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2 Broke Girls – And the Disappointing Unit (Season Finale) – Review + Reflections, Best Moments and More of Season 4

4.22 - "And the Disappointing Unit"
Directed by Michael Patrick King
Written by Michael Patrick King
Reviewed by Gavin Hetherington

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4.01 - "And the Reality Problem" (October 27, 2014)
4.02 - "And the DJ Face" (November 3, 2014)
4.03 - "And the Childhood Not Included" (November 10, 2014)
4.04 - "And the Old Bike Yarn" (November 17, 2014)
4.05 - "And the Brand Job" (November 24, 2014)
4.06 - "And the Model Apartment" (December 8, 2014)
4.07 - "And the Loan for Christmas" (December 15, 2014)
4.08 - "And the Fun Factory" (January 5, 2015)
4.09 - "And the Past and the Furious" (January 19, 2015)
4.10 - "And the Move-In Meltdown" (February 2, 2015)
4.11 - "And the Crime Ring" (February 9, 2015)
4.12 - "And the Knock-Off Knockout" (February 16, 2015)
4.13 - "And the Great Unwashed" (February 23, 2015)
4.14 - "And the Cupcake Captives" (March 9, 2015)
4.15 - "And the Fat Cat" (March 23, 2015)
4.16 - "And the Zero Tolerance" (March 30, 2015)
4.17 - "And the High Hook-Up" (April 13, 2015)
4.18 - "And the Taste Test" (April 20, 2015)
4.19 - "And the Look of the Irish" (April 27, 2015)
4.20 - "And the Minor Problem" (May 4, 2015)
4.21 - "And the Grate Expectations" (May 11, 2015)
4.22 - "And the Disappointing Unit" (May 18, 2015)


"Well partner, after all we've been through this year,
whatever comes next I kinda feel ready for it."

Aww, what a sweet, perfect little finale. I decided to scrap the recap and just go into a full-blown review instead. We had the storyline of 2 Broke Girls moving in the one direction this season - the continuing failure of Max's Homemade Cupcakes and Sophie's and Oleg's wedding, and this finale was very transitional in that both storylines came to a head. It was a great episode that tied things up very neatly while promising us a bright future for the girls. One thing this episode wasn't short on (Han jokes aside) was some classic sitcom moments. The subway scene reminded me of some of the good old days when Max rode the subway and accidentally kissed a woman on the lips. So much more could have went wrong though and I feel like the episode didn't take full advantage of what it had to offer.

Same kind of goes for the wedding. It was still bonkers and crazy and awesome, but maybe not as bonkers as I was hoping it would be. The bridesmaids dresses that Max and Caroline had to wear were actually really nice, and the dress Sophie wore was magnificent. Of course, though, it's as over the top as Sophie is herself, even almost killing Earl. While I was totally worried for him, I was laughing quite a bit when he started to disappear under her dress. Poor guy. I loved the crowns part too - that was so royal and extravegant. Also, Chestnut got to come back and for a good cause too. I think he's been missing since the episode with the models so I sighed a breath of relief to see Chestnut. We need to see more of him, he's very comforting in the world of 2 Broke Girls. But yeah, wedding was great though I expected more.

I had no idea my favourite Aunt from Sabrina the Teenage Witch would be in the finale. I loved her banter with Ronnie, and the whole Bonnie/Ronnie friendship. They're kind of the happier versions of Max and Caroline, and they served an important purpose in this finale. I talked with a few people about this in the comments that the cupcake business has been neglected for some time now, and even Earl points that out first. I loved it at the High when Max just had her epiphany about building someone else's dream, not theirs. Remember back in the day when Max didn't really care that much and didn't believe in herself or her business? Well this showed just how much she cares and really wants this with Caroline. It makes me so excited to see where these two are going to go in season five now that the cupcake business will be front and center again. Also, the very end of the episode was so sweet with Max and Caroline on the airplane about to fly to Paris. It brought back the true essense of the girls being broke but being on this journey together. Season 3 ended pretty bittersweet too with Max finally graduating and her friends attending her Graduation Ceremony, so this felt a lot like last year's finale.

Cupcake Total: $89.00 (down from $3,261.00)


This was a great finale and it promises a great season five as we see the girls' priorities align with the goals they set themselves four years ago. I have missed the cupcake business and seeing the girls bend over backwards to get it off the ground. We started the season with Kim Kardashian visiting the cupcake shop and tweeting about it - which no doubt helped them - but throughout the season the business floundered to the point of being on the news - and not the good kind. Knowing the girls are going to give this another go is exciting for me, so I see this finale as more setting up what is going to happen next year. Not the funniest episode, but an important one nonetheless. And even though I can't wait to see this cupcake business again, I also can't wait to see how Sophie and Oleg adjust to married life. I hope the writers will find something for Han and Earl, and it appears that the High is a thing of the past which means no more Joedth. While new characters are always exciting and I found Joedth hilarious, 2 Broke Girls works best when the show is about just that - Max and Caroline. But I just feel like crying knowing the show isn't on CBS's fall schedule which means we have to wait longer for the fifth season to premiere mid-season.


Max: I thought family style service was what I had to do with my uncle?

Caroline: If I see a child in here, I'm calling the police.

Oleg: Spaghetti and meatballs, my family style, which means the balls are kinda small but the noodles are extra long.

Han: You bring out the food in large bowls and the customers serve themselves, as they've been doing since I hired you two.
Max: Good idea Han, the diner food does belong in a big bowl... the toilet bowl.
Han: I don't know what your uncle saw in you.

