 13.0%. It convinced enough to be so devastated for months thinking she had actually died. Imagine my relief when it was discovered that she wasn't, phew. In 3rd Place is another final season death, and that is Archer Dunhill, with 10.3%. That image of his face through the windshield still haunts me to this day. In 4th Place is another fake death, but an iconic one, and that is Alison DiLaurentis', with 10.0%. The show would have been nothing without it. And finally, in 5th Place, is Jessica DiLaurentis' death with 7.4%. I felt quite sorry for her until I heard Mary Drake's story - she sorta did have it coming. Honourable mentions include Maya's death in the season 2 finale (7.3%), and Charlotte DiLaurentis (7.0%) in season 6, whose killer has only just recently been unmasked.

Thank you for taking this trip back into Rosewood with me in anticipation of the final ever episode, airing June 27 on Freeform. It has been an absolutely crAzy ride watching this show for 7 years and the fans have become incredibly passionate and vocal about their feelings on all the shenanigans that have happened. While it hasn't been perfect every step of the way, I am so glad I gave this show a chance.

Remember to check out my reviews for Pretty Little Liars on SpoilerTV, including the most recent episode review. Check back in next week when I review the series finale, even though I'll be on holiday in Florida for two weeks. I'll make time, and it's going to be bittersweet.

About the Author - Gavin Hetherington
SpoilerTV Senior Staff Writer and award-winning author of the 'Abyssal Sanctuary' series. Gavin joined SpoilerTV in August 2014 and, as of 2016-17, reviews Pretty Little Liars and Salem. Previously, he reviewed 2 Broke Girls, Devious Maids, Mistresses and Sleepy Hollow. Gavin also writes special anniversary articles, most recently for Charmed and Desperate Housewives. You can contact him at
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