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SpoilerTV Reader Renew/Cancel Predictions 2015/16 - FOX Shows

Hey All,

As you know each year we try to see how good your prediction skills are in determining which shows will be renewed and which ones will be cancelled.

You can see how we did last season here.

So we're going to be running a series of polls asking you what your predictions are for next season. The remaining networks' polls will be posted during the course of the next week or so.

Existing poll threads:

Today it's the FOX shows. You can find promos, clips and photos for most of the shows via the FOX Menu at the top of the site.

We have a poll for each of the shows airing on FOX this season. For each show you can choose whether it will be renewed or cancelled.

So vote below and let us know in the comments which shows you hope will be renewed, and which ones you think will be cancelled.

NOTE: All of these polls will remain open until the beginning of August so you have quite a bit of time to get your predictions in.