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Looking - Looking for Gordon Freeman - Review: "Happy Halloween"

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   Looking continued its second season last night on HBO with an all new episode : “Looking for Gordan Freeman” (and not Morgan Freeman). So now, we all know who the hell is Gordon Freeman, thank you Patrick.
   “Looking for Gordon Freeman” was very special episode. First, it was Halloween in San Francisco, I know it’s still February and Valentine was like a week ago, but the boys threw an Halloween party at Patrick’s. Great. Gays always love Halloween, I know I do. It’s always fun to dress up, and to party and drink… And that is exactly what happened in “Looking for Gordon Freeman”.
   The party was epic, must say I just loved Agustin’s costume. A hairy fairy, I might add it on my list for next Halloween.

   Patrick really wanted to have fun and throw an amazing and great gay Halloween party… Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the mood and it turned out he was the only one not having fun at all at the party. Poor Patrick, it was quite depressing to watch him fail at being the fun gay. Patrick never has been the fun gay, he’s not very fun on purpose and he proved it at his party.
   Patrick had a very bad day, he wasn’t in a very festive move and he picked the worst costume ever. Nobody knows who the hell Gordon Freeman is and the costume wasn’t very good. Halloween's costumes are supposed scary or sexy. Agustin’s comment he looked like a mailman from the future was hilarious and so true.

   While preparing his party, Patrick went to work to steal supplies (that was actually fun) and ran into Kevin. And Kevin dropped another bomb : he is going back to Seattle. It meant Patrick would never him again. It’s a big difference between breaking up because of John but keep working with him and never see Kevin again. I can understand Kevin leaving, so he would stop thinking about Pat and trying to reconnect with John and their former life. Guess he has made his choice… And Patrick inviting him to his party was weird. You don’t invite your ex, who cheated on his boyfriend with you at your place at your own Halloween's party... Especially on Halloween because you know you’ll be very drunk and we all know what happens in those circumstances.
   Patrick was very stressed at his party, nobody would register for his karaoke game (no surprise here Pat,), nobody knew who he was (but Brady) and James, his Legolas date brought by Eddie wasn’t that interesting. Well, Patrick never gave him time to be interested. It was sad because it looked like James really cared for Patrick. Damn Pat, you’ve made all the wrong choices at that party.

   Patrick invited Richie and Brady, and they were perfect together. I hate to admit it but Richie and Brady are so cute as a couple. Brady is fun, and he has a great chemistry with Richie. He’s better to Richie than Patrick ever had been. And that just brought more misery to Patrick.
   Then Patrick made a fool of himself on the PreP discussion with all the gang. Brady’s article on Prep just had been published, and I must say I didn’t agree with everything they said. Even if Patrick was too drunk to explain and develop his point of view, I understand what he was trying to say and I tend to agree with him. I don’t think Prep is as liberating as birth control was for women. The problem I feel about PreP is that every time it’s brought up, it always makes HIV a gay sickness. PreP isn’t only for gays, it’s for everyone. It doesn’t liberate the gays, it liberates everyone from HIV.

   When finally Kevin arrived, with John, kissing in front of Patrick, that was just too much for Patrick and he lost it. Patrick’s speech was both fun and painful to watch. I totally understand his breakdown, after the day he had and all the liquor he drank, it had to happen. Patrick’s declaration of love to everyone was touching in a way but so embarrassing. I don’t understand why Agustin or Dom didn’t take the mic away from him sooner. Patrick almost told everyone about Kevin and him ! His friends stopped him before embarrassing himself even more. But is John that dumb ? He seriosuly didn't pick up on Pat's comments ?
   Kevin and Patrick had a little explanation on Pat’s stairs (I loved how Agustin was so protective of Patrick, cute). Kevin was also very drunk. Oh, I kinda wish they would kiss on that stairs. Patrick told Kevin he wanted him to stay in SF. At least all the liquors he drank had some positive effect, I don’t think he would have been that honest otherwise. But John arrived and he just didn’t get it. Maybe it’s too obvious for me, but Patrick and Kevin have such chemistry, and John should connect the dots from Kevin’s disappearances to Pat’s talk about them alone at the office etc… Maybe he just doesn’t want to see it.
   Patrick ended his night into Dom’s arms, watched by Richie while everyone else was dancing off. It was a beautiful scene, and Patrick at last found some comfort. Dom is always there for him… Especially now Doris has Malik, Dom has more free time !

   Dom and Doris are hitting a big change in their relationship. Doris is with Malik now, they had decided to go as a couple for the Halloween’s party. It was a bit sad to watch Dom so excited about their couple costumes until Doris broke the news she was going with Malik, her boyfriend. The label made our favorite girl quite uncomfortable and panicky. Malik was falling hard for her, no surprise who wouldn’t, she’s the perfect woman. It can be scary when someone falls that hard for you, it shakes up your life. Doris was also falling for Malik, it was so sweet to watch her struggle with her feelings. They were perfect together as Sony and Cher. Doris has really found a right man in Malik, that’s why she’s afraid but Dom was super protective and sweet with both of them.
   I’m so thrilled Dom was the one who reassured both of them. Looking's writers could have pulled a total other story, with Dom feeling jealous and threatened by Malik. I’m so glad they chose to have Dom supporting Doris’s relationship and actualy helping her going through her feelings and their roller coaster.
   Dom is so adorable, he made me laugh so hard when he talked with Patrick’s coworker and tried twitter and tumblr. His “” line was hilarious. I want to see that website or whatever it is. Dom was trying to be modern and social networking and all, that was so really fun. I really hope his chicken window will work because he cares so much for this project. 

   “Looking for Gordon Freeman” was another great episode, I very much enjoyed the fun, the costumes and the party with all the gang. Patrick didn’t have a great time but others did and it was actually kind of funny watch Patrick being so depressed at his party, nothing went as he had expected.
   What did you think of “Looking for Gordon Freeman” ? What was your favorite costume ? Was it weird to watch a Halloween episode in February ? Is it the last we will see Kevin ? Hit the comments !

Gays notes :
- Patrick and Agustin fighting over who’s the fun gay. Well, for me it’s Eddie ! Neither Pat or Agustin are very fun.
- Everybody was there ! It was so great to see all the gang there at the party !
- Pussy cancer… That was hilarious Doris !
- Agustin and Eddie are so cute together. And they love spending their time in bathroom apparently. Agustin really wants to be with him, but Eddie is trying not to fall too fast for Agustin...

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