Caroline: Max, I just found something upsetting on my phone!
Max: A free U2 album?

Max: Sorry gents, my boobs make a promise my bad back can't deliver.

Sophie: I love being a bride. You don't even have to pretend it's about anyone else.
Caroline: Kinda like me when I was rich.
Max: And every day since.

Max: I'll ask the obvious question - did it have anything to do with the rash?

Sophie: What are we supposed to do? It's not a traditional Polish wedding without an ass walking down the aisle.

Oleg: Same family but not related, like the Jolie-Pitt kids.

Caroline: Chestnut is my baby.
Sophie: Donkey was getting a thousand bucks.
Caroline: Baby's gotta work!

Caroline: Wow, business is slower than the third season of House of Cards.

Max: Take it down a notch, you're selling it harder than Anne Hathaway on The Tonight Show.

Caroline: Wow, everything looks so much smaller in here than I remembered it. Like returning to your old high school... or your old high school boyfriend's penis.

Art Garfunkel
Caroline: What's that smell?
Max: Probably the milk. It's been in here so long its own photo is on the carton.

Max: Tell me about it. When you bend over in that skirt, it looks like you're giving birth to Art Garfunkel.

Sophie: He's not dead but I'm not getting upstaged by an Iron Lung.

Earl: Like the wedding saying goes - something old, something new, something borrowed, and someone black.

Max: Okay we have a real situation.
Caroline: You hit someone? Damn it Max!

Max: Really upset, this isn't even on speaker.

Caroline: I'm at the business bottom and I've had nothing to lose since 2011!

Max: Hey everybody!

Max: You guys look like the Four Tops. Well, two tops and a bottom.

Sophie: What do you think girls? Do I look like a virgin?

Sophie: I, Sophie Kaczynski (starts looking at the crowd)...

Max: If we stay here, we're building someone else's dream, not ours. Also if we stay your ass will be the size of a house.


Season four has been a rollercoaster ride. Four seasons deep and I found this show actually improved slightly over the third season, though it didn't quite become my favourite as Seasons 1 and 2 are sort of fighting for that accolade right now. It's still a great achievement for 2 Broke Girls' fourth season to improve over season three. I found the first half of season four to be stronger than the second as my favourite episodes actually reveal.


1. "And the Fun Factory"
This episode was hilarious from start to finish and had some classic sitcom scenes, including a very wet fight in a laundry room that kept me laughing for ages
2. "And the Move-In Meltdown"
3. "And the Loan For Christmas"
4. "And the Model Apartment"
5. "And the Cupcake Captives"

(in no particular order)

Caroline - And the Reality Problem - "It's like Dancing With the Stars. Except without the Stars. So Dancing With the Stars."
Max - And the DJ Face - "What is this? 12 Years a Waitress?"
Han: You two have already done it in every public space in Brooklyn!
Sophie: Yeah, and your apartment twice (Han looks at Sophie shocked) What? We didn't even wake you!
Sophie - And the DJ Face - "Caroline, we already have the Ouija Board. We don't need another thing around here that's flat and wrong all the time."
Sophie - And the Childhood Not Included - "In Poland, we didn't have dolls. We'd hire little gypsy kids and carry them around."
Sophie - And the Childhood Not Included - "I just dumped a guy with multiple personalities. Yeah, and he took it okay, and not great, and pretty bad."
Oleg - And the Old Bike Yarn - "I know, I haven't even masturbated since right before I came in here."
Oleg - And the Fun Factory - "Sometimes in the fog, my plane gets lost without a landing strip!"
Max - And the Fun Factory - "Oh hell no, leave my lover alone!" (about Caroline during the fight)
Sophie - And the Move-In Meltdown - "Can it ever just be about me?"
Caroline - And the Crime Ring - "I'm wet..."
Sophie - And the Cupcake Captives - "Girls, we're gonna play What's Sophie's favourite sex position? It's on all fours watching How to Get Away with Murder."
Earl - And the High Hook-Up - "Why hello, is it too late to be gay?"
Max - And the Look of the Irish - "The Sad Lady Book Club is reading Fifty Shades of Grey again. There's not a dry seat in the house."
Han - And the Grate Expectations - "It's time for the traditional best man speech. So listen up, bitches. [accidentally smashes glass] Ow, damn it. [into mic] I am bleeding. Repeat, I am bleeding."


1. The fight of Max and Caroline vs. Peggy and Carmon in "And the Fun Factory"
2. Caroline gives birth to a fish in "And the Childhood Not Included"
3. Sophie's live-acting Nativity display in "And the Loan For Christmas"
4. Sophia Kachinsky's Vagina Wigs in "And the Fun Factory"
5. The Cupcake Catastrophe in "And the Cupcake Captives"


It really was a great season, and when the show had a great episode, it had a really great episode. I think this season probably has the least bad episodes overall. Every season has them so season four was no exception, so there were a couple of bad seeds amongst the really great episodes. I feel like I'm really singing "And the Fun Factory"'s praises here as it was, to me, the best episode of the season and one of the best of the series. I like that season four really went above and beyond to deliver those episodes that could become our favourites, and seasons one and two are hard acts to follow. It's hard to comment on a whole season of a sitcom than it is to reflect on a drama, but I feel like season four had enough standout episodes and moments and recurring storylines that helps this reflection somewhat. It was a great season and I'm glad I had the chance to review it. See you guys for season five!

What did you guys think of 'And the Disappointing Unit'? What were your favourite moments and episodes from the show's fourth season? Let me know in the comments and be sure to catch the fifth season of 2 Broke Girls coming mid-season on CBS!

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